Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen – Designer

I am an illustrator specializing in digital inking. I create chapter headings, maps, character sketches and author merchandise.


My name is Nathan H., and I am a full-time digital inking artist. I specialize in interior illustration for self-published writers. I have worked for several best-selling authors, such as Laura Thalassa, Lexi C. Foss, Kelly St Clare, Ivy Asher, and Jade Waltz. All of my work is hand-drawn and completely custom-made!

I create chapter headings, maps, interior book illustrations, character drawings, and anything else you need to have drawn! Drawing has always been my passion, and I love bringing new ideas to life and creating things never seen before.

Chapter headings and maps immerse your readers in the world of your book and help set the stage for the events taking place. While book covers and marketing are created to bring new readers into your book, my work is like a gift for your readers and helps them become more invested in your author brand. A good chapter heading or map is a treat for your readers, making them feel that you care about their reading experience.

My process:

I work hard to make my process simple and easy for my clients. We can start with as little or as much information as you would like. It is helpful to get a list of objects in the book for a chapter heading, and I can create something unique from that. If you have something specific in mind, a detailed brief works excellent! I can also rework a rough sketch if you would like to work that way. If you have reference photos, I am happy to work with those as well! If you aren't sure what you want, just let me know, and I can come up with something purely based on your book description.

For maps, I always ask to have a very rough drawing to start with. This helps me understand the basic sizes of the continents or landmasses and where cities are in relation to each other. Along with that, a description of what you need from the map is excellent. I work well with both detailed and simple briefs.

After I have the information I need to start, I create a mood board for my reference; this is an essential step in the process. It allows me to combine ideas from my visual library with reality to create something truly unique. Once I have this, I begin the sketch and bring it up to a medium level of detail. I will send you an update at this stage.

After that, I will continue detailing to bring it up to the final level of polish, and I will send you the final files! I will send you both png and jpg files, and these can be used in programs like Vellum and Atticus or by your interior book designer.

I typically book projects out for one to two months. The whole process of making a chapter heading from start to finish will typically take one week, and maps or other more complex illustrations will take 2 to 5 weeks to complete. I offer rush fees if you need the work done sooner!


You are free to use drawings you commission from me for your books, merchandise, prints, or anything else you would like without any limits. I only ask for permission to share it on my portfolio and social media to promote my work.

If you can mention me in the credits page at the start of your book, this will help me find new clients. It's not necessary, but it helps me out!

I am more than happy to draw anything you have in mind! Please let me know if you have any questions or special inquiries.

I look forward to your request!

Basic Pricing:

Maps: $850-$1200

Chapter Headings: $250

Stickers: $170

Scene breaks: $100

Character Sketches: $400
Cozy Mysteries Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Middle Grade Paranormal Romance Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Young Adult

Work experience


Aug, 2018 — Present

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Fallon H.

Fallon H.

Sep, 2023

Loved my artwork and how detailed it was. Overall great experience and wonderful to work with.
Steven B.

Steven B.

Sep, 2023

Nathan was able to able to take my rough ideas and translate them into a beautiful map. He was pleasant to work with and patient through multiple revisions to get everything just right. I was well pleased with the final result.
Baychie B.

Baychie B.

Jun, 2023

Nathan was incredibly patient and kind. He did a fantastic job on my map and even added a few cool touches free of charge. You should definitely consider hiring him!
E C C.

E C C.

Dec, 2022

Nathan did a very nice job creating the map for my book - Swords Against the Fallen. Every good fantasy novel needs a great map and Nathan helped make that happen. Many thanks!
Brogan T.

Brogan T.

Nov, 2022

I find communicating design ideas hard, and I prefer allowing designers to do their thing. Nathan took my short, basic brief and created magic. Reedsy is such a wonderful website and I love you can find amazing and talented professionals all in one place. Minimal risk, maximum rewards. Thank you very much!

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