Sasha Chaitow

Sasha Chaitow – Editor

Editor and author with expertise in allied health and cultural history. A series editor for Elsevier, I'm also a trained historian.


With two books and numerous scholarly articles to my name, my professional experience spans the humanities and the sciences. Though my career began in the Humanities, early work experience focused more closely on health and wellbeing, leading me to develop transferable skills that I apply across disciplines. For over 20 years I have successfully assisted dozens of authors to reach publication through freelance editing and more recently through my journal editor roles (see portfolio). As an educator for 17 years, I tutor young adults and teachers in academic writing skills, leading to a lectureship in science writing at the University of Patras. My experience as an author and editor allows me to provide students and their tutors with direct industry insight, while classroom experience has developed my editorial acuity and perception of writers' needs.

Whether you simply need a second pair of eyes to catch those stray typos, someone whose sharp blue pen you can trust to make your work sing, or frank advice coupled with hands-on guidance to structure and prepare a research paper, proposal, or book manuscript, I'm excited to assist and support you throughout. I can rewrite your research paper for the media or help you develop your chapter outline into a full-length manuscript, and provide constructive evaluations from an industry perspective. I am equally experienced in writing and editing for scholarly and lay readerships and you will always receive a clear explanation of the rationale behind any editing decisions or recommendations, alongside tips and resources to improve your writing.

Representative work not supported by the permitted URLs is included in the "Portfolio section". Links, samples, and references are available upon request.
Education & Reference Health & Wellbeing History Medicine, Nursing, & Dentistry Religion & Spirituality
English (UK) English (US)
  • PhD Cultural History
  • MA English Literature
  • MA History
  • BA Communication & Media

Work experience


Oct, 2016 — Present

Oversight and coordination of the revision of my father's textbooks. A highly prolific author in the health sciences, since his passing I have undertaken custodianship of his literary legacy. As of 2020, I am partnering with selected editors, liaising with contributing authors, and editing the new editions to ensure continuity of voice and integrity of content.

In the books featured below, my roles were:

• Muscle Energy Techniques; Chronic Pelvic Pain; Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders: Editing the revised editions of these books due in 2022 - 2023
• Fascial Dysfunction: Proof-reading and final edits (2018).
• Palpation and Assessment in Manual Therapy: I contributed two chapters; proofed and edited additional chapters (2017).


Mar, 2014 — Present

• Guest Editor, Reviewer, Contributor: Pomegranate International Journal of Pagan Studies, Equinox
• Managing Editor: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Elsevier
• Editor, Reviewer, Contributor: La Rosa di Paracelso, Mimesis


Jun, 2003 — Present

Since 2003 I have collaborated with a variety of language schools, specialising in EFL curriculum development and teacher training in Academic Writing and Critical Thinking for the Young Adult Classroom.

• (since 2014): Andrioti School
• (2006-2010): Kontada School
• (2004-5): Euroaccess School
• (2003-2004): Spanou Language School


Oct, 1999 — Present

I have worked with a range of publishers, as a columnist for journals and magazines, as well as private clients. Most of my work in the past decade has been for academics and scientists whose first language is not English, assisting them to hone and improve their writing to publication-ready standard. References and samples from private individuals are available upon request. The portfolio samples include journals and books in which I have published chapters or articles.


Edited by Leon Chaitow and Ruth Lovegrove, this clearly written and fully illustrated multi-contributor volume offers practical, comprehensive coverage of the subject area accompanied by a range of video clips. Covering all aspects of current diagnosis and man... read more
This authoritative, research-based book, written by a team of clinical experts, offers an introduction to the symptoms and causes of disordered breathing as well as the strategies and protocols that can be used to correct and restore normal breathing. Multidis... read more
Fascial dysfunction is now recognised as one of the main underlying causes of musculoskeletal pain leading to impaired and reduced mobility. These are the symptoms which confront all practitioners of manual therapy in their everyday practice. In this second ed... read more

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Joyce L.

Joyce L.

Mar, 2021

I had a chapter from my book reviewed by Ms. Chaitow. Her review was balanced with constructive criticism and some encouragement. She took time to peruse a few of my citations and to call me out on areas which could potentially cause me trouble. She also alerted to me to the two different narrative voices that were inconsistent with one another and urged me to integrate them or separate them a...
Read more
Sasha C.
Great working with you Joyce! Thank you for entrusting me with your work. It has the potential to inspire others and I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavours.

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