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Sylvia Cottrell – Editor

I have worked with houses such as HarperOne, Parragon, and Simon and Schuster. I particularly enjoy editing sci-fi and fantasy (YA+adult).


***NOTE***I am not accepting new projects at this time***NOTE***

Hello! My name is Sylvia, and I am an enthusiastic, results-focused editor living and working in beautiful Sonoma County, California. I am committed to helping authors every step of the way through the editorial life of a project. In service of this commitment, I offer manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, and query letter evaluation/editing.

I have been involved in the professional editorial sphere for ten years and am experienced with many types and levels of editing. Some of my current and previous clients include Beyond Words Publishing (a division of Simon & Schuster), HarperOne, IT Revolution, Parragon Books, Carlton Publishing, Lincoln Learning Solutions, Nike, Jager Di Paula Kemp (JDK) Design, and Portland State University. I have also worked with many independent authors looking to either establish themselves in the self-pub sphere or go after big contracts with major houses (and just about everything in between).

My primary passions are developmental edits and copyedits for middle grade, YA, and adult fantasy + sci-fi as well as for self-help, inspirational, and narrative nonfiction. Should you decide to work with me, I guarantee you professionalism, enthusiasm, timeliness, and open-hearted listening paired with educated constructive criticism. Together, we can make sure your work reaches its full potential.

“Every writer—aspiring or accomplished—would do well to have an editor like Sylvia. She has an eye for both detail and the broader perspective. She knows how to polish a manuscript. In a writing career that includes eleven books and scores of magazine articles, I’ve had more than a dozen editors. I’d count Sylvia among those few at the very top.”
―Ruth Tenzer Feldman, author of Blue Thread, winner of the 2013 Oregon Book Award Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Adult Literature

“I couldn’t ask for a better editor. You’ve taught me so much and I know I’ll miss you, Sylvia!”
―Elisa Medhus, M.D., author of My Son and the Afterlife

“Sylvia is a meticulous and enthusiastic editor. She has the ability to connect with her authors and colleagues, engendering mutual respect and an easy working relationship. Sylvia is experienced with all levels of editing, including line editing and content editing. As a colleague, Sylvia is especially adept at supporting and advising other members of her team. I highly recommend her for all of your freelance editing needs.”
―Leah Brown, freelance editor, formerly of Beyond Words Publishing
Fantasy Historical Fiction LGBTQ Fiction Science Fiction Young Adult
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (UK) English (US)
  • BA, Literature, University of California Santa Cruz, 2007
  • Certificate of Completion, Summer Publishing Institute, NYU, 2008
  • MS, Writing and Book Publishing, Portland State University/Ooligan Press, 2011
  • member: Editorial Freelancers Association

Work experience


Jun, 2011 — Present

I began working as a freelance editor shortly after earning my masters degree in writing and book publishing in 2011. Since then, I have worked on a variety of projects for a number of both small and large publishing entities, marketing and design firms, and individual and/or self-published authors. Some of my current and previous clients include Beyond Words Publishing (a division of Simon and Schuster), HarperOne, IT Revolution, Parragon Books, Carlton Publishing, Lincoln Learning Solutions, Nike, Jager Di Paula Kemp (JDK) Design, and Portland State University.


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Hannah P.

Hannah P.

Jan, 2020

Worth every penny and more!! I cannot recommend Sylvia enough. From answering my thousands of questions over call and email to wading through my countless last-minute changes to the manuscript, Sylvia is a pro. I cannot thank her enough for the incredible developmental and copy editing work she did on my manuscript. She knows how to perfect worldbuilding and character arcs and her attention to ...
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Christine H.

Christine H.

Jul, 2019

As always, working together has been a joy!
Christine H.

Christine H.

Mar, 2019

Working with Sylvia has grown and stretched my work in wonderful ways! She excels at giving feedback without presumption, just pointing out weak areas and offering suggestions. A lovely experience.
Crista L.

Crista L.

Dec, 2018

I absolutely loved collaborating with Sylvia and WILL hire her again on my next manuscript! Her input was spot on. Her edits included suggestions that felt like little gifts. She helped to to refine my show-not-tell skills, and strengthen a relationship with small little tweaks to a point of utter endearment. With each edit or suggestion, I was nodding my head and saying "Yup!", "Yas!", "True...
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Crista L.

Crista L.

Nov, 2018

Working with Sylvia was easy. As a first-time writer, I envisioned harsh criticism but her assessment was really supportive and backed with a rock-solid reasoning that I wholeheartedly agreed. It felt more like teamwork or a partnership. She is also knowledgeable about the market and helped to mold the story to fit better into the appropriate age group. The experience was so positive that I ret...
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