Tomiko Breland

Tomiko Breland – Editor

ELT/ESOL specialist with 15 years experience offering manuscript assessment, development, and editing.


I'm an editor experienced in trade, nonprofit, and academic publishing, and I've worked with clients around the world. I focus on manuscript analysis and development, copy editing, and proofreading, and I've edited content across genres and formats, including novel-length literary and popular fiction, educational textbooks and academic journal articles, and short stories, but I specialize in English language teaching materials—I've worked on books for TESOL Press for 15 years as a staff editor and also a freelancer and managed the blind, peer-reviewed TESOL Journal and the TESOL Connections newsletter. During that time, I've worked closely with native and nonnative English speakers to perfect their work, including giants in the TESOL field, like Luciana de Oliveira, Holly Hansen-Thomas, Judie Haynes, Don Snow, and Diane Larsen-Freeman.

I've also worked at length with nonnative-English-speaking authors to prepare their work for academic publication and with burgeoning fiction writers seeking their first acceptance letters. My experience in the publishing industry is varied; in my time as a publishing professional, I've been an editor, a senior editor, an associate publisher, and a publications project manager.

I have a BA from Stanford University in English, an MA from the Johns Hopkins University in Fiction Writing, and a TESOL Certificate from Anaheim University; as a writer myself, I am hyper aware of the need to retain an author's voice and style when editing. My own nonfiction has been published in publications such as TESOL Connections, the T.J. Eckleburg Review, and the iStudent Advisor Subject Guide, and my short fiction has been published in journals like Ploughshares and One Story, and was selected for inclusion in the Best American series (edited by James Patterson).

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to hone your craft and polish your prose!
Education & Reference ELT
English (US)
  • Outstanding Graduate Award (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Ploughshares Emerging Writer Award (2014)

Work experience

TESOL International Association

Jun, 2006 — Present

Edit research- and practice-based books for TESOL Press covering subjects as varied as Common Core Standards, project- and task-based learning, research in ELT, and intercultural communication. Manage monthly newsletter and association blog (which includes soliciting, reviewing, accepting/rejecting, and editing content) and production of annual convention Program Book. Work directly with authors worldwide. Design book covers, text layout, advertisements, and other projects. Managing editor for quarterly TESOL Journal (2006–2013).

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Mar, 2014 — Apr, 2017 (about 3 years)

Manage a team of three editors to handle editing of the "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development." Technical and content editing, formatting, and preparation of academic articles.

AH Editing

Apr, 2013 — Jun, 2017 (about 4 years)

Edit research articles intended for publication in academic journals in a variety of fields, including the sciences, humanities, and business.

Zharmae Publishing Press

Jan, 2013 — Jan, 2015 (about 2 years)

Oversee the acquisitions, publications, and websites of 10 fiction imprints. Supervise staff of 12 editors, 4 graphic designers, and 2 copy writers.


Jun, 2007 — Present

Brainstorm Learning, LLC

Jan, 2007 — Apr, 2015 (about 8 years)

Edit company marketing and student educational materials.


More Than a Native Speaker, 3e

Don Snow and Maxi-Ann Campbell

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In this volume of the TESOL Voices series, authors demonstrate the various ways that we can interact with one another in the pursuit of effective teaching and learning. From virtual learning environments to online course management systems, discover how techno... read more
College faculty and TAs are often unfamiliar with the experiences of international students coming from non-English-speaking countries who are relatively new to the U.S context. This book enlightens us to some of the international students' needs using quotes,... read more
Practice has long been informed by research, but what happens when practitioners and researchers actually work together in an elementary classroom setting? Discover the power of using engaging and informative lesson plans, developed in elementary classrooms ac... read more
Copublished with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTMWith a focus on ways to best tailor instruction to captitalize upon the strengths each ELL brings to the classroom, The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics for English Language Learner... read more
Teachers are cultural informants. The resources teachers use and their interactions with students convey meanings that are both linguistic and cultural. It is important for ESOL teachers to guide students toward integrated intercultural/language learning that ... read more
Unsure of how to include creativity and project-based learning in grammar lessons? The 2nd edition of this best-selling book includes updated activities and new contributions that cover a wide range of teaching techniques -- from introducing a specific grammar... read more
The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners®

Kathy Harris (author) & Amea Wilbur (author) Andrea B. Hellman (author)

TESOL International Association has defined a core set of principles for the exemplary teaching and learning of English as a new language. This exciting new book applies these principles to adults learning English in adult education and workforce development s... read more
School leaders have the unique opportunity and responsibility to play a crucial role in creating a culture of high expectations and an environment of support so that ELLs can succeed and continue to enrich the fabric of our country.What School Leaders Need to ... read more

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Anita M.

Anita M.

Feb, 2021

It has been a fantastic experience to work with Tomiko. She has transformed my manuscript into something that looks professional and (hopefully!) marketable.
Anita M.

Anita M.

Jan, 2021

As I continue to collaborate with Tomiko, I have hope that my project will be published. She is able to transform my words into something that looks/reads like a real product (this is a workbook for EL).
Anita M.

Anita M.

Oct, 2020

I had a wonderful experience working with Tomiko. Her assessment of my work was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Tomiko.
Autumn M.

Autumn M.

Jul, 2020

Tomiko did a fantastic job for me! She went above and beyond, not only copy edited my manuscript but also provided thoughtful suggestions and personal insights. She asked genuine questions and made critical suggestions where the content was not clear, so I could improve the manuscript for publication. She was responsive, professional, careful, and completed the job earlier than promised. I ...
Read more
Tim H.

Tim H.

May, 2020

Tomiko is awesome! She delivered more than promised. She is punctual, knowledgeable, and helped me greatly improve my manuscript. She communicates well and is professional in every way. She was factual yet "gentle." I never felt "talked down to." I would work with Tomiko any time. In future endeavors, I will immediately contract with Tomiko rather than seek out others.

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