Ursula Acton

Ursula Acton - Editor

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

I am a long-time copy editor and proofreader. I would love to collaborate with you to perfect your work. It's all in the details.

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Aside from a brief, ill-considered stint waiting tables, all of my working life has revolved around reading and writing. I do not consider myself a big-picture editor and largely shine in the niches of copy editor and proofreader. Got a project where we are scouring out errors, polishing grammar, fine-tuning nuance and idiom, and getting the punctuation just right all while preserving the author's voice? Lead me to it!

I have worked largely in the field of academic publishing – is it odd that I find bibliographies gratifying? – interspersed with fiction and non-fiction titles for smaller presses (and a very enlightening three years as an in-house proofreader for a communications company). Recent topics have ranged from general books on linguistics, religion, self-improvement, social sciences, and history, to Wittgenstein, neurosis, and KCNQ2-associated epilepsies (that latter is a bit of a specialist market, granted). At present, I am also enjoying working with authors on biographies and memoirs and finding ways to help people tell their stories.

I am invested in harmonious working relationships and strive to help authors get their work ready for press.
English (CAN)
English (UK)
English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Political Science & Current Affairs
Religion & Spirituality
Self-Help & Self-Improvement

Work experience

proofreader and copy editor

January, 2001 – Present (almost 22 years)

This is my life. Years of freelance and contract work for a variety of authors and presses, in a variety of genres, and on any number of topics.

Portfolio (10 selected works)

Negotiating the Paris Agreement: The Insider Stories

Jepsen, Henrik, Lundgren, Magnus, Monheim, Kai, Walker, Hayley

Social Meaning and Linguistic Variation: Theorizing the Third Wave

Hall-Lew, Lauren, Moore, Emma, Podesva, Robert J.

Dear Peter, Dear Ulla

Nickel, Barbara

Ursula has 5 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Jen Wilson
Loved working with Ursula!! Her feedback was spot on, and she was able to help me within my tight deadline. I'll be in touch when I finish writing volume two!

Jen Wilson, September 2022

Mont Redmond
Ursula was a good communicator and a professional editor who strove for consistency and accuracy in her work at a competitive rate. She compares favourably with editors who were either not available or unwilling to interact, all while charging higher prices.

Mont Redmond, September 2022

theodora carlile
Highly competent, professional, friendly and easy to work with

theodora carlile, July 2022

Ursula Acton
Thank you, Theo. It was pleasure working with you. Please keep me in mind if you find yourself writing a sequel.

Reply from Ursula Acton

Deric G
I highly recommend Ursula to anyone in need of a capable line/copy editor. She did an excellent job with the editing project I hired her for. She also went above and beyond, offering many valuable suggestions and asking insightful questions. She was punctual, professional, and easy to communicate and work with.

Deric G, April 2022

Ursula Acton
Thanks, Deric. I enjoyed your project and would happily work with you again.

Reply from Ursula Acton

Tonia McArthur
Ursula is helpful, quick to reply and has a great sense of humour. Her work is thorough and I enjoyed working with her.

Tonia McArthur, March 2022

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