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An editor with over twelve years of experience in book, magazine, and digital publishing. My "why": communicate, collaborate, create.


A publishing professional with over twelve years of editorial experience in both self-publishing and traditional publishing settings. I offer manuscript evaluation, substantive, line, and stylistic editing, manuscript preparation, proofreading, and project management. In recent years I've been both freelance and an in-house editorial coordinator with a traditional print publisher. I currently work in a directorial capacity in a digital content creation environment. I've worked on guidebooks, cookbooks, short stories, mysteries, and memoirs that have been acclaimed locally and nationally and have been featured on the BC Bestseller list. I am sensitive, responsive, and supportive of the writer's perspectives and needs, not only as an editor but also as a writer; my own non-fiction writing has been published online and in a national newspaper.

Author testimonials:

"Renée shepherded my novel through the editorial process, and what a great job she did. She demonstrated her dedication to the project throughout all its stages. The project included a few phrases from languages that use a non-Latin alphabet and she was enthusiastic about finding solutions and meticulous about making sure they worked. She was diligent, knowledgeable, resourceful, patient, and solution-oriented, but, best of all, she shared my passion." —Peggy Herring, author of Anna, Like Thunder

"It was a pleasure to work with Renée on my manuscript of short fiction. She has a keen editorial eye and a strong sense of both the micro and macrocosm of a project. I also appreciated her compassionate and direct communication and would jump at the chance to work with her again." —Julie Paul, author of The Jealousy Bone, The Pull of the Moon, Meteorites, and the poetry collection The Rules of the Kingdom.

"It was a real pleasure to work with Renée. She’s a pro with the necessary eye for detail that is needed in editing books that span natural and cultural history, bouncing between Latin and SENĆOŦEN names and European and Indigenous references." —Briony Penn, author of A Year on the Wild Side

"Renée’s patience and sense of humour made working with her a pleasure and a privilege. Her insight and sharp eye gave me confidence; I knew my book was in the best of hands." —Julie Roorda, author of A Thousand Consolations

"It was a pleasure to have Renée as the editor for Island Craft. Her encouragement was always welcome and her expert advice very helpful. Her contributions made this a better book." —Jon C. Stott, author of Beer 101 North: Craft Breweries and Brewpubs of the Washington and Oregon Coasts, Beer Quest West, and Island Craft.

"Renée’s expertise and positive energy contributed greatly to the success of First, We Brunch. She was not only professional and positive during the creation of the book—she provided wonderful support from the sidelines as the book was introduced to the world. It is clear that Renée cares deeply about her authors and the success of their publications." —Rebecca Wellman, author of First, We Brunch

"I was lucky enough to have Renée edit my first six books. A kind, generous editor who has an extraordinary ability to intimately know the characters, details, and nature of any given book, and whose goal without fail was to help make it the best book it could be. She helped me become a better writer. A real joy to work with!" —Iona Whishaw, author of the Lane Winslow series

"I should like to record my gratitude to Renée for her significant contribution to the publication of my book In Nature’s Realm; Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island. Renée was the publisher’s editorial coordinator for the project—an illustrated, hard-cover book of 282 pages with an index, bibliography, glossary, endnotes, list of illustrations with sources, and a foreword. Throughout the editing and production processes I found her most professional, knowledgeable, skilled, thorough, and pleasant to work with. I have no hesitation in endorsing her competence for future projects of this kind."—Michael Layland, author of A Perfect Eden, The Land of Heart's Delight, and In Nature's Realm.

Biographies & Memoirs Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Travel
Chick Lit Contemporary Fiction Cozy Mysteries Social & Family Issues Themes & Motifs
English (CAN)

Work experience

Constant Content

Aug, 2019 — Present

Manage digital content writer teams, account managers, and content projects for corporate clients throughout North America.

TouchWood Editions

Apr, 2015 — Aug, 2019 (over 4 years)

Evaluate manuscript submissions; guide authors from first draft to print; prepare manuscripts for typesetting; edit manuscripts; assign freelancers; negotiate rates and terms of freelance projects; organize photos and documents for designer; review cover and interior proofs, catalogues, and promotional material; work with publisher, designer, and publicity and promotions coordinator to develop best practices; use collaborative project management tools; write and refine catalogue and cover copy; perform pre-press checks on final files and printer's proofs.


