Lou Aronica

Lou Aronica – Editor

I've been in the book business since 1979, and I have a deep passion for a wide range of fiction and for working with writers.


I've been in the book business since 1979, ranging from founding Bantam's Spectra science fiction and fantasy line to serving as Deputy Publisher at Bantam, Publisher at Berkley, Publisher at Avon Books and, most recently, President and Publisher of an independent publishing house that I co-founded. Along the way, I have edited hundreds of manuscripts, with a particular passion for science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, women's fiction, thrillers, and suspense.

Beyond fiction, I am very comfortable working with a wide range of nonfiction, and here is where I have had my greatest success as a writer, collaborating on bestsellers with Sir Ken Robinson, Jim Kwik, Clotaire Rapaille, and others.

I love helping writers discover the best versions of their stories and, as a student of the publishing industry and an active participant in this ever-evolving business, I am happy to share what I have learned in terms of editing and beyond.

Business & Management Entertainment Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Literary Fiction Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Urban Fantasy Women's Fiction
English (US)
  • World Fantasy Award – Best Editor

Work experience

The Story Plant

Sep, 2008 — Present


Oct, 1999 — Present

I have been doing developmental editing on a freelance basis since 1999.

Avon Books

Jun, 1995 — Oct, 1999 (over 4 years)


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Lou Aronica

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Cameron S.

Cameron S.

Nov, 2021

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I struggled with some concepts to fully complete the vision I had for my book and Lou was able to direct my efforts where they were needed. I feel after working with him that I'll be able to get my story where I would like it to be.
Henry M.

Henry M.

Dec, 2019

I found Lou's evaluation of my work educational and very helpful. He was constructively critical and I found his comments and guidance helped me build on my story in such a way I raised the level of the plot. In one instance he identified a character as being "thrown in" because adding a woman to the mix was the right thing to do in thriller. He was right, I did throw that person in and follow...
Read more

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