Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb – Designer

Graphic designer and lover of books. I'm a digital and print designer with over a decade of experience, specialising in picture books.


What can I do for you?

- Dynamic internal page layout;
- Select fonts that complement the book;
- Typesetting that flows with the story;
- Unique and eye-catching cover design;
- Redesign tired covers
- Format all of your files for print
- Format your files for eBook suitable for all devices including Kindle and Apple Books;
- Marketing graphics (social media, Kickstarter (et al) and website)

Who am I?

I'm Ryan and I'm really, really into books.

I adore design too, but that is the mere burning passion of a furnace compared to the supernova that is my love for books.

Luckily for you, this means that I am genuinely passionate about making sure your book goes out into the world looking beautiful and professional, ensuring the design works symbiotically with the story to bring out the best in your work.

Using your story and theme as a guide I will create a beautiful and eye-catching cover for your book, whether whimsical or serious, colourful or monotone, every book cover I create is absolutely unique and eye-catching, and is crafted to grab a reader’s attention, whether that be on a bookshelf or on a website, delighting them with a beautiful cover and inspiring them to purchase the book.

What have I done?

I’ve been working in graphic design for well over a decade, gaining experience in designing and creating a massive variety of printed products, including clothing design, packaging design, promotional materials, stationary, signage, labels, magazines and non-fiction books, among other things. However, in 2020 I decided to follow my true passion for creating books and found my talent really resides in children’s picture books, where I’ve had the pleasure of working for a number of self-publishing authors and independent publishers.

What will I do?

I’ll work with you and your illustrator every step of the way, from thumbnail sketches all the way through to the final print, as well as designing marketing materials for online use (e.g. Kickstarter, social media), banners and signage, and packaging (e.g. the box for a book and plushie combo).

My basic cover design and internal formatting package includes picking fonts and laying out the text, laying all of the images, ensuring correct margins and bleed, creating end pages, designing the cover, and formatting the cover and internal pages to leave you with a set of print-ready documents (for KDP, IngramSpark, offset printers etc), which would include: a full cover formatted for paperback and hardcover (these tend to be ever so slightly different dimensions and margins), internal manuscript, eBook, and a 3D mock-up for your social media. I will be on hand every step of the way to answer any queries, and help you with the process.

Children’s Non-Fiction
Middle Grade Middle Grade Fantasy Picture Books
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Design and Innovation
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Computing & IT and Design

Work experience


Nov, 2020 — Present

I am the chief designer and formatter at Corryn Webb Book Services and have been instrumental in the design and creation of a number of award-winning and top-selling self-published books.

The Knight Shop International

Apr, 2014 — Nov, 2020 (over 6 years)

Gecko Clothing

Oct, 2010 — Apr, 2016 (over 5 years)

I designed the cut and the pattern designs of a range of ethical children's clothing for an award-winning Welsh clothing company. I also redesigned the logo and subsequently designed the tags and the packaging.

Cartrefi Conwy

Mar, 2009 — Mar, 2014 (about 5 years)



Hemsley, B.