Shortlisted for the 2017 Taste Canada Food Writing Awards Foreword by Ian Coutts, author of The Perfect Keg and Brew NorthWhat’s more Canadian than beer? Craft brewing has exploded across Canada, reinvigorating the country’s love and appreciation for its favor... read more
Silver prize-winning guidebook in the Society of American Travel Writers' Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism CompetitionNow is the perfect time to explore this vast country with your kids while finally experiencing the spectacular Canadian destinations you’ve bee... read more
Shortlisted for two 2017 BC Book Prizes.In 1842, when explorer James Douglas encountered the rugged natural paradise that would become Vancouver Island, he described it as “a perfect Eden." This book, a compelling history of the earliest explorers to Vancouver... read more
Winner of the 2017 BC Book Prizes' Bill Duthie Booksellers Choice Award In this collection of short stories, Pat Carney follows the rhythms of day-to-day life in coastal BC. Featuring a revolving cast of characters —the newly retired couple, the church warden,... read more
Received an Honourable Mention for the 2018 Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Historical Writing The first book on Agnes Deans Cameron, BC’s first female principal, itinerant traveller, and journalist.Agnes Deans Cameron was an extraordinary woman who was ahead ... read more
Gold Winner of a 2018 Taste Canada Food Writing AwardGourmand World Cookbook Award for best First Book in English Canada "Not only is Renée a fantastic baker, she is a soulful writer and gifted photographer; when you’re not cooking from her book, you might jus... read more
Winner of three Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in English Canada for best books in Entertaining, Photography, and Breakfast categories It’s the weekend in picturesque Victoria, and whether you’re planning on enjoying a scenic seaside hike or indulging in some ... read more
What is real reconciliation? This collection of essays from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from across Canada welcomes readers into a timely, healing conversation—one we've longed for but, before now, have had a hard time approaching.These ref... read more
"A radiant debut—beautifully written, passionate, and whip smart." —Ayelet Tsabari, winner of the 2015 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish LiteratureIn the realm of fiction, women are too often cast as inherently good—typically kind, always considerate, and traditional... read more
It’s 1947 in Lahore, and the Sharma family is forced to flee their home during the violence of the Partition of India. As the train tracks measure the ever-growing distance between Varoon and his mother, who vanished during the panic to escape, the boy is thru... read more
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An updated edition of Herb Belcourt’s remarkable life story with a brand-new foreword by the author. The eldest of ten children, Belcourt grew up in a small log home near the Métis settlement of Lac Ste. Anne during the Depression. His father purchased furs fr... read more
"Kuipers' light touch and eye for telling details will keep the reader wanting more. A collection of delicate sketches that mark Kuipers as a writer of promise." ―Kirkus Reviews Original, witty, and subtle, this collection of beautifully crafted short stories ... read more
Moving, entertaining, and witty, A Thousand Consolations is a literary romantic comedy for fans of David Nicholls’s Us and Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers.Paula doesn’t put much faith in the candles she designs for her customers, which promise to cure everything f... read more
In the spring of 1977, Annie, a flighty artist, and her twelve-year-old daughter, Delilah, trade the cherry blossom trees and beaches of Vancouver for rugged and remote Old Town in Yellowknife, surprising Delilah’s father by showing up on his doorstep. As she ... read more
In 1808, eighteen-year-old Anna Petrovna Bulygina is aboard the Russian ship St. Nikolai when it runs aground off on the west coast of Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula. The crew, tasked with trading for sea otter pelts and exploring the coast, are for... read more
Winner of the 2017 Taste Canada Food Writing Award in Culinary Narratives.The food lover's guide to finding the best of the best in the vibrant Okanagan.Discover the edible delights of the Okanagan with profiles on more than 125 farm-to-table chefs, bakers, be... read more
Winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Culinary Travel / Food Tourism Book in CanadaFrom the coulees of the badlands to the combines of the wheatlands, discover Alberta’s diverse terroir, and be captivated by the distinct tastes of this majestic pr... read more
