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Kimberley Lim - Editor

New York, NY, USA

Editor of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, with a focus in diverse/underrepresented voices that challenge the status quo.

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I'm an editor with seven years of experience at a trade publisher. I've acquired and edited fiction and nonfiction, including literary and commercial fiction (coming-of-age, women's, humor, thriller), narrative/creative nonfiction (memoir), and self-help (psychology).

My interest and expertise is especially in diverse and underrepresented voices (immigrant/transnational, BIPOC, and other minoritized writers) that tell a different story and challenge the status quo. It is a personal mission of mine, as a Southeast Asian woman and immigrant, to help elevate these voices and support their presence in the market. I am fascinated by stories that break boundaries in defiance of established power norms, and I take pride in doing my part to help "midwife" these books in collaboration with the experts of these stories—the author!

My past titles include THE GLOVEMAKER (historical fiction, 2020 WWA Spur Awards and AML Awards finalists), THE EXPERIMENT OF THE TROPICS (poetry, 2020 Lambda Awards finalist), and DEEPA'S SECRETS (cookbook, 2018 James Beard Book Awards winner). I've also worked on multiple projects with authors like Raymond Benson, author of the James Bond continuation novels, as well as Stephen Jones,horror and dark fantasy writer and editor of more than 140 books, including the Mammoth anthologies.

My favorite part about the job is collaborating with authors through a dynamic editing process to synthesize good edits with the authentic voice and story that is already there. My goal is to challenge authors (where they need to be challenged) and point them in the direction of possibilities they might have missed. I look for a responsive, mutually trusting relationship where everyone's opinions are respected and we are both invested in the direction the manuscript is going. In addition to developmental editing and copy editing services, I also offer diversity (a.k.a. sensitivity) reads.


“In my four decades as a published author, I have worked with many excellent editors. My three collaborations with Kim Lim were among the most rewarding. Her insight and professionalism no doubt made my books better. Even veteran writers can learn new tricks from a great editor, and Kim is one I can’t recommend highly enough.”
—Raymond Benson, author of THE SECRETS ON CHICORY LANE and the James Bond continuation novels

“In my thirty years in the publishing industry, Kimberley Lim has been once of the best editors I have ever worked with. Her creativity and attention to detail on a number of books we have worked on together has not only improved the work, but has also made me look better! It's not very often that you find someone who you instantly get on with and trust to suggest changes in your perceived-perfect project; however, I totally trust Kim, and would happily work with her any time.”
—Stephen Jones, award-winning horror and dark fantasy writer and editor of more than 140 books

"Near the end of the editing process, Kim highlighted a passage with a simple request to clarify. She had homed in on the one piece in my book where I was not completely honest with myself, the one remaining false note. This is the kind of careful insight a writer needs most. She approaches her work with a sense of purpose and respect, and—may I say it?—love. Kim was a champion of my idiosyncratic voice, and her keen attention was devoted to honing that voice until it shone. Because of her, I feel confident that my book is entering the world as its strongest self."
—Caitlin Myer, author of WIVING

English (UK)
English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Contemporary Fiction
Cultural & Ethnic
Literary Fiction
Women's Fiction

Work experience


Skyhorse Publishing
July, 2013 – March, 2020 (over 6 years)

• Managed a list of 15 titles per season from submission to press: acquired and pitched fiction and nonfiction titles, negotiated contract terms, conducted sales/market research, copyedited manuscripts, wrote metadata and copy, shepherded projects through production, and oversaw design processes. • Assisted publishing veterans Herman Graf (of Carroll and Graf) and Jeannette Seaver (of Arcade) with their titles. • Conducted publicity campaigns for fiction and nonfiction through email blasts and mailings.

Managing Editor

Gaudy Boy
April, 2017 – Present (over 5 years)

• Oversee all processes for Gaudy Boy titles: negotiate contracts, edit and prepare manuscripts for production, shepherd passes between production editor and designer, write metadata and copy, manage printing platforms, serve as liaison for authors, organize publicity efforts. • Manage roles and duties of interns, assistant editor, and assistant publicity director. • Assisted publisher with setting up the press: developed our mission, determined press structure and production schedule, built writer and media contacts.

