Nicky Lovick

Nicky Lovick – Editor

Developmental editor specialising in women's commercial fiction, crime and thrillers. 20 years' experience. Book agent at WGM Atlantic.


My passion is story – how to help you make your story the very best it can be. I pride myself on a friendly (but always honest!) approach and hope you'll enjoy the editing process. If you're fairly new to writing, I can help you hone your story-telling skills – you'll find yourself a better writer for it. If you're an experienced writer, you'll know the value of another pair of eyes on a manuscript.

So, no matter what stage your manuscript is at, I can help. If you’ve just finished it (well done!), I can take a look to advise you how much more editorial work is required. If you’ve been through a round or two of rewrites, perhaps a developmental edit is needed? I look at plot, structure, characterisation, narrative pace, sense of place, as well as other aspects. What works, what doesn't and – most importantly – how to fix it. A copy-edit will pick up typos, bad grammar and punctuation and iron out inconsistencies. A proofread will give it that final professional polish – whether you’re going to self-publish or submit via the traditional publishing route.

Whether you hope for this to be the first of many novels or the only one you ever intend to write, you want it to be the very best it can be. For your personal satisfaction – and Amazon reviews last a very long time!

Current publishers: Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Little, Brown, Atlantic, Bonnier, Duckworth, Welbeck, Palazzo and Profile (amongst many more).

I work with indie authors from all over the UK and around the world, specialising in crime, thrillers and commercial women's fiction. CIEP Advanced Professional.

‘I’m pleased to recommend Nicky L., an ex-colleague and subsequently friend of over fifteen years, whose freelance editorial services I routinely request in my capacity as an in-house acquiring editor. In the time I have known her, Nicky has consistently proved her expertise and sensitivity as an editor and as someone upon whom I know I can rely and in whose ever-capable hands I know I can entrust my authors’ work. From the toughest of jobs to those requiring the lightest of touches, ranging from structural and line-editing to copy-editing to proofreading, Nicky never fails to provide an astute editorial eye for the task in hand, always delivering to the highest standard, often to tight deadlines and limited budgets. I highly recommend Nicky as an editor.’ KB

‘I have used Nicky L.’s editorial services for many years now and could not recommend her more highly. Nicky is everything you might want in an editor – diligent and attentive, with a wonderful eye for detail. She is always sensitive to the needs of writers and works collaboratively to deliver the best possible end result. She has handled some big projects for me over the years and has always delivered an excellent, timely service. Nicky is a great publishing professional and a gifted editor. She’s also a lovely person.’ SOK

Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction
English (UK) English (US)
  • CIEP Advanced Professional

Work experience

Constable & Robinson

Jun, 2010 — Nov, 2013 (over 3 years)

Project-editing 60 titles per year from handover of manuscript to production on a wide range of titles

Managing of a department which produced 250 titles a year

Headline Publishing Group

Jan, 2006 — Dec, 2009 (almost 4 years)

Structural, line-editing and project-editing titles from handover of manuscript to production on a wide range of authors and titles including Martina Cole, James Patterson, Andrea Levy and Wendy Holden


Jan, 2004 — Dec, 2006 (almost 3 years)

Edited a range of fiction and narrative non-fiction titles

Built and maintained good relationships with authors such as Claudia Carroll, Charlotte Bingham, Patricia Scanlan and Joanne Harris


Feb, 2002 — Present

Fiction developmental editor, specialising in women's fiction, crime and thrillers. I've been working solidly on a freelance basis for twenty years, as well as in-house. I work for top five publishers as well as self-publishing authors.

The Orion Publishing Group

Jan, 2001 — Nov, 2004 (almost 4 years)

Ran list comprising of Harlan Coben, Ian Rankin and Roger Jon Ellory, among others, whilst publishing director was on sabbatical

Edited commercial fiction

Read agented and unsolicited submissions


The Hike

Clarke, Lucy

Blood Orange

Tyce, Harriet

The Vanishing Tide

Tailor, Hilary

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Patricia R.

Patricia R.

Oct, 2023

Nicky carried out a developmental edit of my manuscript. She made various suggestions that will be very helpful in order to improve the story, the characters and the settings atmosphere. I also appreciated that she pointed out the details/sections of the novel that were particularly good. I find that knowing the parts that work well is as useful as knowing the weaknesses. I would highly recomme...
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Rick R.

Rick R.

Oct, 2023

I hate to say this, but I was very dissatisfied with Nicky. First, my book is short; 60,000 words or so - yet she said it would take a whole month to edit. I realize she was probably working on other projects as well, so I accepted. The due date back to me was 1st Sept, but on that day she asked if she could deliver it on the 4th. I said yes. I received nothing. On the 6th, I asked where the no...
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Michelle C.

Michelle C.

Sep, 2023

Other than a slight delay in completing the project, Nicky provided a helpful copyedit. Her suggestion about changing when the story began in the plot's timeline was very helpful.
Richard R.

Richard R.

May, 2023

Nicky is consummate professional. She can dish out some tough love on a developmental edit, but if you're willing to listen she can be a great asset. Highly recommended.
Stephen J.

Stephen J.

Mar, 2023

Firstly, Nicky's developmental editing report significantly improved the structure and pace of my book. The report contained nearly a hundred different suggestions, which were invaluable for a first-time author. However, punctuality wasn't as good. The deadline kept getting pushed back. In the end, the report was six days late - which I wouldn't have minded if the longer deadline had been set o...
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