Fresh, fast, and delicious, these are the quintessential recipes every West Coast fish and seafood lover must have.The islands of Canada’s West Coast are home to some of the freshest and most sustainable seafood in the world. In this exquisitely photographed a... read more
After her husband died in 1926 from a suspected drowning, Capi Blanchet spent every summer cruising BC’s west coast with her five children and their dog in the family’s 25-foot boat. The Curve of Time is the book Capi wrote chronicling these adventures, and it... read more
A new cookbook in the series that reveals the best ways to use specialty olive oils and vinegars in international cuisines―now featuring the succulent, flavourful dishes of Syria.Eating together in Syrian culture is all about generosity and hospitality, bustli... read more
The second book in the Olive Oil and Vinegar Lovers’ cookbook series made with specialty olive oil and balsamic vinegars in mind.With just two types of olive oil―Eureka Lemon Fused and Garlic Infused―and two balsamic vinegars―Apricot White Balsamic and Black C... read more
Winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Book in a Series in Canada Traditional Spanish cooking is famous for its fragrant spices, fresh herbs, and delicate touch of citrus. Whether you’re a novice to Spanish cuisine or a seasoned cook, this brand-ne... read more
More than ever, people are interested in learning how to incorporate the remarkable flavours of specialty extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars into their everyday cooking. The Recipes Olive Oil and Vinegar Lover’s cookbook series is an easy way to lea... read more
In 1949, Antoine Mountain was born on the land near Radelie Koe (Fort Good Hope) in the Northwest Territories just south of the Arctic Circle. At the tender age of seven, he was stolen away from his home and sent to a residential school—run by the Roman Cathol... read more
In April 1858 the Fraser River Gold Rush hit, and the sleepy hamlet of Victoria on Vancouver Island got an economic boost. The population nearly doubled overnight, and suddenly locals were rubbing shoulders with prospectors on their way to the gold-fields of t... read more
In 1885, Vancouver Island’s E&N rail service carried coal to smelters and ships, and the towns in the railway’s path prospered as the tracks expanded.Along the E&N celebrates the historic and still-surviving hotels and roadhouses that sprung up near the E&N. W... read more
Telegraph Cove, one of Vancouver Island’s most visited tourist destinations, has humble origins as a one-shack telegraph station, established a century ago. The community grew, first with a salmon saltery and sawmill, then with new industries developed by the ... read more
"A mesmerizing memoir by a talented writer on coming to terms with the unexpected." ―Library JournalMarty, age 57, was given a preliminary diagnosis of ALS by his family doctor. Seven weeks later, the diagnosis was confirmed by a neurologist. Ten months and te... read more
A retrospective on one of BCs most famous artists that features beautifully reproduced landscape paintings from all over mainland BC, and unveils new photographs, sketches, and ephemera from the artists estate.
The reputation of EJ Hughes in British Columbia is second only to that of Emily Carr. His paintings, collected by every major gallery in our country, fetch more than $1 million at auction. Yet Hughes lived a notoriously private life. Hughes painted scenes from... read more
A celebration of the richly diverse flora and fauna of Vancouver Island as explored through the records of explorers, settlers, and visitors, and with due respect to the wealth of Indigenous traditional knowledge of the island’s ecosystems.In Nature’s Realm ga... read more
Off the shore of Canada’s west coast lies a food lover’s island paradise. Vancouver Island’s temperate climate nurtures a bounty of wild foods, heritage grains, organic produce, sustainable meats and artisan-crafted edible delights. This thoughtfully curated, ... read more
A freshly designed, new edition of a funny weekly chronicle that offers a year-long, intimate view of the flora and fauna populating the West Coast.A Year on the Wild Side is a witty commentary on the social and natural history of Vancouver Island. Composed of... read more
A timely, intriguing collection of the overlooked stories of Victoria’s pioneers, trailblazers, and community builders who were also diverse people of colour.Often described as “more English than the English,” the city of Victoria has a much more ethnically di... read more
