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Jay Kasperbauer’s Perlie is a modern insight into the lives and the treatment of ex-convicts after they are released.

Jay Kasperbauer’s Perlie is a modern insight into the lives and the treatment of ex-convicts after they are released. Through the blurred lines of dreams and reality, Perlie comes to terms with his newfound freedom.

Perlie, the titular character, is a man who seems to end up in the situations that he does as a result of his environment, rather than his own decisions. The reader feels sympathetic to Perlie’s amiable nature from the moment he’s introduced, and the carefully written prose allows for an easy immersion into his world. We follow his story as he tries his best to adapt and reintegrate into daily life, starting by finding accommodation and being hired as a mechanic at a garage owned by an ex-convict who hopes to support him. 

Although the novel is written mostly from Perlie’s perspective, the motives and thoughts of the other characters are given to the reader, allowing the reader to know certain details before Perlie does. The use of this with the introduction of Uriella and Jude Blythe is particularly interesting as the reader wonders how these characters will connect with Perlie, and what their significance is. This, as well as small details which are highlighted to the reader throughout the novel, allow the reader to become increasingly intrigued. An impressive result of this is that we are able to try and make conclusions before they happen, giving the story an almost thriller-like feel. I found that the plot became progressively compelling, and the unravelling of the plot seemed to parallel the unravelling of Perlie’s situation.

I also want to note that 10% of all book proceeds are donated directly to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an organisation whose mission is to achieve racial justice and equality.

I would recommend this book to any modern fiction reader from ‘Young Adult’ and beyond, as some mature themes are present. 

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About the author

Jay Kasperbauer is a young writer from the Midwest. While he has had multiple short stories published, "Perlie" is his first full-length novel. view profile

Published on November 09, 2020

Published by Inkwater Press

40000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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