Lynn Baca

Lynn Baca – Editor

I am an editor, a book reviewer/judge, and former publisher at a prominent academic press. I help authors develop their VERY BEST book.


I have a background in publishing that enables me to help authors in a professional manner. I was responsible for marketing and directing the School for Advanced Research Press, a century-old academic press located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. SAR Press has a stellar reputation for publishing anthropology books used in graduate school courses along with high-production-value popular books. As the director of SAR Press, I was responsible for ensuring the editing and proofreading done by other staff members resulted in high-quality products.

Although my editing background was largely in the academic world, more recently I have taken on fiction for query letters, editorial assessments, developmental editing, or marketing help post-publication.

I have served as a judge/reader for the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards for more than ten years as well as judge/reader one year for the New Mexico Historical Society Book Awards. I know good books.

As an anthropologist, my forte is in working with academics in the social sciences. As an avid reader and book reviewer, my forte is all genres of fiction.

I love helping authors present their best manuscript to publishers. I respond quickly to requests.

Highlight: One book I worked on, Six Hundred Generations: An Archaeological History of Montana has received multiple awards, including the 2020 Best Popular Book Award from the Society of American Archaeology and the High Plains Book Awards. Working with author Carl Davis on the developmental edit was a pleasure. Davis said the “technical editing of my book was accomplished in the most knowledgeable, empathetic and professional way —truly a port in the storm for a struggling project. Besides, she is great fun to work with too!

Highlight: A fiction book, The Mildenhall Legacy, I worked on generated this comment from the author, Albert Sipes. “I’m looking at stars, and you see galaxies. That’s what editors are supposed to do. You have given me an explicit roadmap to bring this project off in the best possible light. For that, I am grateful!”

Contemporary Fiction
Humanities & Social Sciences
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2015 — Present

I do what I call a “developmental/line edit.” The focus is to help you, the author, tell a better story. The developmental side of the edit will include suggestions on re-structuring the manuscript, addressing redundancies, cutting or adding text, including or deleting particular lines of inquiry, and strengthening arguments as needed. The line editing side of the edit will enhance the strength of the manuscript and smooth out the writing style through suggestions on flow of text, clarity of voice, use of language, and development of content. Although I will not do a copy edit (typographical errors, grammar and punctuation errors, or inconsistencies in capitalization and numerals), any of these errors will be corrected as they catch my eyes. This process will include a dialogue between us, ensuring factual accuracy of the text, preservation of your voice and intent, and a better manuscript for presentation to your publisher.


Six Hundred Generations is a stunning look at the archaeological evidence of Montana's long Indigenous human history. Focusing on 12 unique archaeological sites, the book takes readers on an e... read more
Developmental Editing
One Last Cowboy Song

Sebastian, Lynne

Editorial Assessment
"It was just like flying into the void." --Stanley "Swede" VejtasaThis riveting biography details how Stanley "Swede" Vejtasa became a World War II naval hero. During the Battle of the Coral S... read more
Developmental Editing
In this volume Steve Lekson argues that, for over a century, southwestern archaeology got the history of the ancient Southwest wrong. Instead, he advocates an entirely new approach—one that se... read more
Developmental Editing

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Albert S.

Albert S.

Aug, 2021

I am thoroughly satisfied with the comments and suggestions made by Lynn. I would not hesitate to use her professional edit experience for my next novel.
Rachael L.

Rachael L.

May, 2021

Lynn was wonderful to work with. She replied to all of my questions in a timely manner, and I feel confident in the revisions and suggestions she made to my query letter. I plan to work with her again on the next project.

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