A compelling collection of iconic ghost stories from all across Canada.Time and place are infused with ghosts and hauntings. From coast to coast to coast, Canada’s provinces and territories teem with the supernatural—phantoms obscured in the mists of time, spe... read more
A collection of humorous essays about Vancouver Island’s unique quirks, from the south end to the north from beloved storyteller, Anny Scoones.Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands have a reputation for their ineffable charisma, laid-back pace, and distinct gr... read more
Hopheads, rejoice! Take the ultimate beer-lover’s road trip from Victoria, BC’s craft beer capital, to Tofino and Campbell River, visiting craft breweries and brewpubs in between. Your guide? Jon Stott, born and bred in Victoria—and beer enthusiast extraordina... read more
There’s nothing like fresh extra-virgin olive oil, infused and fused olive oils, and flavoured white and balsamic vinegars―but how, exactly, do we use them? Elevate the flavour of your fare using products like Rosemary or Herb de Provence infused olve oil, Blo... read more
Not everyone outgrows childhood allergies. When Amanda Orlando learned firsthand that the social and emotional impact of anaphylactic reactions affects adults, she started blogging about it, and was born.Her new cookbook, Everyone’s We... read more
From Idle No More to Black Lives Matter to the Me Too movements and more, one thing is certain: There is a burgeoning collective desire to hear non-dominant voices in subtle, curious, generative ways.The Vancouver-based EMMA Talks speakers’ series amplifies th... read more
A young man takes his father to Hawaii, even though he’s been dead for months. An organ player won’t let her newly amputated arm stand in the way of Sunday duties. A grad student decides to take the fate of a homeless man into his own hands. A couple of crimin... read more
A laugh-out-loud travel memoir that reveals backpacking’s awkward side.Sue, a disenchanted waitress, embarks upon a year-long quest around the world with her friend, Sara—who’s exasperatingly perfect. Expecting a whimsical jaunt of self-discovery, Sue instead ... read more
Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist draws readers into the complicated, poignant, and often-overlooked daily happenings of a busy urban medical clinic for refugees. An Iraqi journalist whose son has been been murdered develops post-traumatic stress disorder an... read more
Lane and Darling's Arizona honeymoon is interrupted by gunshots in the newest instalment in a series Kirkus Reviews calls "relentlessly exciting."It’s November, and Lane and Darling have escaped the chilly autumn in the Kootenays for a honeymoon at the posh an... read more
A wedding is on the horizon for Lane Winslow and Inspector Darling. As one of the few Russian speakers in her community, Lane is obliged to act as translator and hostess for Countess Orlova, an elderly Russian woman who has tracked her missing brother to the N... read more
In the fifth book of the series that the Globe and Mail calls “terrific,” Lane Winslow investigates the murder of an unidentified man she found adrift in a boat near King’s Cove.Lane Winslow is enjoying a perfect, sunny day at the lake when she spots a gravely... read more
Finalist for a 2019 Lefty AwardThe fourth book in what the Globe and Mail has proclaimed “a terrific series” by “a writer to watch.”Summer descends over the picturesque King’s Cove as Darling and Lane’s mutual affection blossoms. But their respite from solving... read more
The third book in the popular Lane Winslow mystery series by an author the Globe and Mail has called a “writer to watch.”It’s early spring of 1947 in idyllic King’s Cove, and the Hughes ladies, mère et filles, are gardening and sorting through the jars of food... read more
The second instalment in the Lane Winslow mystery series; for fans of the Maisie Dobbs and Bess Crawford series.On a snowy day in December 1946, Lane Winslow—a former British intelligence agent who’s escaped to the rural Canadian community of King’s Cove in pu... read more
A smart and enchanting postwar mystery that will appeal to fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.It is 1946, and war-weary young ex-intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for a fresh start. When she finds herself happily settl... read more

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Sherrie S.

Sherrie S.

Jan, 2021

Renee was interested in my work and why it was important to me. This was a wonderful experience and I will definitely solicit the help of Renee in the future.

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