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Nathan Bransford – Editor

Former literary agent, published author, creator of award-winning blog for writers. Has worked with NY Times bestsellers.


As a former literary agent and a published author, I combine a publishing insider's knowledge with the first-hand experience of writing novels that found successful publication. I enjoy helping authors bring out their best work with a positive and collaborative approach.

At Curtis Brown Ltd., I represented a wide range of authors and literary estates, including Barry Gifford, Lisa Brackmann, Jennifer Hubbard, and the estates of Winston Churchill, Lawrence Durrell, Gerald Durrrell, and John Godey. As a writer, I am the author of the JACOB WONDERBAR series and HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL, which bestselling author Ransom Riggs called “The best how-to-write-a-novel book I've read."

I started blogging in 2007 and my blog has consistently been named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest. I'm dedicated to helping authors write what they love, navigate the publishing process, and successfully market their books. Looking forward to working with you!
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  • 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest

Work experience


Nov, 2010 — Present

Helping authors with consultations, edits, query critiques, brainstorming, and more.

Curtis Brown Ltd.

Sep, 2002 — Nov, 2010 (about 8 years)

Represented a roster of 20 clients and literary estates across children's and adult literature and nonfiction.


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Nkaze C.

Nkaze C.

Jan, 2023

Superb work!
Elisse G.

Elisse G.

May, 2022

If you've read Nathan's informative (and hilarious) blogs or book, it's easy to see why he's such a stellar editor. He's masterful at articulating both global and line edits, along with what's needed to craft a captivating query letter. Nathan's written feedback is well-structured and constructive, and our follow-up conversation was both helpful and motivating. I highly recommend Nathan!
Christopher F.

Christopher F.

Apr, 2022

Nathan was great to work with and provided clear and insightful edits and recommendations for my query letter. He's given me the confidence to submit queries knowing I've got the right structure and tone to put my work in its best light.
Matt T.

Matt T.

Aug, 2021

Nathan has unparalleled experience and sharp insights that will force any author to take a step back and reflect on his work. He told me what I needed to hear in order to improve my story. His comments are thoughtful, and they are attached to his inherent wit and kindness, which makes them easy to process. It was a pleasure to have spoken with him, and I’m sincerely grateful for the opportunity.
Marci R.

Marci R.

Feb, 2021

I've gotten so much out of my experience with Nathan. He is professional, approachable, and knowledgeable. Nathan really digs into the roots of a project and determines the best way to help a writer grow, not just with a particular project, but with writing overall. I highly recommend Nathan!