Penny Weber

Penny Weber – Designer

I have been lucky enough to work as a Children's Book Illustrator since 2007.


It was 2007 when I began working in my dream job, as a children's book illustrator.

Since then I have worked on too many projects to count!

One of my favorites was the "Chris P Bacon" series written by Len Lucero and Kristina Tracy published by Hay House Publishers. I did three books centering a the very heroic, little pig. Working with Jennifer Richards at Hay House was a dream come true.

I recently completed an eight book series for Free Spirit Publishing in their Learning About Me and You Early Social Skills series beginning with "I Belong" and including, "I Listen," I Share, I Grow"... and more. I'm so proud of these books!

I have illustrated for both the trade and the educational market working with publishers like Free Spirit Publishing, McGraw Hill Education, Pearson Education, Bright Sky Press, Raven Tree Press, Compass Media and Nelson Publishing, just to name a few.

Working with writers who initiate the projects has become more and more common. There are some beautiful books out there that are being self published and I'm so happy to be part of them.

I have been so lucky to "meet" some wonderful and creative people from the comfort of my downstairs studio in Long Island, New York. Everything I do is over email and recently I moved to painting completely digitally. All of my illustrations are done on Photoshop. I still wear my smock but it stays very clean!

Working digitally helps me to work faster while maintaining the quality product I am used to providing. I love my Mac and Waacom tablet and now I could not illustrate without them. Working digitally makes deadlines fun for me. I have never missed one!

My specialty is drawing and painting people and animals. As I kid I was obsessed with drawing faces of celebrities, sports figures, family members and neighbor's pets.

Now I am paid to do it and sometimes I still cannot believe my luck. I would be so happy to work on your project!

Middle Grade Picture Books

Work experience

self employed

Mar, 2007 — Present

I have worked consistently since 2007 with many publishers art directors and writers. My client list includes:
Free Spirit Publishing, Hay House Publishers, Tilbury House Publishers, McGraw Hill Education, Seed Learning, and Learning A-Z
Raven Tree Press, Sadlier, Nelson Publishing, RCL Benziger, Mondo Publishing, Compass Media, Heinemann, Pearson Education, and Bright Sky Press


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If the salvation of your children is important to you, please give serious consideration to this book. It teaches essential truth that you won’t find in other children’s books, not even the most popular ones. Main features of the book It’s biblically accurate.... read more
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Chris P. Bacon is one remarkable pig. Born with malformed hind legs, he was taken to a veterinarian to be euthanized—but luckily, that vet was Len Lucero, who saw that the little guy was special. Chris P. went home with Dr. Len and within a matter of weeks bec... read more
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Kathy S.

Kathy S.

Sep, 2023

I can't say enough good things about Penny to do this review justice. I'm an indie author with a unique main character. I've been waiting over 25 years for my debut book to go from dream to reality. After looking through many illustrators' bios, I reached out to Penny for collaboration. She has been an outstanding partner in my initial children's picture book. I plan to use her for book #2...
Read more
Penny W.
Thank you Kathy! Harley was such a fun challenge and I'm thrilled the illustrations pleased you. Thank you for being so easy to work with! -Penny
Michele W.

Michele W.

Jun, 2023

Penny is an amazing illustrator whose specialty is drawing children's faces. My main character came alive with all his expressions and emotions shown through Penny's beautiful illustrations. She was responsive to my requests of adding or changing sketches. Penny did a wonderful job of coloring the final pages and adding details.
John P.

John P.

Nov, 2022

Penny is very talented and highly professional and I am planning to work with her in the future. She understands authors and provides high-quality cover designs and illustrations. I thoroughly recommend her to any author who writes children's books. You will not be disappointed, in fact, the opposite.
Rebecca V.

Rebecca V.

Nov, 2022

Penny has been a dream to work with! She listened carefully and brought my story to life in such a special way! This is my first children's book and I can't wait to see it in print! Highly recommend Penny!
Penny W.
Thank you Rebecca! I enjoyed working with you so much. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for choosing me to illustrate your wonderful book!
Chaitra W.

Chaitra W.

Oct, 2022

Penny is an incredibly talented illustrator, and her communication and receptiveness to feedback throughout the design process was wonderful!

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