Mary Atwood

Mary Atwood – Designer

I'm an illustrator based in Seattle, WA, USA, specializing in animals and nature hand-rendered in a playful and whimsical style.


I'm an illustrator based in Seattle, Washington (USA) with over 8 years of experience in both in-house and freelance design and illustration roles. My love of messy exploration, creative thinking, tiny details, and the awesome world of color have and continue to guide my work and career path. I never have an empty desk: it is always covered with plants for studying, gouache and watercolor, and an unnecessarily large collection of brushes and pencils for thorough mark-making.

My specializations are animals, nature, people, and icons, all rendered in a playful and whimsical style. I create with both digital and traditional mediums, but always strive to have a finished product that feels traditionally rendered with lots of texture.

Inspired by fairy tales, folklore, the beauty and strange wonders of flora and fauna, my passion is to bring ideas to visual reality through making work that sparks both curiosity and inspiration in others.
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Work experience

Lantern Press

Feb, 2020 — Present

- Illustrate custom artwork per client request.
- Develop new art styles and color palettes.
- Resize and modify existing artwork to be used across different products and collections.
- Create illustrations and designs for soft and hard goods.
- Create in-depth style guides and presentations to create a standardized understanding for both Creative and Sales teams.
- Coordinate with production and sales to create artwork specific to both clients and products.

Design Imports

Jul, 2017 — Feb, 2020 (over 2 years)

- Start-to-completion development of seasonal and basic in-line collections.
- Develop textiles and hard home goods utilizing decals, foiling, paint, glaze, screen printing, CMYK printing, embroidery, appliqué, jacquard, and weave techniques.
- Utilize color-separation techniques, CAD programs for constructing weaves for plaids and jacquards, and editing and touching up artwork from freelance artists.
- Coordinate with freelance artists for artwork used in collections.
- Create repeat patterns for soft and hard surfaces.
- Create engineered patterns and designs for soft and hard surfaces.
- Coordinate with production team and vendors for product development, budgeted material selections, and construction.
- Develop color palettes and mood boards.
- Illustrate motifs and patterns using watercolor, gouache, Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
- Develop custom designs for client brands.

Lemeda Group

Aug, 2014 — Jun, 2017 (almost 3 years)

- Design business cards, flyers, stickers, and other marketing collateral.
- Illustrate and design patterns and graphics for wedding stationery and greeting cards.
- Pre-press file set-up, edit, and design.
- Maintain and style content for company website and social media accounts.
- Record and organize inventory and production processes.


May, 2014 — Present

- Exhibiting artwork at various venues.
- Illustrate repeating and engineered patterns, motifs, and lettering for textile, stationery and book, home decor, and gift products.
- Provide illustration and design services for branding collateral, such as logos, brochures, packaging, menus, etc.
- Illustrate and design artwork for licensing and work-for-hire clients.

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