Tatiana Wilde

Tatiana Wilde – Editor

Book editor with 20 years' experience in non-fiction, literary fiction, autobiography, history, travel, current affairs and biography.


A book editor with over 20 years' experience in the industry, I specialise in literary fiction and non-fiction, memoir, biography, current affairs, travel and history. Having worked with highly successful, established authors as well as rising stars and first-time authors I am passionate about helping writers attain their best work in a collaborative, creative and authentic way.

I work with writers at all stages of their projects – from initial concept to printed book. The comprehensive editing and consulting services I offer include editorial assessments, tailored advice on how to submit proposals and manuscripts to agents and publishers, direction on profile enhancement, as well as intensive line-editing, restructuring, plot development, copy-editing and proofreading.

As the author of four books, I am lucky to have experience from 'the other side', which I find invaluable in being able to connect with and support writers starting out on their own paths to becoming published authors.

I know how daunting the process of handing your book over to an editor can be and I am very mindful of the concerns you may have. I take great care to approach your work in a respectful and honest way and to ensure the whole experience is as pain-free, positive and fun as possible.

Biographies & Memoirs History Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Political Science & Current Affairs Travel
Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Women's Fiction
English (UK) English (US)
  • London School of Publishing - copy-editing and proofreading

Work experience


Feb, 2020 — Present

Freelance editor and consultant offering a range of services for writers: from editing to advice on how to get published and everything in between.

Rough Guides

Sep, 2018 — Oct, 2020 (about 2 years)

Editing guidebooks across the Rough Guides brand, including Insight Guides and Berlitz.
Working on flagship titles from The Rough Guide to India and The Rough Guide to Namibia to Berlitz Pocket Guides to Barcelona and Paris.

I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd

Sep, 2001 — Jun, 2018 (over 16 years)

Senior Editor responsible for commissioning dozens of trade books a year.
Managing the trade paperback imprint.
Working with authors to develop and prepare their manuscripts for publication. Working on the structure, style and content, as well as developmental editing, intensive line-editing, copy-editing, proofreading and occasionally re-writing.
Evaluating and re-shaping projects in line with readership and market expectations.
Advising authors on personal brand and profile enhancement.
Cover design research, blurb-writing.
Producing content and copy for sales, marketing and promotion.


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Michael R.

Michael R.

Jun, 2023

Working with Tatiana was great! She really helped with a proofread of my book; it was very thorough and detailed. I'd highly recommend!
Patrick T.

Patrick T.

May, 2023

Tatiana is truly talented and extremely professional. She made very detailed comments, yet kept the big picture in mind. Her suggestions and thought-provoking questions undoubtedly strengthened my manuscript. Tatiana's help immensely improved the content of my book. I feel much more confident about moving forward with my project. I would be very happy to work with her again!
Walter B.

Walter B.

May, 2023

Tatiana is not only an excellent editor but encouraged me to proceed. She was selected in hopes she would be accepting of the unusual incidents in the book. Not only did she accept them but actually felt they were important parts of the book. I strongly recommend her and if this first book is successful, will hopefully use her in the future.
Lisa W.

Lisa W.

May, 2023

Tatiana is full of wisdom and depth, in addition to being professional and engaging. I’d work with her again.
Owen S.

Owen S.

May, 2023

A good professional who could empathise with my subject. Tatiana was thorough in her copy-editing and her thoughtful comments enabled me to develop my work further.