Lukas Novotny

Lukas Novotny – Designer

Experienced Illustrator and Book Designer, originally trained as an Architect. Main focus in Cities, Transport and Technology.


Illustrator and graphic designer based in London, UK. Originally I studied Architecture and Civil Engineering and now a lot of my work relates to architecture, cities, transport and technology. Most recently I designed and illustrated a book called Modern New York, which is published by Rizzoli in September 2023. My first book Modern London was shortlisted for the British Book Design Awards 2019.

I offer a complete book design package containing everything from layout design and typesetting to illustrations and cover designs.

Architecture Education & Reference Geography History Technology Transportation Travel
  • Shortlisted for British Book Design Awards 2019
  • Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2015 Finalist

Work experience


Feb, 2012 — Present

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