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Bryan Thomas Schmidt – Editor

Hugo nominated and 8 time #1 bestselling author and editor of 21 anthologies, and over 200 novels—let’s make a great story together!


I specialize in developmental, line, and copy editing as well as proofing. References available upon request. 3-5 page sample edit available upon request. I do tend to get a lot of requests and book up fast, so just be aware. I love working with authors though. But before I make an offer, I will ask to see at least 30 pages of your manuscript. I am very selective because I want to work with the best.

NOTE: Now booking Fall 2023. First come, first serve. Thanks.

More About Me:
#1 bestselling/Hugo-nominated editor of 21 anthologies and over 200 novels, including Andy Weir’s The Martian and books by Frank Herbert, Todd McCaffrey, Angie Fox, and many more. His debut novel, The Worker Prince, received Honorable Mention on Barnes & Noble’s Year’s Best Science Fiction. He has written for such popular franchises as Predator, Aliens, Monster Hunter International, Aliens vs. Predators, The X-Files, Joe Ledger, Decipher’s WARS, and many more. Extensive experience in science fiction (especially space opera and military scifi), fantasy (epic fantasy and urban fantasy, sword and sorcery), horror, thrillers, women’s fiction, mystery (especially noir and procedural), western, and nonfiction genres. Author of HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FICTION.
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  • 2x Hugo nominee
  • National bestseller
  • Barnes and Noble’s Year’s Best

Work experience


Sep, 2008 — Present

I have 10 published novels, 4 more in the pipeline, a dozen screenplays, 22 edited anthologies, 30 published short stories, 1 published nonfiction books, and editing credits on numerous novels including those by Andy Weir, Angie Fox, Todd McCaffrey, Frank Herbert, JÁ Pitts, Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis, Kate Corcino, Quincy J. Allen, Mike Resnick, and many more. I have over 30 books out from publishers like St. Martins Press, Baen Books, Titan Books, IDW, Blackstone Publishing, & more. I have worked with both indie and traditional authors in genres that include science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, romance, women’s fiction, historical, nonfiction, gaming, and more.

“Bryan is an excellent editor. He worked with me and customized his service to what I needed. He got the job done quickly and thoroughly. I recommend him to any who are interested.” ~ Andy Weir, Author (The Martian, Random House 2014)

25 and Y

Mar, 2020 — Jul, 2021 (over 1 year)

I acquired books for the various publications lines, including a mystery line I was Managing Editor for, and also produced SURVIVING TOMORROW a charity anthology for COVID testing kits.

Wordfire Press

Apr, 2014 — May, 2018 (about 4 years)

I edited books for Wordfire including those for Frank Herbert, JÁ Pitts, Gray Rinehart, Mike Rensick, Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis, Quincy J. Allen, Julie Frost, and many more.

“Bryan Thomas Schmidt shows insight both as an editor and as a reader. He understands stories on several levels, from the big picture to the small details, and he helps the author sculpt the best possible book.”~ Kevin J. Anderson, publisher, WordFire Press



Vargas, P.

Pack Dynamics

Frost, J.

City of Angels

McCaffrey, T.

Galactic Games

Schmidt, B.

Beyond the Sun

Schmidt, B.

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Don B.

Don B.

Jun, 2023

Bryan provided excellent feedback under a shortened deadline (my error).
Eric L.

Eric L.

May, 2023

Very prompt communication, and great value for the money. Taught me more than a few things I didn't know about line editing! Thanks so much for your work and making my book the best it can be!
Jake S.

Jake S.

Jan, 2023

Bryan was the first actual editor/writer that I've submitted writing to, and it showed. The editorial analysis I got back wasn't glowing but every piece of feedback was invaluable and I would say it made be a better writer. In engineering design, we iterate and iterate and iterate, based on tests and optimization techniques. Brian is like an awesome supervisor- his feedback may be tough, but it...
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Bryan Thomas S.
It was a pleasure as well. Good luck and we’ll see you soon.
Thomas R. W.

Thomas R. W.

Jan, 2023

Bryan is a fantastic editor. Not only did he bring some fantastic perspective and suggestions to my work, his suggested edits actually levelled up my writing dramatically, even having already gone through copy editing and other structural edits before. In particular, he changed the way I pace my scenes and how I open them. My second book, in progress, has benefited from this shift too. Thanks B...
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Candace F.

Candace F.

Jan, 2023

Developmental edit was performed quickly and professionally. Great communication and helpful feedback