Steve Bright

Steve Bright – Designer

I specialise in political cartoons, but also have an extensive history in strip cartooning and caricature work. All cartoon work considered.


I'm a full-time professional cartoonist of over 25 years' standing (but mostly sitting), working in all fields of cartooning, for a myriad of publications and clients. From drawing political cartoons for top national newspapers such as The Sunday Times, Daily Record and The Sun, to the UK's leading children's comics, creating pages for The Beano and The Dandy, writing and drawing many great favourites such as Desperate Dan, Beryl the Peril and Bananaman. Add to that many other bespoke projects for business clients as well as social, involving caricature, character design and story-telling, and I have been involved in almost any area of cartooning you can think of.

I enjoy discussing any new challenge with my clients, and always communicate well, usually by email (always good to have thoughts written down), and always keen to ensure we are in the same wavelength before proceeding. This has always been much more than a job for me.

Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy Humor & Comedy Picture Books
Political Science & Current Affairs

Work experience


Jul, 1983 — Present

Leading UK cartoonist/caricaturist, currently working for the Sun newspaper in the UK, and DC Thomson comics, also in the UK, as well as an ever-changing assortment of clients under the pen name of 'Brighty'.


Just Us Then?

Steve Bright

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Between Britain’s beleaguered Brexit plan, the ongoing chaos in Trump’s White House, the Winter Olympics in Korea and a much-awaited Royal Wedding, Britain’s political cartoonists’ pens are poised to skewer, celebrate and deride the biggest political events of... read more
The sixth book in the popular 'You Know You Are' series 'You Know You Are Getting Older' will cheer up anyone who is frustrated with the ageing process. They say laughter is the best medicine! If you are looking for the perfect birthday present for that “hard ... read more
You know you are a runner

Richard McChesney

The first book in the popular 'You know you are' series 'You Know Are A Runner' takes a humorous look at the obsessive nature of runners based on submissions from runners and their families.It is the first book in the 'You Know You Are' series with 40 illustra... read more

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Ziad D.

Ziad D.

Feb, 2024

Working with Steve was incredible. He's an amazing artist and super easy to work with. I was so happy that I asked him to design my second book cover and a caricature of me for marketing, etc. and he did MORE than I asked for. I highly, highly recommend him. I really don't know what else to say, except that I'm honestly a bit disappointed that we're done, because I always looked forward to ou...
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Steve B.
This collaboration with Ziad has been an absolute joy! Certainly one of the best and smoothest in my 40+ years of being a professional cartoonist. Communications were plentiful, informative, and ...
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Joel B.

Joel B.

Oct, 2019

Very talented illustrator. Got everything I asked for in high detail.
Steve B.
Excellent project. Great commmunication. Joel knew what he wanted and took great care to communicate it. A pleasure to work with. Thanks, Joel.
Megan G.

Megan G.

Oct, 2019

Somehow my cover art request turned into a back cover art request. I paid 550 pounds for an unfinished front cover that took over 2 months. Extremely disappointed. I never leave bad reviews but this was a lot of money spent for a moody illustrator who handed me an expensive empty promise.
Steve B.
Megan, the reason your cover request turned into a back cover is because I drew the back cover exactly as you requested in your initial brief, and clearly stated that is what I had drawn. After mak...
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