Lorenzo Toso

Lorenzo Toso – Designer

I worked on book designs, translating art, architecture, experimental literature and socio-political topics from the content to the shape.


I think that book design includes a wide variety of aspects, from the object between your hands to the content you want to tell. As an editorial designer, I think about the book as a vehicle to convey knowledge through shape, size, different materials, typography, a strong identity, blank and black spaces.

I believe in the content as the first matter that has to be understood, analyzed and dressed up in the most powerful and respectful way through a continue dialog between me and client in order to come up with a solution that is both the result of a brilliant idea and a constructive talk. The ideal client is the one who wants to talk about possible improvements of the project after we printed it out.
Architecture Art Design LGBTQ Non-Fiction Photography Travel Writing & Publishing
  • European Design Award – Gold Prize
  • European Design Award – Jury Prize

Work experience

Studio Joost Grootens

Apr, 2017 — Jul, 2017 (3 months)

Here I'm dealing with Atlases. This dutch studio is moslty focused on books and information design. I'm understanding the most efficent ways to design maps, both choosing the proper tools to trace everything and translate into the proper language.

Università Iuav di Venezia

Oct, 2016 — Feb, 2017 (4 months)

As teaching assistant, my job was to intermediate between the professor and the students. During the MA in Visual Communication and Multimedia at IUAV, we learn how to communicate a product related to a real and existing brand. Explaing and clarifing tasks and proper metodologies to deal with the project was my first aim.


Oct, 2015 — Dec, 2015 (2 months)

Bruno is both a graphic design studio and a bookshop based in venice. As the books they sell are mostly related to arts, architecture, fashion and design, the books they design deal with the same content. I was involved in the design of several books, from the interior layouts to the covers.

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