Sabrina Gledhill

Sabrina Gledhill - Editor

United Kingdom

Experienced, trained sub-editor, translator and publisher with a PhD, specialised in Brazilian history and culture

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I trained as a sub-editor (copy-editor) in the US when I was working towards my BA in English at UCLA, having interned at the Latin American Studies Center and worked for several academic publishers since. I now have my own publishing house (more of a home-office), specialized in scholarly works. Bilingual in US and British English. Also speak and read Brazilian Portuguese fluently. 
Portuguese to English
Biographies & Memoirs


  • BA English (Summa cum Laude) UCLA
  • MA Latin American Studies, UCLA
  • PhD Ethnic Brazilian and African Studies, UFBA


  • Choice Award for Best Book of the Year for translation of Death is a Festival by JJ Reis

Work experience


January, 1987 – Present (about 36 years)

Portfolio (9 selected works)

Manuel Querino (1851-1923): An Afro-Brazilian Pioneer in the Age of Scientific Racism

Gledhill, Sabrina, Burns, E. Bradford, Calmon, Jorge, Nunes, Eliane , Vasconcellos, Christianne, Bacelar, Jeferson, Dória, Carlos

(Re)apresentando Manuel Querino - 1851/1923: um pioneiro afro-brasileiro nos tempos do racismo científico (Portuguese Edition)

Gledhill, Sabrina, Calmon, Jorge, Nunes, Eliane, Vasconcellos, Christianne, Dória, Carlos Alberto, Bacelar, Jeferson, Farias, Paulo, Nascimento, Jaime, Gomes, Flávio

Axé Bahia: The Power of Art in an Afro-Brazilian Metropolis

Polk, Patrick A., Conduru, Roberto, Gledhill, Sabrina, Johnson, Randal

Francisco de Paula Brito: A Black Publisher in Imperial Brazil

Godoi, Rodrigo Camargo de, Gledhill, H. Sabrina

The Story of Rufino: Slavery, Freedom, and Islam in the Black Atlantic

Reis, João José, Gomes, Flávio dos Santos, Carvalho, Marcus J. M. de, Gledhill, Sabrina

Body and Ancestry: A multicultural proposal for art-dance-education

Falcão dos Santos, Inaicyra , Margem, Terceira , Gledhill, Sabrina

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