Jess Lomas

Jess Lomas – Editor

Editor and former Associate Publisher specialising in non fiction books including health, business and management, and personal development.


Over the past 15 years I have worked with hundreds of authors to share their ideas, stories and knowledge with audiences through books.

As a developmental and copy editor I aim to make authors feel comfortable entrusting their work to me. As a published author myself I am aware of the love, time and sacrifice that goes into a manuscript, and while I will happily help you kill your darlings, I prefer to work with you to sharpen prose without erasing your voice or the heart of your work.

I'm also an eagle-eyed proofreader who can swiftly go through your manuscript as a final check before you begin submitting to publishers or exploring self publishing.

I work primarily on non fiction titles however also have some experience in children's books and women's fiction.

Working for an independent Australian publisher I wore many hats and worked across several areas including editorial, art direction, marketing and publicity, and sales, giving me a unique insight into the market, what store buyers and readers are looking for, as well as into the book production process. I finished at this publisher as Associate Publisher and am keen to share all that I have learned in sculpting great books with authors.

As we distributed our books internationally, primarily in the US and Canada, and the UK and Europe, I also have experience working on editing titles to suit various international markets, including different measurements for cookbooks, and spelling, grammar and general language.

Let's have some fun together and let me help you take your manuscript to the next level!

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Health & Wellbeing Political Science & Current Affairs Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (AUS) English (UK) English (US)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Professional Writing, Deakin University

Work experience


Jan, 2019 — Present

I run a freelance business that offers editorial services including proofreading, copy and structural editing.

I also do copywriting and content creation where I write engaging copy tailored to the client’s product, audience and voice. Copy is delivered as a Word document, uploaded to the client’s website, or delivered as part of a graphic package (e.g. flyers, postcards, digital and social assets).

I can confidently write across industries, from food packaging to film reviewing, and place a high importance on research, discussion with the client, and writing to an established style guide and voice or creating a new voice when needed.

Wilkinson Publishing

Oct, 2008 — Jul, 2022 (over 13 years)

• Successfully managed the publishing catalogue (on average 40-50 titles per year/ 4 per month) including commissioning books, editorial and art direction.
• Managed authors and designers to ensure projects ran to schedule and budget. Created agreements for authors, illustrators and agents.
• Developed and implemented new marketing and sales plans to budget and established new paid marketing partnerships and strategies.
• Created marketing content for sales teams and social media including flyers and graphics.
• Led the Australia and New Zealand and United States and Canada markets sales meetings including preparing advanced information material and presenting to the sales representatives.
• Oversaw printing (Australia and Hong Kong), shipping, stock management and distribution including invoicing.


Since its first publication in March 2006 How to Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio ― in your spare time has become an Australian investment classic and #1 best seller and is on the bookshelf of almost every successful Australian property investor ... read more
Captain Pat

Ron Reed

Golden boy Pat Cummins ascended to the most revered throne as Australian cricket faced extraordinary image and culture issues. Captain Pat is the first book to focus on the Australian cricketer and Captain of the Australian Test team. Covering his early life t... read more

Robert Hadler

The story of five young Australian sailors seeking adventure in a far off war who fell foul of British Imperial authority and sparked one of the most controversial events in the annals of the RAN. Mutineers explores the use and abuse of power by our military a... read more
Double Trouble

Geoff Wilkinson

It was a crime spree like no other. One of the great double acts in Australian criminal history led police on a merry chase for more than two years. And all the time police thought they were chasing one man. There were two, maybe three stickups a month but onl... read more
The Boxing Butterfly

Margaret Cunneen SC

The Boxing Butterfly is a career chronicle of Margaret Cunneen SC—the boxing butterfly who turned the tables on ICAC, amidst prosecuting murderers, pedophiles and rapists—as she launches into her new chapter as a defence barrister. In her rear view mirror, Cun... read more
A Glorious Ride

Tony McLellan

A life that reads like a feature film. A Glorious Ride: From Jumble Plains to Eternity is an inspiring story of rolled up sleeves, practical faith and a resolute determination to give life a go. Tony McLellan grew up on a sheep station mending fences and killi... read more
The Commentators

Michael Schiavello

100 YEARS OF SPORTS COMMENTARY 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of sports commentary. Award winning commentator Michael Schiavello examines the greatest sports commentators in history, the best calls ever heard, and offers stories from his own journey through ... read more
When the author was a kid, a big white sleek ambulance squatted like a lion in the driveway next door, always ready to go, and sometimes it did, roaring down the street. Today he is a MICA Flight Paramedic with decades of varied experience in 'a life of extrem... read more
Empowering Women

Dr Susie Allanson

Empowering Women is the uplifting behind-the-scenes story of how the murder of a man catalysed one abortion-providing clinic’s fight to protect women from religious extremists. An army of women responded and forced Parliament to enact a women-centred law that ... read more
Exposing some grave mistakes in Australia’s not-so-trustworthy criminal justice system, film critic turned activist journalist Andrew L. Urban recounts how his life is changed when he is drawn into the field of wrongful convictions after reviewing a documentar... read more
Christianity is one of the foundation stones of Western civilisation and liberal democracies and its strengths and benefits far outweigh its sins. In his latest collection, Kevin Donnelly, one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators, looks at how in a... read more
Cancel culture and political correctness are destroying free speech and Western civilisation’s institutions and way of life – it’s time to fight back and return to sanity. A topical and informative anthology exploring the origins and impact of cancel culture a... read more
Half a Chicken and Chips

