Beth Marshea

Beth Marshea – Editor

An editor who values collaboration above all else and will help you bring your project up to the exacting standards of the industry.


I am a publishing professional with over five years experience with both editing and selling manuscripts. I also teach classes on craft in local communities and online. My approach is very interactive as I love helping authors create and refine work that embodies their voice and their message. I am a mission focused professional who works on projects with a social conscious, which can mean old tropes told from the perspective of a new group, or it can mean deep philosophical dives.

As an agent I have edited all my clients projects form Catherine Adel West's Saving Ruby King to Martin Padgett's A Night at the Sweet Gum Head, all the books listed in this profile and so many more. Before selling the rights to a project, I do a deep Developmental edit to make sure the manuscript is as exciting as possible, the pacing is consistent and in line with the authors intention, and the character arcs are clear and well developed. After we sell the right the editors at the publishing house do another pass, but we try to give them copies so well done that they have very little work left.

In nonfiction proposals, we focus on getting your proposal to include all the information that will make any publisher jump at the chance to buy your work. From making the most of your connections, to polishing your sample chapters, I go through every aspect of your proposal to make sure its doing the work you want!

I work on both Adult and YA project in the following genres: Literary, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror and some fantasy.

I am happy to work with you on big Developmental Edits, Editorial Reviews, Query Reviews or all of these combined. With each client, I want to get their project 100% ready to meet the demands of the industry.

Please be advised that if you use me as an editor for any project, you cannot submit to my agency for representation. While I would love to work with you, there is a strong ethical line between agenting and editorial work. As an editor, I will help you get your work ready to submit to other Agencies or Small Presses and am happy to offer advice on which route might work better for your work.
Biographies & Memoirs Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction
English (US)
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Jan, 2017 — Present

I own a small literary agency focused on bringing diverse voices out into the world

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Thomas R.

Thomas R.

Apr, 2023

Because of her I was able to tighten up my query letter making it more powerful. I got more than I paid for, she is a definite re-hire.!!!!!
Stewart D.

Stewart D.

Jul, 2022

I can say sincerely, thank you Beth. Your work on my query letter was invaluable!
David W.

David W.

May, 2022

A talented agent who made observations that other people missed. I don't know what the future will hold with her and I hope to follow her recommendations. I grew to respect her greatly for her help.
Gabrielle R.

Gabrielle R.

Mar, 2022

First off, I got to say WOW!! I NEVER give 5 star reviews but I would give this collaboration 6 stars if I could. Working with Beth was more than ideal. My first Reedsy experience and she hit it out of the park - helped me get my query letter to where I loved it, and now it's out there working for me. Of course, what that means is that I got a tremendous boost to my self-confidence as well. Th...
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terri F.

terri F.

Mar, 2022

Many helpful insights Thorough work Much appreciated

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