Ursula Acton

Ursula Acton – Editor

I am a long-time copy editor and proofreader invested in collaborating with authors to perfect their work. It's all in the details.


Aside from a brief, ill-considered stint waiting tables, all of my working life has revolved around reading and writing. I do not consider myself a big-picture editor and largely shine in the niches of copy editor and proofreader. Got a project where we are scouring out errors, polishing grammar, fine-tuning nuance and idiom, and getting the punctuation just right all while preserving the author's voice? Lead me to it!

I have worked largely in the field of academic publishing – is it odd that I find bibliographies gratifying? – interspersed with fiction and non-fiction titles for smaller presses (and a very enlightening three years as an in-house proofreader for a communications company). Recent topics have ranged from general books on linguistics, religion, self-improvement, social sciences, and history, to Wittgenstein, neurosis, computer sciences, and KCNQ2-associated epilepsies (that latter is a bit of a specialist market, granted). At present, I am also enjoying working with authors on biographies and memoirs and finding ways to help people tell their stories.

I am invested in harmonious working relationships and strive to help authors get their work ready for press.
Biographies & Memoirs History Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs Psychology Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sociology
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2001 — Present

This is my life. Years of freelance and contract work for a variety of authors and presses, in a variety of genres, and on any number of topics.

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Linda D.

Linda D.

Mar, 2024

It was a pleasure working with Ursula. Her overall communication was direct, honest, and a learning curve for myself. I believe we interacted with each other very well; especially when she was patient and understanding 😊
Binh N.

Binh N.

Feb, 2024

Ursula is excellent to work with! She is very responsive, straightforward, and pleasant to communicate with, and she seeks to understand what I need. She is timely with the final product, and it's of great quality. I am thrilled with her work and am already working with her on my companion workbook. I definitely will connect with you again in the future.
Mark P.

Mark P.

Aug, 2023

Very impressed and very happy. Would definitely use her again! Mark
Ursula A.
Thanks, Mark.
Gabe R.

Gabe R.

Jun, 2023

Ursula was thorough and incredibly helpful. Her input made my project much better!
Hali B.

Hali B.

Apr, 2023

Ursula was lovely to work with. She was not only prompt and professional but exceptionally courteous in all of her communication. She edited my work, but not my voice and that was extremely important to me.

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