Champions, Coodabeen

Overprescribing Madness

Dr Martin Whitely

With 1 in 6 Australians now taking a mental health drug, Dr Martin Whitely’s Overprescribing Madness asks: What’s gone wrong in the lucky country? He expertly investigates the drivers of Australia’s rapidly increasing rates of the diagnosis and treatment of de... read more
Dark Secrets

Robert Hadler

The True Story of Murder in HMAS Australia A dark secret lurked aboard HMAS Australia, the flagship of the Royal Australian Navy. In 1942, with a Japanese invasion looming, those aboard the ship were shocked and completely unprepared to deal with the brutal mu... read more
Your Best Immunity

Dr. John Tickell

Immunity is the protector of our bodies— it’s our defence system and is essential for our survival. Our body is surrounded by literally millions of viruses and potentially harmful pathogens on a daily basis, and a few of them are strong enough to infect our hu... read more

Tom Ravlic

The glitz and glamour of casinos across the world is legendary, and Australia’s Crown Casino complexes are no exception. An extensive gaming floor that is surrounded by retail outlets, food courts, accommodation and entertainment venues is the place where peop... read more
Low Rates High Returns breaks down the complex world of investing and shows that with an understanding of a few crucial concepts you can gain a good understanding of how the stock market works and, more importantly, how you can safely increase your wealth from... read more
This book is for everyone who wants to secure their financial future but is unsure exactly what to do, because two leading world experts have joined forces to teach you show you how to walk in the footsteps of the wealthy. Drawing on the proven strategies of M... read more
A new book exploring the mystery of dying and the power of our own life stories to heal and bring peace at this time of great transition and grief. We will all die one day. Even when we still feel immortal, our bodies are nonetheless on the journey towards dyi... read more
Blue Sky Mind

Ian Gawler

Your mind has two aspects. Maybe you are only familiar with one — the active thinking mind with all its attendant emotions. Blue Sky Mind will introduce you to the other half — the still mind. While meditation does involve getting to know both aspects of your ... read more
Ageing Well

Francis Macnab

Francis Macnab writes this book out of extensive experience helping people cope better with their life. He has written many books, travelled widely and taught many groups. A psychotherapist and a teacher of therapists, he has long been an advocate of exploring... read more
Green Cleaning

Alisa Mayne

Green Cleaning is your go-to guide for beating the big companies at their own game, giving you chemical-free tips, tricks, and recipes to clean everything from the bathroom tiles to red wine stains on carpet and blocked drains. All recipes are 100% environment... read more
Gut Reloaded

Dr Paul Froomes

A Doctor's Guide to Transform Your Gut Microbiome, Health and Life. Whether we like it or not, we are all obsessed with our bowels. And for good reason, nature and evolution have conspired against us by hard wiring our gut microbes and gut nerves to our brain.... read more
Back Pain

Kusal Goonewardena

Your back is one of the most sensitive yet highly used parts of your body and while millions of people experience lower back pain each year, it doesn’t need to put your life on hold. In Back Pain, elite sports physiotherapist Kusal Goonewardena shares his expe... read more

Ron Reed

Of all the uplifting sports stories that have captured the imagination of Australia as a nation, few have been greeted with such spontaneous and unanimous acclaim as tennis champion Ashleigh Barty. Her inspirational 2021 Wimbledon win delivered a celebration n... read more
Modern life is increasingly disconnected from nature and planet Earth. If human civilisation is to survive, we need to regenerate and strike a balance with nature. There is hope for our future and it starts in our homes. Happy Planet Living is the essential gu... read more

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elana S.

elana S.

Feb, 2024

Jess was amazing to work with. Smart, thoughtful, efficient, professional, and a pleasure to interact with. I would definitely use her again.
Francis Y.

Francis Y.

Feb, 2024

Enormous recommendation, if only there were 6 stars! I found Jess' services to be highly valuable, both in respect of responsiveness and excellent quality. She supported me with both developmental and copy editing. I found her input hugely helpful and was also very impressed with her attention to detail. She has great energy and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything Jess.
Sian M.

Sian M.

Jan, 2024

Jess is extremely responsive, professional and supportive. Made the edit of my first book very easy and painless. Would recommend her wholeheartedly.
Mary Ann B.

Mary Ann B.

Dec, 2023

Working with Jess on my manuscript was a truly enlightening experience, showcasing her exceptional expertise in every facet of editing. Her insightful approach to the manuscript's structure and organization was remarkable, offering valuable suggestions that transformed it into a compelling, well-structured narrative. Jess's ability to review and refine the voice, tone, and style was particularl...
Read more
Mark S.

Mark S.

Dec, 2023

Jess is a great proofreader with a comprehensive understanding of the different English dialects around the world (e.g. Australia, USA etc.) which was beneficial for my manuscript. Her attention to detail and openness was very helpful, along with her excellent experience in working in publishing houses to ensure my final book meets international standards.

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