Liz Hurst

Liz Hurst – Editor

Professional fiction editor and proofreader, specialising in contemporary genre fiction, especially romance, crime, and historical fiction.


I provide developmental and copy editing, as well as proofreading services in both UK and US English, often working to tight deadlines and using a house style if necessary.

Being an independent author myself, I know how important it is to retain the author's voice while editing, and I am sympathetic to your work. Any comments I make are suggestions only; you retain overall control over your manuscript and how you want it presented. My job is to act as a particularly pedantic reader - picking up on the typos and grammar errors, yes, but also asking the awkward questions you DON'T want your 'real' readers to be asking. Better to find out before publication, and from someone who can tell you in a professional and objective manner.

I look forward to working with you, and making your manuscript shine!

Action & Adventure Fantasy Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (UK) English (US)
  • CIEP

Work experience


Feb, 2016 — Present

I have undertaken work for a wide variety of independent authors and across fiction genres, including some nonfiction titles. However, I have also worked on flash fiction and short stories.

My publishing industry credits include: Canelo Digital Publishing (UK), Between The Lines and Mango Publishing (both USA), and StoryMoja (Kenya).


A secret transcontinental relocation after a betrayal can lead to surprising and even dangerous consequences.Abandoning her wayward husband, Guido, Moira Capaldi at 36 years of age resigns from an established career, vacates her marital Sydney apartment overlo... read more
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Plath Meier, Pernell

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Sprouse, Heidi

Jack's wife is murdered. He has the chance to see justice done. But at what cost?Jack found the love of his life when he met Kate. But their happiness was shattered when she opened the door to a cold-blooded killer. He will never forget the face of the man who... read more
DI Kelly Porter is about to discover just how dark things can get in the Lake District.When a young woman is found unclothed, unspeaking at an ancient stone circle it's not clear if any crime has been committed. DI Kelly Porter and her team start looking into ... read more
There’s nothing a good cup of tea can’t fix.Fran Gandolfini can’t help taking in strays; with four dogs, five cats and two bearded dragons, she refuses to give up on a creature in need. The only thing Fran has given up on, in fact, is her love life.Moving from... read more
One summer can change everything...Catherine Bromley has spent her life in Penhallow Sands, dedicating herself to work and supporting her emotionally fragile mother. Since her father left, it’s always been the two of them and Catherine has no interest in roman... read more
As the end of the war nears, change arrives at Woodicombe House…Kate Channer is settled in London helping half-sister, Naomi, as her housekeeper while the Great War rages on. When Naomi’s brother, Ned, is sent home seriously injured it’s up to Kate to manage t... read more
Rose Wallace thought her time-travelling adventures were over. Jane Austen is about to prove her wrong.After becoming trapped in present-day Bath due to a mishap with her time-travelling charm, Jane Austen is safe and sound back in the 1800s thanks to Rose’s h... read more
Suspenseful to the last page, HONEYMOON WITH DEATH is perfect for fans of Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder and Evil Under The SunAfter a whirlwind romance and dream wedding, the new Mrs Ramsforth is whisked away to an idyllic Greek island by her adoring husba... read more
A gripping historical crime debut from an exciting new voice.‘It’s strange, the way fortune deals her hand.’The year is 1759 and London is shrouded in a cloak of fear. With the constables at the mercy of highwaymen, it’s a perilous time to work the already dan... read more
A poignant family saga perfect for fans of Janet Tanner, Grace Thompson and Nadine DorriesWhen laundress Mercy Seaton’s chance meeting with Peter Lisburne at the annual Torquay regatta leads to a whirlwind proposal, she’s swept into her husband’s glittering wo... read more
It is 1909 and Molly May, her husband lost-at-sea and presumed dead, has escaped from her cruel in-laws in Liverpool to Burscough Bridge, where she gives birth.Widower Nathan Collins employs her as wet nurse to his daughter Jessica, who she tragically finds de... read more
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When newly heartbroken, Michelin-starred chef Millie Harper is offered a job overseeing the setup of The Paradise Cookery School she jumps at the opportunity.Leaving London and her memories of heartbreak behind she hops on a plane to the hilltop cocoa plantati... read more
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A poignant family saga perfect for fans of Janet Tanner, Grace Thompson and Nadine DorriesWhen Amy Kennedy is sent from Lambeth Workhouse to Devon alongside her closest friends Seth, Jed and Daisy, it finally seems like life is taking a turn for the better. Bu... read more
A poignant family saga perfect for fans of Janet Tanner, Grace Thompson and Nadine DorriesWhen laundress Mercy Seaton’s chance meeting with Peter Lisburne at the annual Torquay regatta leads to a whirlwind proposal, she’s swept into her husband’s glittering wo... read more
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DI Kelly Porter is back, but so is an old foe and this time he won’t back down...When a teenage girl flings herself off a cliff in pursuit of a gruesome death, DI Kelly Porter is left asking why. Ruled a suicide, there’s no official reason for Kelly to chase a... read more
‘This is going to be another of my favourite detective series. I read this all at once and couldn’t put it down!’ NetGalley reviewerAfter a scandal forces DI Kelly Porter out of the Met, she returns to her home turf in the Lake District. Crimes in the Cumbrian... read more
DI Kelly Porter is back. But will this new case push her beyond her limits?On a peaceful summer's morning in the Lake District, a woman's body is discovered outside a church. She's been murdered and a brutal, symbolic act performed on her corpse. DI Kelly Port... read more
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A brutal cult; a gruesome rite; a primal evil...At a remote farmhouse outside Turin, a mysterious religious exorcism goes horribly wrong, setting in motion a series of catastrophic events, that threatens to bring the world to its knees…Meanwhile, Professor Ale... read more
'If you have never read a book by Darcie Boleyn you are definitely missing out.' Rae ReadsFollowing heartbreak, Zoe Russell found a haven in Conwenna Cove. As the owner of the village diner and a volunteer for the local greyhound sanctuary, she’s happy with he... read more
Surrounded by people, Michael is alone.Along with the rest of a North Georgia town that survived a deadly worldwide plague, Michael's forced to wear a steel ring around his waist wherever he goes. He's seen cohabitation banned. Marriages dissolved. Families to... read more

Liz has 9 reviews





Cliff M.

Cliff M.

Feb, 2023

A very professional professional. She delivered on her promises and delivered on time. Liz did not pull any punches; her honesty was badly needed and very refreshing.
Liz H.
A great pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic client who is eager to learn and hone his craft. I wish him every success with the publication of his novel, and look forward to hopefully working...
Read more
Amanda L.

Amanda L.

Jan, 2022

Liz provided a detailed and thoughtful assessment of my novel, which was knowledgeable and thorough. In addition to an overall summary of notes that gave general opinions and suggestions for improvements, commenting on the strengths and weaknesses noted, Liz also provided chapter summaries, which gave further insights as to improvements and considerations for my novel. As a writer, it has been...
Read more
Justin R.

Justin R.

Oct, 2021

This was my first time working with a proofreader. Liz helped make sure my manuscript was ready to go! She found those pesky mistakes both my editor and I had missed. She was a great help and had my manuscript back to me quicker than she said she would. I look forward to working with Liz again for my future novels.
Kayla M.

Kayla M.

Aug, 2021

Working with Liz was my first time working with a editor. Liz was a wonderful person to work with she was professional and easy to work with. She gets back to you very quickly and will answer all your questions with no rush on your decision. I would most definitely work with Liz again.
Jeff L.

Jeff L.

Apr, 2021

Liz is really nice to work with and obviously passionate about her craft... I'd like to continue to work with Liz to improve my book writing capabilities... Which I think is a worthy endorsement...

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