Alethea Spiridon

Alethea Spiridon - Editor

Toronto, ON, Canada

Editor - 21 years. Wealth of experience in fiction and non-fiction . I've worked with hundreds of authors over the course of my career.

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I started out as an editor in 2000 as a fiction editor for Harlequin Books where I acquired and edited manuscripts for almost seven years. My focus was primarily acquiring and doing structural and stylistic editing of women's fiction. I was also a senior editor and editorial director with Entangled Publishing (from 2011 to 2020). I'm highly practiced in works of fiction, children's books, technical and educational material, financial literature, and non-fiction works (memoirs, business books, textbooks). I work with many writers who self-publish and I understand the needs of writers looking to self-publish.

Manuscript evaluations are a strength; I have literally done hundreds. The feedback I provide has properly shaped many people's books. I'm a skilled and thorough structural/substantive editor, stylistic editor, proofreader, and developmental editor.

I'm quite accomplished at substantively editing business books, works of fiction and non-fiction, and managing/developing magazines and newsletters (writing, editing, managing staff, developing editorial content and calendars).

I have extensive experience as a trade magazine editor. I managed a Canadian health and wellness magazine (Life Peak) for two and a half years, and was the editor for a 16-page newsmagazine for veterinarians published by Elsevier Canada. I was editor for Optical Prism magazine, the magazine for eyecare professionals, and was the lead editor for the Food Security issue of Women and Environments International Magazine. Was the managing editor of Benefits Canada magazine for a year (2019).

Romance, women's fiction, and contemporary have been my jam for over 21 years. I've worked with many top authors in the industry, many I found in the slush pile. But I edit across all genres and have experience in literally all of them. I'm also a writing coach. I help writers achieve their goals and overcome blocks that prevent them from tapping into their full creative arsenal. I also offer manuscript evaluations to help writers develop the tightest, strongest story possible.

My approach to working with authors depends on the author and their needs. I am honest and to the point and always have what's best for the story in mind. I work with authors to help them find their strengths and then we launch from there. Every experience is different and tailored to the project and individual needs of the author.
English (CAN)
English (UK)
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Biographies & Memoirs
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Science Fiction

Work experience

Senior Editor

Entangled Publishing
November, 2010 – Present (over 10 years)

I acquire and edit manuscripts along all imprints for the company.


January, 2007 – Present (about 14 years)

8 Souls

Rust, Rachel

On the Shoulders of Atlas: A Story About Transitioning A Family-Owned Business

Susan Latremoille, Peter Creaghan, Frank Archibald, Linda Betts, Arnie Cader, Sheila Crummey, Tony Ianni, Steve Landau, Ron Prehogan, Pearl Schusheim

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