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Thanks for visiting my Reedsy profile! I’m a seasoned editor of academic and literary writing who’s shaped, queried, polished, corrected, critically evaluated, and enhanced the clarity and elegance of literally thousands of manuscripts—from project proposals and PhD dissertations to journal articles, book chapters, and books. As a generalist editor with curiosity to spare, I’ve edited work from many fields in the natural sciences and virtually every discipline in the social sciences, arts, and humanities. I welcome opportunities to work with scholars, researchers, and graduate students from across the academic spectrum.

My editorial specialties—literary studies, Western philosophy, and Buddhist philosophy—reflect my research background, artistic interests, and university teaching experience. I’ve taught modernist and contemporary poetry, twentieth-century fiction, and literary theory both old and new, and the history of philosophy has played a vital role in my teaching and literary scholarship. Since I’m a lifelong devotee of literature and the arts who’s also familiar with the full sweep of Western philosophy, literary critics, philosophers, linguists, and scholars of religion can feel confident that their manuscript will find an enthusiastic (and comprehending) ear when it lands on my desk. Moreover, a long-standing relationship with the traditions of early Buddhism and Zen/Chan Buddhism makes me a sensitive editor of popular and scholarly writing on Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices.

My editorial services involve careful attention to grammar and style, a commitment to clear and elegant prose, and the elimination of sentence-level errors, whether glaring or subtle. For authors in need of basic editing, I systematically correct errors and establish consistency in the presentation of elements like key terms, hyphenation, case structure, and verb tense. For authors seeking more intensive sentence-level editing, I improve the elegance and cogency of the manuscript’s prose while devoting careful, slow-moving attention to the author’s intent—even when it’s struggling to find the right expression. For manuscripts at early stages of preparation, I offer a wide-angle developmental perspective, providing feedback on logical clarity at the sentence level, argumentation at the paragraph level, and the effectiveness of the manuscript’s overall structure.

A friendly, communicative manuscript editor, I combine a poet’s ear for artful writing with a philosopher’s attention to argumentation and logical clarity—regardless of the author’s academic or artistic discipline.

Biographies & Memoirs Buddhism History Music Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs Sociology
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Aug, 2009 — Present

Lubbock Meditation, Lubbock, TX

Dec, 2012 — Aug, 2014 (over 1 year)

Lubbock Meditation was a free, grassroots practice group that met every weekend for an hour of seated and walking meditation. It brought together people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and degrees of experience, from raw beginners to longtime meditators. The practice space was provided by Yoga Bean, a yoga studio in Lubbock, Texas, at no charge to our community—and with no strings attached. I founded and served as the organizer of this group in an effort to provide a no-cost opportunity for group meditation in a region where such opportunities are scarce.

English Department, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Jun, 2007 — Jun, 2009 (about 2 years)

• Developed and taught undergraduate courses in literary theory, poetry and poetics, and twentieth-century literature
• Provided academic advising for current and prospective English majors
• Evaluated and provided ongoing feedback on student writing
• Courses taught: The Art of Memory (contemporary poetry and fiction); Literature and Impermanence (contemporary poetry and fiction); Modernist Poetry: Difficulty and Deceptive Simplicity; Ancient Poetics: Plato, Aristotle, Augustine; Readings in Literary Theory: Metaphor, Allusion, Literariness, Canonicity; Principles of Literary Study: Poetry

Raritan: A Quarterly Review, New Brunswick, NJ

Sep, 2005 — Jul, 2009 (almost 4 years)

• Copyedited and proofread essays, fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction for a prominent literary and humanities journal
• Verified incorporation of manuscript changes into proofs
• Reviewed bluelines
• Created query lists; discussed and resolved queries in editorial meetings
• Extensive use of Chicago Manual of Style guidelines

English Department, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Sep, 2003 — May, 2007 (over 3 years)

• Developed and taught an introductory poetry course for English majors
• Developed and taught undergraduate courses in composition and research writing
• Coached young writers in the fundamentals of academic writing and critical reading
• Evaluated and provided ongoing feedback on student writing

Undergraduate Writing Center, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Oct, 1999 — Aug, 2000 (10 months)

• Managed student intake and daily operations
• Provided writing tutoring for UT undergraduates
• Responded to the broader public's grammar/writing inquiries via UT’s Writers’ Advice Line
• Copyedited Writing Center publications

English Department, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Aug, 1995 — May, 1997 (over 1 year)

• Developed and taught first-year composition and literature courses
• Coached undergraduates in critical reading, academic writing, and the fundamentals of argumentation
• Evaluated and provided ongoing feedback on student writing

Programs for Academic Support Services, Texas Tech University

Sep, 1992 — Dec, 1994 (about 2 years)

• Provided writing tutoring and grammar instruction for Texas Tech undergraduates


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In this wholly original study, Josep Corbi asks how one should relate to a certain kind of human suffering, namely, the harm that people cause one another. Relying upon real life examples of human suffering--including torture, genocide, and warfare--as opposed... read more
Contrastivism can be applied to a variety of problems within philosophy, and as such, it can be coherently seen as a unified movement. This volume brings together state-of-the-art research on the contrastive treatment of philosophical concepts and questions, i... read more
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Racial Reckoning

Renee C. Romano

Few whites who violently resisted the civil rights struggle were charged with crimes in the 1950s and 1960s. But the tide of changed in 1994, and more than one hundred murder cases have been reopened, resulting in over a dozen trials. Yet, as Renee C. Romano s... read more
Uses Buddhist philosophy to discuss diversity as a value, one that can contribute to equity in a globalizing world.Diversity matters. Whether in the context of ecosystems, education, the workplace, or politics, diversity is now recognized as a fact and as some... read more
Retrieving Realism

Professor Hubert Dreyfus

“A picture held us captive,” writes Wittgenstein in the Philosophical Investigations, describing the powerful image of mind that underlies the modern epistemological tradition from Descartes onward. Retrieving Realism offers a radical critique of the Cartesian... read more

John has 3 reviews





Claire V.

Claire V.

Nov, 2021

I'm working on my first book for self-publication, and I was considering skipping a developmental edit -- but a couple of friends talked me into it, and I'm so delighted with John's work in this edit! He gave me exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for in terms of the organization of the manuscript and the continuity of my work. He also eased some of my anxieties about voice and tone and...
Read more
Garry S.

Garry S.

Aug, 2021

John has done a couple of editing jobs for me now. I'm really happy with his work. He is very reliable and knowledge about what he does. I appreciate the professional relationship we have developed and will continue to use his services in the future.
Garry S.

Garry S.

May, 2021

I'm impressed with the editing John has done for me. He is professional and skilled at what he does. I intend to employ his expertise again in the future and am happy to recommend his services
John R.
Thanks, Garry! I'm glad we're a good fit, and I look forward to working with the rest of your thesis manuscript.

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