Scott Doyle

Scott Doyle – Ghostwriter

Be it fiction or memoir or idea-driven nonfiction, a strong narrative sets great books apart. Stories shape the world. Let me shape yours.


Fiction. Self-help and wellness. Health equity. Business leadership. The science of "flow" and peak performance. Diversity. Decisionmaking. Habit and routines. These are some of the topics on which I've collaborated with clients—in books, blogs, Forbes articles, and more.

Every project has a core narrative—its spine, muscle, and heart. My first job is to find that narrative, simplify it, streamline it, polish it. Then, working closely with the client, I build upward and outward from that core. This approach not only ensures that I capture the essence of the project, but am true to the client's own unique voice and vision.


“Scott doesn’t just write. He partners with you and really owns the project as though it were his own. He offers beautiful writing and excellent insight.” Priya Nalkur, Founder, The RoundTable Institute

“Scott's ability to weave idea-driven nonfiction with narrative in a creative way makes for a compelling and engaging read. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should consider themselves very fortunate.” Naz Beheshti, Forbes contributor, and author of Pause. Breathe. Choose.

“Scott brings clarity to a wide range of issues, consistently framing them in surprising and revealing ways.” Shannon Berning, Wharton School Press

Business & Management Health & Wellbeing Political Science & Current Affairs Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Literary Fiction Paranormal Romance Short Story Thriller & Suspense
English (US)

Work experience


May, 2011 — Present

• Ghostwriter for Priya Nalkur, "Stumbling Towards Inclusion: Finding Grace in Imperfect Leadership," (Amplify Publishing: 2024)
• Helped edit "Pause. Breathe. Choose. Become the CEO of Your Own Well-Being" by Naz Beheshti (New World Library: 2021)
• Collaborated with Shayamal Vallabhjee on "Breathe Believe Balance: A Guide to Self-Discovery and Healing" (Pan Macmillan India: 2020)
• Collaborated with Jason Kirsch on "The Millennial Advantage: How Millennials Can (And Must) Be the Next Great Generation of Investors"
• Ghostwrite a regular Forbes column
• Ghostwriting about finance, business and entrepreneurship for clients including Knowledge@Wharton, the online business journal of The Wharton School.
• Website copy, blogs, and think pieces in addition to book projects


Jason Kirsch has good news and bad news. The bad news is that the 2008 Financial Crisis dealt a severe blow not just to our economy, but also to the financial health and readiness of many Americans. Nest eggs and home values plummeted in value. Millennials jus... read more

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Ashley T.

Ashley T.

Sep, 2023

Every project begins with a period of trying to align expectations to reach a common vision and to establish requirements to position everyone involved for success; especially with complicated, diverse, and nuanced ideas. Scott patiently and respectfully worked through this process so that we were able to jointly commit to a full book manuscript.
David H.

David H.

Aug, 2023

Scott was very informative and easy to work with. I recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with writing their book.
Tad B.

Tad B.

Jul, 2023

Scott was amazing to work with. His work ethic is superb as was the outcome of this project.
Scott D.
Tad is a perfect collaborator. He has a clear idea for what he wants to say, but is willing to give a writer a lot of creative license in how to say it. Excited to move on to the full-length book p...
Read more
Jennifer J.

Jennifer J.

Mar, 2022

So far i really like him<especially as a coach. I’ve been having some difficulties writing
Shayamal V.

Shayamal V.

Feb, 2020

Working with Scott was beyond remarkable. The sincerity and passion he puts into the project is something I have never witnessed before. If you want someone who will be hand in glove with you from the very moment you begin writing, look no further. He is so personally invested in each project, it is humbling. I would recommend him a hundred times over.

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