Rebecca Brewer

Rebecca Brewer – Editor

Former Penguin editor of Fantasy, SF, and Horror who worked with Guy Gavriel Kay, Christina Henry, Sarah Pinsker, Ilona Andrews and others.


I'm a former editor from Ace at Penguin Random House who has worked with many bestselling and award-winning authors. I specialize in speculative fiction, from the literary to commercial, and edit things as short as flash fiction to long epic novels. I think of myself as a professional geek!

I love almost all fantasy subgenres, including historical fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, fairy tale retellings, contemporary fantasy, LitRPG, progression fantasy, and urban fantasy. In science fiction, I love great worlds and concepts, whether it is in space opera, post apocalyptic, military SF, time travel, and high concept science fiction.

I'm always looking for books that have something I haven't seen before, amazing characters that I love to follow, and creates a strong emotion in the reader, whether that is joy, humor, sadness or rage. I admit it's hard for me to say no to books that mix genres! You can sign me up for books that are quirky, unusual, dark, queer, or ones that I need to read the fanfiction for.

My editing philosophy is to help the author make their book the best it can be, while remaining true to their voice and vision. As an editor, I like to be the author’s “first” reader and fan, which can sometimes include writing comments such as “LOL”, “Oh no!” and “[Insert reader crying here]”, as well as making suggestions that could improve the novel. I hope to encourage the author to embrace their strengths, and help them learn to improve others. I want to use my sharp eye, and compassionate heart to help an author any way I can.

I consider myself a solutions focused editor. When something doesn't work, I come up with some ways that could improve the book. Perhaps my favorite part of the job is collaborating with the author on how to best revise their project, and make it the best that it can be.

At age sixteen I determined that editing science fiction and fantasy novels would be the best job in the world, so I set my sights on how to accomplish that! At Emerson College, I received a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. While there, I took a number of publishing classes and racked up 6 publishing internships, before heading to New York City. I started an internship at the worlds oldest science fiction imprint: Ace at Penguin. After that, my jobs included working at the Science Fiction Book Club, being an author's assistant, and a bookseller. When an opening appeared at Ace, I officially jumped on board full time and worked there for over 7 years. I edited dozens of books, and worked with even more authors.

In 2019, I officially put out my shingle as a freelance editor and have loved it! Since then, I've worked with New York Times Bestselling authors, Fortune 500 companies, established authors, and writers that are just beginning their journey.

Fantasy Horror LGBTQ Fiction Magical Realism Science Fiction Young Adult Fantasy
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing

Work experience


Aug, 2019 — Present

Specialist in developmental edits, editorial assessments and query letter critiques. As the metaphorical 'first reader' I provide compassionate and knowledgeable feedback to authors to help make their writing the best it can be, while remaining true to their voice and vision. I aim to give the author advice that they can use both in their current project, but future writing as well.

Ace/Roc/Berkley at Penguin Random House

Oct, 2012 — Jul, 2019 (over 6 years)

As an editor at Ace (under the Berkley umbrella at Penguin Random House), I edited dozens of books ranging from long running fantasy series, to new science fiction novels, to adorable cozy mysteries.

Science Fiction Book Club

May, 2011 — Oct, 2012 (over 1 year)

While at the Science Fiction Book Club, I helped select which amazing SF/F books would be available to our members. I sharpened my knowledge on what appeals to readers, and learned what the speculative fiction market wants.

Peter V. Brett

Feb, 2011 — Aug, 2011 (6 months)

As an assistant to author Peter V. Brett I came to understand the life of an author and the inner workings of being a creator.


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Rebecca has 95 reviews





Eduardo H.

Eduardo H.

Feb, 2024

Rebecca was great; she gave me a lot of insights to improve my book. She made me see a new angle of my novel, something I am deeply grateful for. :)
Louisa C.

Louisa C.

Dec, 2023

Rebecca was delightful to work with, always professional yet personable. I am extremely excited to go over my notes and begin editing my book after receiving her feedback.
Sophia R.

Sophia R.

Sep, 2023

Rebecca was wonderful- she communicated every step of the way, left helpful and thorough feedback both on the document and in the editorial letter, and was flexible when the needs of my project changed. Thank you very much for your support and expertise, Rebecca.
Rachael B.

Rachael B.

Jul, 2023

I reached out to Rebecca with a mostly-finished manuscript that I wanted appraised so that I would know what my next steps ought to be in the publishing process. I wanted to know what, objectively, were the strengths and weaknesses of my writing, and moving forward, would I need further editing (and what sort - developmental, line, proofing, etc). Rebecca was absolutely fantastic to work with,...
Read more
Cheryl B.

Cheryl B.

Jun, 2023

Rebecca is great to work with! Her feedback is constructive and spot-on. I reviewed her comments multiple times to glean ever more information, and the Zoom call was super helpful to discuss changes. This manuscript will be much improved with Rebecca's editorial expertise.

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