Nohemy Adrian

Nohemy Adrian – Designer

Original illustrations & beautiful lay-out cover designs that connect emotionally with your readers.


I am a Sr Book Designer with more than 14 years of experience on cover design and illustrated books. I sincerely believe on the power of books to change people's life. Trained as a photographer and editorial designer, I master composition, color, visual storytelling and type. My focus is on enhancing storytelling by providing publishers and writers with professional artworks that connect readers to writers.
I specialize in cover design for literary, women's literature and memoirs.
My process is based on a close collaboration with authors & publishers for a deeper understanding of their needs and a faithful translation of the book's universe.
Let's work together!
Biographies & Memoirs
Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction
  • SPEOS Professional photography
  • Fine Art Degree in Design from ErBA
  • Certificate of book publishing and print from Cecofop, Nantes 2003

Work experience


May, 2018 — Present

At my own studio, we create authentic illustrations and lay out designs for books and book covers.

We believe in the power of storytelling and imagination thus we focus on providing our clients with visual identities that reflect their values and connect readers to the writer's universe.

From art buyer to layout design, we work on creating a cohesive, compelling and authentic visual universe for every book.


Jun, 2004 — Feb, 2017 (over 12 years)

In charge of the visual identity of the publishers imprints and collections;

Overseeing the work of freelancers & managing schedules;

Creating design briefs;

Generating visual ideas @ visual concepts for book covers;

Art Buying;

Designing covers & layouts for fiction books.

Editions Actes Sud

Jan, 2004 — May, 2004 (4 months)

Book layouts for illustrated books


Il se lève tous les jours en début d’après-midi et descend à pied déjeuner au centre-ville de Reykjavik. Il déteste qu’on le dérange pendant ses repas. Il déteste qu’on le dérange tout court. Depuis quelque temps, il a remarqué une présence derrière lui, une s... read more
Née en 1926, Patricia Cowan finit ses jours dans une maison de retraite. Très âgée, très confuse, elle se souvient de ses deux vies. Dans l’une de ces existences, elle a épousé Mark, avec qui elle avait partagé une liaison épistolaire et platonique, un homme q... read more
Editions Denoël Le grand livre du mois. Couverture souple, livre broché, jaquette présente, année 2004, 434 pages, Format in-8, état du livre: Très bon. Le prix tient compte de l'état du livre. Envoi de votre livre dans un emballage soigné, expédition rapide.

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Tom M.

Tom M.

Jan, 2023

Though my work with Nohemy has not been completed yet I felt that I should leave all potential client of her with an positive review. The reason that we are still working on the project is that her work is so wonderful and professional that I expanded twice the services she was providing for my novel. The most important thing for prospective clients of hers is that she is quick, complete and e...
Read more
Or G.

Or G.

May, 2021

Nohemy is professional, knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. As a first-time self-publisher it was very helpful to have someone with such a breadth of experience by my side. Highly recommended!

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