Ryan Schwarz

Ryan Schwarz – Designer

Cover designer for over 50 Amazon bestsellers. If you are an indie author writing SciFi, Fantasy, Post-Apoc, or Thrillers, I'm your guy.


I'm a career marketing expert with a degree in graphic design and a love of teaching.

Why should that matter to you?

I've dedicated 25+ years to consumer marketing. Understanding the psychology of buying habits, how color affect buying moods, understanding the science of how an eye moves through a marketing piece, and ultimately how to sell a product. I've taken all of that experience and understanding of how to sell to a target audience and paired it with my passion for art, graphic design, and creating beautiful things.

I've designed over 500 incredible book covers for authors AND publishers looking to stand out of the crowd, including LMBPN Publishing, Aethon Books, bestselling authors like Craig Martelle, Erik Henry Vick, Michael Anderle, and U.S.A. Today Bestselling authors like Lisa Phillips. These covers are hand-crafted with extreme care, combining elements of their story and the genre itself to create something that fits so well in their potential reader's mind. How do I do this?

I spend nearly as much time researching your project as I do producing it.

My job is to get people - readers who love books similar to the one you've poured your soul into - to click on yours.

I've worked with some of the top authors and publishers in many genres. I've created over fifty bestselling covers and even more "Top New Releases".

I understand the ins and outs of how to make your cover marketable and I love teaching those insights to my clients. Most of my work with my clients is from repeat business - authors that realize how easy I am to work with and keep coming back over and over again for more covers as their books continue to sell well.

Do you want to build a cover with me that can sell your book?
Do you want a laser focus - researched through marketing science - on your genre?

Financially, expect my rates to be mid-level to average costs for high-end design. What you don't get with other designers is the marketing partnership that you'll receive with me. It's invaluable. My rates range from $650-$1550 per cover, depending on genre and the brief. Additional items listed above are ala carte' added to that cost.

I invoice 20% down to hold your booking spot, which is non-refundable. The balance is due the week we start your project. I'll keep in touch with you and the week prior, we will start talking genre and research. By the end of the [project, you'll have an incredible and marketable cover in your hands.

I'd love to hear from you - please reach out and chat! If you need references, I can provide those as well!

Action & Adventure Dystopian Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Horror Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy
  • Best-sellers
  • Top new releases

Work experience


Jan, 2016 — Present

Leveraging 20+ years of marketing and design experience, I create gorgeous covers for you that are laser pointed at your genre.

U.S. Cellular

Oct, 2012 — Dec, 2020 (about 8 years)

Manage multiple agencies for art direction, creative control, brand control, and presentative customer content for a fortune 500 company.


Jan, 2009 — Aug, 2013 (over 4 years)

Full creative agency design and development of brand creative, advertising, packaging, web graphics and analytics.

Group 360 Creative

Jan, 2003 — Oct, 2008 (over 5 years)

Design and asset management for Anheuser Busch Creative materials. Art direction, design, and material delivery for press.

Ryan has 41 reviews





Barry C.

Barry C.

Dec, 2022

Ryan is my go-to designer. I write to my best to live up to Ryan's artistic creativity. Covers for RUBICON and RUBICON Red Flag Rising pull in the readers.
Matt T.

Matt T.

Nov, 2022

I have worked with Ryan multiple times on different projects and each time he nails what we set out to do. His work is outstanding and I wouldnt hesitate to work with him in the future.
Daanyel G.

Daanyel G.

Sep, 2022

I like Ryan! He's talented; his design cover for my book is outstanding! He understood my manuscript while adding a much needed element to it. I would definitely hire him again for a future project
Matt T.

Matt T.

Sep, 2022

Third and Final cover has been completed. It looks great.
Ryan S.
Thanks Matt, you're great to work with. Cheers buddy.
Niel C.

Niel C.

Jul, 2022

Working with Ryan was awesome. He has a great process for planning what a cover will look like. It's rigorous and helps you strategize your cover for your market. Ryan is also just a great person to work with in general. The cover I got was high quality and Ryan was generous with helping tweak details where needed.

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