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Rosie Walker - Editor

Edinburgh, UK

Freelance developmental and copy editor with two published novels from HarperCollins. Specialises in thrillers and women's fiction.

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I'm a writer and editor with two years of experience as an author of two published novels: Secrets of a Serial Killer (2020), and The House Fire (2022), both published by Harper Collins' One More Chapter. I'm currently writing my third novel and offering my services as a freelance developmental and copy editor, specialising in psychological thrillers and women's fiction.

I have a Masters in Creative Writing, which taught me the ins and outs of structure, pace, plot and conflict, and I've navigated the novel writing and publishing process from start to finish. I know what it's like when you've done everything you can and you're ready for another set of eyes on your work.

I'm here to give other authors guidance and support to get your novel to the next stage through developmental edits: assessing your manuscript to help you tighten your plot, crank up the tension, and understand what your book needs to grip the reader on every page. When you've nailed your plot, I also offer copy editing services where I forensically examine your novel on a line-by-line basis to ensure every paragraph does the best work it can.


"I’m a published travel writer and I’ve relied on Rosie’s editing skills for the past five years. Her keen eye and attention to detail has ensured everything I send out is word-perfect, from newspaper articles to competition winning pieces. Recently I used her developmental editing service for my psychological thriller manuscript and she was amazing, showing me where the action needed to pick up on the page, helping me restructure the twist so it’s perfect and also letting me know when something was working well, which was incredibly helpful and motivating."
-- Suzy Pope, Travel Writer and Novelist

"Rosie is an excellent editor who provides insightful, straightforward feedback. She has a great understanding of what captivates a reader, and spots any issues with pacing or plotting a mile off. While working together on my first novel, she was able to spot places where the plot lacked sufficient obstacles for the protagonist to face, and helped to brainstorm ideas for conflicts that would be compelling for the reader while staying true to my vision for the work. She's an expert on structure and is an invaluable source of guidance when it comes to tackling the big developmental work. In addition, she has a good ear for language and can help rework paragraphs and sentences until they flow. Rosie has also been a great source of encouragement, with her feedback highlighting the elements that work just as much as areas that could be improved. After working with her for over a decade, I would highly recommend her as an editor, whether you're looking for big picture developmental work or in-depth copy editing."
-- Colm Boyd, Novelist and Editor
English (UK)
English (US)
Contemporary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Psychological Thriller
Women's Fiction


  • Creative Writing MSc
  • Psychology BSc

Work experience


Harper Collins UK
November, 2019 – Present (almost 3 years)

I have written two published novels: Secrets of a Serial Killer (2020), and The House Fire (2021), both published by Harper Collins' One More Chapter. I'm currently working on my third book.

Freelance Writer & Editor

September, 2010 – Present (almost 12 years)

Structural, copy and line edits for fiction, along with manuscript and synopsis assessments and agent query feedback. Published pieces include my own novels and #1 bestseller The Last Days of Summer by Vanessa Ronan (Penguin Ireland, 2016), shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards.

The House Fire

Walker, Rosie

Designing Resilient Cities: A Guide to Good Practice: (EP 103)

Lombardi, D. Rachel, Leach, Joanne, Rogers, Chris

The Last Days of Summer

Ronan, Vanessa

A Capital Union

Hendry, Victoria

Rosie has 6 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Katherine Graham
Rosie has taught me that editing is an art form! She is creative, patient, talented, and also very kind. I love the shine she put on my words. She has a great eye for detail, consistency, and a flair for storytelling. Thank you so much, Rosie!

Katherine Graham, July 2022

Rosie Walker
Thank you so much, Katherine. It was such a pleasure to work on your book - you're a brilliant writer!

Reply from Rosie Walker

Tana Boerger
If you are able to work with Rosie Walker, you are very lucky, indeed. She is spectacular. I've just completed my second developmental edit and first copy edit with her. With her guidance, my novel is going from strength to strength. She's a genius at emphasizing what you are doing well and then helping you achieve a high quality of writing throughout your manuscript. Not all editors can do tha...
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Tana Boerger, May 2022

Sharron Martin
Rosie Walker is joy to work with. She provides invaluable feedback in a constructive and motivating way. Her skills allow her to go directly to the issues, however, she also provides helpful solutions and alternatives. I really felt Rosie understood what I was trying to achieve and helped to improve my work considerably. Thank you so much Rosie!

Sharron Martin, May 2022

Tana Boerger
I don’t know how I got so lucky! As a first time author with a completed novel, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. When I requested an editor who would work in a completely unrealistic timeframe, Rosie Walker was the only editor who explained a realistic schedule and warmed me off those who said they could produce a well-thought out developmental edit in the short time I requested. Add to that ...
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Tana Boerger, December 2021

Rosie Walker
Thank you so much, Tana! It was great to work with you and I am so pleased that it's the beginning of future collaborations too. I'm so looking forward to the next phase :)

Reply from Rosie Walker

Sharron Martin
Rosie Walker is a professional, highly skilled and enthusiastic editor. She provided an in-depth, well considered report, chock full of brilliant ideas and suggestions for me on how to improve my work. I am so grateful and I would have no hesitation in working with or recommending Rosie to anyone. My novel had it's share of troubles but Rosie gave me some great insights and a path forward, and ...
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Sharron Martin, November 2021

Rosie Walker
Thanks for such a lovely review, Sharron! It was a delight to work with you on your novel and I can't wait to see what happens with Orla next! :)

Reply from Rosie Walker

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