The Glovemaker: A Novel

Weisgarber, Ann

The Foley Artist: Stories

Siasoco, Ricco Villanueva

Ulirát: Best Contemporary Stories in Translation from the Philippines

Muslim, Kristine Ong, Bengan, John, Delgado, Daryll, Acuña, Tilde, Mendoza III, Amado Anthony G.

Autobiography of Horse: A Poem

Park, Jenifer Sang Eun

Amanat: Women’s Writing from Kazakhstan

Batayeva, Zaure, Batayeva, Zaure, Fairweather-Vega, Shelley


Jay Kasperbauer

When the hungry stumble upon a wellspring of profit, they risk greed. And money tempts anyone with an appetite. Perlie, a scrutinized Black man struggling with identity and reestablishment after a brief prison sentence, finds a job as a mechanic. The garage’s owner, a breezy gambler named Freddie, is trying to climb out of a hole of his own. But things aren’t always smooth within the jazz-echo... read more

When the hungry stumble upon a wellspring of profit, they risk greed. And money tempts anyone with an appetite. Perlie, a scrutinized Black man struggling with identity and reestablishment after a brief prison sentence, finds a job as a mechanic. The garage’s owner, a breezy gambler named Freddie, is trying to climb out of a hole of his own. But things aren’t always smooth within the jazz-echo... read more

The Experiment of the Tropics: Poems

Ypil, Lawrence Lacambra

Kimberley has 64 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Maha Kamal
I am blown away by Kim's attention to detail, professionalism, and turnaround time in her line edits! She spent considerable effort preparing a customized Style Sheet for me, provided detailed edits and feedback on my stories, and made all sorts of connections between the stories in a way that made it clear she read the pieces for content and style. She was a member of the revision team, not ju...
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Maha Kamal, September 2022

Kimberley Lim
Thanks so much, Maha. It was my pleasure working with you! I very much look forward to more. :)

Reply from Kimberley Lim

Jae Bau
Kim was very professional and on top of her game. She knows what she's doing. She helped me mould my manuscript from a pile of discombobulation into something a reader can appreciate. Thanks Kim!

Jae Bau, August 2022

Kimberley Lim
Thank you, Jae! Wishing you the very best of luck with the manuscript. Kim

Reply from Kimberley Lim

SF Baines
This is my first novel manuscript and my first ever editorial review. I was therefore extremely nervous about the process but more than anything else I feel that Kimberley not only put me completely at ease, but respected my work, ideas and process. Her feedback has gone above and beyond my expectations giving a life to the review that was unexpected. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading her feedb...
Read more

SF Baines, August 2022

Kimberley Lim
Thanks for the lovely words, SF. :) So glad, too, that you trusted me to provide my feedback. Wishing you the very best with the manuscript!

Reply from Kimberley Lim

Noelle Cumberland
Having my manuscript developmentally edited by Kim was like finally finding the right doctor to diagnosis all the root causes of my ailments while also offering a few treatment options. I struggled juggling conflicting critique and beta reader feedback. Kim was able to absorb all my concerns and pinpoint, with laser focus, all the areas for opportunity. She did this alongside highlighting are...
Read more

Noelle Cumberland, August 2022

Kimberley Lim
Thanks so much, Tommye. :) It was an honor to engage with your manuscript so deeply--thank you for allowing me to do so! Kim

Reply from Kimberley Lim

Heidi Kay Carson
I knew as a first-time novelist I needed a developmental edit, but I didn’t know what that entailed. The many other glowing reviews of Kim's work gave me confidence in choosing her for this project, and Kim's deliverables exceeded my expectations. My first reaction to Kim's detailed comments was giddiness that someone understood what I was trying to communicate, even better than I did myself,...
Read more

Heidi Kay Carson, July 2022

Kimberley Lim
Thanks so much for the long and lovely review, Heidi. :) It was wonderful to collaborate with you--looking forward to more in the future! Kim

Reply from Kimberley Lim

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