Dane Low

Dane Low – Designer

Canadian book cover designer Dane Low expertly crafts captivating covers, bringing authors' publishing dreams to life.


You've done your job and now you need me to do mine :)

Since 2012, I've been involved with over 1000 professional cover projects for independent authors and publishers with my freelance book cover design company. I'm a versatile designer and can design for any genre.
Fantasy Historical Fiction Horror Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Young Adult
  • 2013 - AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest - Overall Top 50 - Gold
  • 2013 - AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest - Best Young Adult Cover - Gold

Work experience


Dec, 2013 — Present

I run a company that offers top-tier book cover design and formatting services for independent authors and publishers.


A code hidden in the human genome...Will reveal the ultimate secret of human existence.And could hold humanity's only hope of survival.* * *In 2003, the first human genome was sequenced. But the secrets it held were never revealed.The truth was discovered thir... read more
AI Seal of Excellence Awarded to Lucifer Eve and Adam by Peter Wilkes & Catherine Dickey Wilson...When the actual existence of the human race is threatened by Eve and Adam's refusal to mate, The Creator orders her #1 angel-in-training, Lucifer, to earth to sol... read more
If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you may be approaching things with the wrong mindset. Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on heali... read more
"An unmissable dark fantasy tale,"--Kirkus (starred review)"While you wait for Game of Thrones..."--ForeWord ClarionMorigan lives a quiet life as the handmaiden to a fatherly old sorcerer named Thackery. But when she crosses paths with Caenith, a not wholly mo... read more
1193 is a dangerous and confusing place--especially if you're from 2009.Life has not been going as planned for 25-year-old twins Jill and Joanna Mason. Jill, an engineer and secret thrill-seeker, longs for adventure. Joanna, a wedding planner and aspiring writ... read more

L. Todd Wood

Rafe Savaryn is happy. He's in Venice writing a novel on the Renaissance, enjoying being alone after a devastating divorce. He's trying to answer the question, what makes societies fail? Then a stunningly beautiful woman walks into his life and leads him on a ... read more
Keira is content in her small, medieval village - well, sort of. Her mother is pressing her to marry, but her suitors are less than desirable. So when handsome Aaron Drake arrives in the village and focuses his attention on Keira, she cannot help but be intere... read more
In Nothing to Fear and Outback Hero, Max is on a family holiday in outback Australia.Three times Max faces death. Three times, Charlie, Max’s older brother, saves him. Charlie is a hero.Max desperately wants to be one too.But you can’t plan to be the hero.Book... read more
A delightful bundle of quirky short stories hatched from the whimsical imagination of Scott Baron, these four offbeat tales take you down a winding road of unexpected twists, delivering full-size satisfaction in a bite-sized package. Superheroes with superpowe... read more
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"Riveting and un-putdownable, this brilliant novella is engineered like a Swiss watch. A truly superb read from a very talented writer." - R.J. Ellory, International best selling author of A Quiet Belief in AngelsAmbitious geneticist Geoffrey Bartell is fighti... read more
People whisper rumors about a family murdered at Ashburn House. They say its old owner, Edith, went mad in the building, and that restless ghosts walk the halls at night.When Adrienne arrives on the gothic house’s doorstep, all she has is a suitcase, twenty do... read more
Could you run an ultra marathon, more than 55 kilometres over mountains and rough terrain, six months from today? I asked myself that question in January of 2013, and would never have imagined the answer. Six months later, I was in the mountains, in the cold, ... read more

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Douglas P.

Douglas P.

May, 2023

Dane designed five covers for a sci-fi series and did a fabulous job. The quality is high, and the designs catch the eye. I had a lot of input during the process which helped Dane bring the covers in line with each story, but he also advised me about what works and what doesn't. I know my stories, but I'm not a pro graphics designer. I learned to value his subtle touch, and the covers are bette...
Read more
Dane L.
Thanks, Doug! It was a pleasure working with you on this series.
Mads Re K.

Mads Re K.

Jan, 2021

Made an amazing cover, paid attention to details, and was willing to adjust the size when I made a mistake on my book measurements.
Candice H.

Candice H.

Dec, 2019

Dane is so talented! He made the whole process very easy, and I love, love, love the cover he designed for me.
Stevi A.

Stevi A.

Sep, 2019

Great work! I can't wait to have him do my next cover
Dane L.
Thanks, Stevi! I look forward to working with you again soon :)
Justin R.

Justin R.

Jul, 2019

Working with Dane has been a joy! Very polite and patient with my requests. His work is fabulous!
Dane L.
Thanks, Justin! I really enjoyed working on this series with you 😃

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