Shannon Cave

Shannon Cave - Editor

Puyallup, Washington, USA

Copy editor/manuscript evaluator specializing in romance and women's fiction, including NY Times and USA Today Bestselling authors.

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As a traditionally published author in the romance genre, I know what it’s like to be an unsure new writer, as well as an experienced writer understanding the value of thorough developmental and copy editors. With that experience, I’m passionate about helping writers make their work shine while keeping true to their unique voices and remembering the reader on the other end.

You’ll find me honest--but gentle--in my edits or my evaluations. I love to point out the passages that I enjoy as much as I do pointing out those that might need more work. I am thorough, ask questions where clarity is needed, and believe that evaluating and polishing a manuscript helps the story (or information, in the case of nonfiction) stand out, without errors to pull the reader away from the joy of reading. But, in the end, I also know that the writer has the final say. After all, they are your words.

As far as what I enjoy editing, romance and women’s fiction are always my favs! I have worked with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors, as well as debut authors in the romance genre. I also have a great enjoyment of mystery, young adult, and middle-grade books. An terms of nonfiction, I spent nearly thirty years in the healthcare industry in charge of editing medical documentation. As a freelancer, I’ve worked with business and memoir writers as well. I’m also open to shorter works, both fiction and nonfiction. Whatever your needs are, don’t hesitate to ask!

I know that it feels like it takes a “team” to get your words ready for an audience, and I will always strive to be the best team member I can be!

"Shannon's editing skills are spot on and her suggestions always make my writing better. As both a traditionally and independently published author, it's such a relief to have people I can count on who understand the business." - Teri Brown, author of Born of Illusion Series (Balzer + Bray)

"Shannon is a wonderful copy editor to work with. She's professional, timely, and easy to work with. More importantly, she can edit without editing out my voice. Her feedback was spot on, and exactly what the manuscript needed." - Erin Fleshman

English (UK)
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Business & Management
Contemporary Fiction
Women's Fiction

Work experience

Freelance Copy Editor

October, 2014 – Present (about 6 years)

As a freelance copy editor, I have worked with both newer writers and previously published authors to bring their books to life. This has included working with established publishing companies, such as Tule Publishing Group, as well as indie authors. I come with the unique perspective of being a traditionally published author in the romance genre. I typically provide copy editing and proofreading...but always try to alert writers to areas where their story can be improved without diluting their voice. My specialties include romance and women's fiction genres, but I have also edited extensively in the nonfiction realm, particularly healthcare and business-related subjects.

As an alternative, I provide manuscript evaluation services (detailed critiques) to help get you started. This should be done after you've completed and polished your story...if you're not sure what to do next. My critiques are detailed and will include a thorough editorial letter pointing you in the right next direction for your manuscript. We'll cover POV, characterization, plot/story problems and anything else that needs some assistance. I provide resources for further help if needed, as well as one followup Q&A session by message/email in order to clarify anything you wish to know more about.

Medical Editor

September, 1991 – February, 2018 (over 26 years)

Medical editor working on healthcare documentation in a variety of specialties for various hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Portfolio (21 selected works)

Pencil Me In

Wodtke, Christina

Steal My Heart

O'Brian, Aimee

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