Kimberley Lim

Kimberley Lim – Editor

Editor of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, with a focus in diverse/underrepresented voices that challenge the status quo.


I'm an editor with ten years of experience, seven at a trade publisher. I've acquired and edited fiction and nonfiction, including literary and commercial fiction (coming-of-age, diverse voices, women's), narrative/creative nonfiction (memoir), and self-help (psychology).

My interest and expertise is especially in diverse and underrepresented voices (immigrant/transnational, BIPOC, and other minoritized writers) that tell a different story and challenge the status quo. It is my personal mission, as a Southeast Asian woman and immigrant, to help elevate these voices and support their presence in the market. I am fascinated by stories that break boundaries in defiance of established power norms, and I take pride in doing my part to help "midwife" these books in collaboration with the author.

My favorite part about the job is collaborating with authors through a dynamic editing process to synthesize good edits with the authentic voice and story that is already there. My goal is to challenge authors (where they need to be challenged) and point them toward possibilities they might have missed. I look for a responsive, mutually trusting relationship where everyone's opinions are respected and we are both invested in the direction the manuscript is going. In addition to developmental editing and copy editing services, I also offer diversity (a.k.a. sensitivity) reads.

My past titles include AMANAT (translation anthology, World Literature Today's Notable Translations of 2022), THE APOLOGY by Jimin Han (fiction, Los Angeles Times's 10 Books to Add to Your Reading List in August), and THE WAKE UP by Michelle MiJung Kim (self-help, 2022 Nautilus Award Gold Medal Winner).


"Near the end of the editing process, Kim highlighted a passage with a simple request to clarify. She had homed in on the one piece in my book where I was not completely honest with myself, the one remaining false note. This is the kind of careful insight a writer needs most. She approaches her work with a sense of purpose and respect, and—may I say it?—love. Kim was a champion of my idiosyncratic voice, and her keen attention was devoted to honing that voice until it shone. Because of her, I feel confident that my book is entering the world as its strongest self."

—Caitlin Myer, author of WIVING

“In my four decades as a published author, I have worked with many excellent editors. My three collaborations with Kim were among the most rewarding. Her insight and professionalism no doubt made my books better. Even veteran writers can learn new tricks from a great editor, and Kim is one I can’t recommend highly enough.”

—Raymond Benson, author of the James Bond continuation novels

“In my thirty years in the publishing industry, Kimberley has been once of the best editors I have ever worked with. It's not very often that you find someone who you instantly get on with and trust to suggest changes in your perceived-perfect project; however, I totally trust Kim, and would happily work with her any time.”

—Stephen Jones, horror and dark fantasy writer

Biographies & Memoirs Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Contemporary Fiction Cultural & Ethnic Literary Fiction Women's Fiction
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience

Skyhorse Publishing

Jul, 2013 — Mar, 2020 (over 6 years)

• Managed a list of 15 titles per season from submission to press: acquired and pitched fiction and nonfiction titles, negotiated contract terms, conducted sales/market research, copyedited manuscripts, wrote metadata and copy, shepherded projects through production, and oversaw design processes. • Assisted publishing veterans Herman Graf (of Carroll and Graf) and Jeannette Seaver (of Arcade) with their titles. • Conducted publicity campaigns for fiction and nonfiction through email blasts and mailings.

Gaudy Boy

Apr, 2017 — Present

• Oversee all processes for Gaudy Boy titles: negotiate contracts, edit and prepare manuscripts for production, shepherd passes between production editor and designer, write metadata and copy, manage printing platforms, serve as liaison for authors, organize publicity efforts. • Manage roles and duties of interns, assistant editor, and assistant publicity director. • Assisted publisher with setting up the press: developed our mission, determined press structure and production schedule, built writer and media contacts.


The Apology

Han, Jimin

The Foley Artist: Stories

Siasoco, Ricco Villanueva

Made with Reedsy
Sky Full of Elephants: A Novel

Campbell, Cebo

Made with Reedsy
The Fear of Large and Small Nations

Agabian, Nancy

Made with Reedsy
Hidden Lives of Women in STEM

Rodriguez, Lori

Made with Reedsy
To Be Amina: A Novel

Diallo, Aisha Lelouma

Made with Reedsy

Jay Kasperbauer

When the hungry stumble upon a wellspring of profit, they risk greed. And money tempts anyone with an appetite. Perlie, a scrutinized Black man struggling with identity and reestablishment after a brief prison sentence, finds a job as a mechanic. The garage’s ... read more
Made with Reedsy
The Underachiever: Collected Stories 2000-2010

Stanton, Christopher

Made with Reedsy
The Black Cell (The Black Cell Series)

Shaia, Wendy

Alpha Bette

Manocherian, Jennifer Robbins

Autobiography of Horse: A Poem

Park, Jenifer Sang Eun

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Arash S.

Arash S.

Feb, 2024

You hear her. That's the difference. It's such an odd situation. You give your beloved manuscript to a stranger and then they send you their thoughts about it. But you don't know these editors, and they don't know you, so who are they and why should you care? Why should you trust their assessments? The difference with Kimberley is that when she talks about my manuscript, it all makes sense. It...
Read more
Kimberley L.
Thanks so much, Arash. :) It was my pleasure collaborating with you! Kim
Maha K.

Maha K.

Feb, 2024

Kimberley continues to top editors I've worked with. Her eye for structure, syntax, and meaning are unparallel. I absolutely love working with her.
Kimberley L.
Thanks so much, Maha! I look forward to more collaborations in the future. :) Kim
Lisa W.

Lisa W.

Jan, 2024

I cannot say enough good things about working with Kimberley. She takes a deep dive into her editing and is thorough and insightful. She took care to understand my story and make suggestions without stomping on my style. I’d hire her again and recommend her highly.
Kimberley L.
It was wonderful to work together again, Lisa! :) Wishing you the very best of luck in the project!
Tom C.

Tom C.

Oct, 2023

I feel utterly fortunate to have had the chance to work with Kim. She is a true professional in every sense. She was timely in editing my manuscript, and what she delivered was well beyond the depth and detail I was hoping for. I could tell that she fully applied her skill and knowledge to understand what it was I was trying to accomplish and did not just skim and offer trite advice. Her sugges...
Read more
Kimberley L.
Thanks so much, Tom! :) It was wonderful to collaborate; wishing you the very best with the next steps.
Lisa W.

Lisa W.

Oct, 2023

I’m thoroughly impressed with Kim’s talent, sensitivity and depth. She poked my memoir draft in all the right spots so that I could dig deeper. I’d hire her again in a heart beat.

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