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Lanette Sweeney – Editor

Do you have a story to tell? I have 35+ years of professional editing experience and amazing reviews. (Scroll to the bottom to read them.)


I am a caring, compassionate developmental editor and a proficient, punctilious proofreader. One of my great joys is working with receptive authors to help make their books as good as they can be.

I enjoy working with writers at every stage of their book's development. However, you will get the most from our collaboration if you are an avid reader of what you are writing and have already worked in community with other writers to build your craft. (i.e., If you don't read a lot of poetry and/or work in a writing group, you probably aren't ready to have your poetry collection edited, let alone published.)

I'm a published author and have been a professional writer, reporter, news and features editor, copy editor, ghost writer, grants writer, proofreader, writing teacher, and fact-checker since the 1980s. I can help shape your writing to be more compelling, suspenseful, lyrical or linear, whatever help you need to make it more readable. I do patient line-editing for grammar, punctuation, and polishing. And I will happily proofread your book one last time before you send it to the publisher.

Whatever you want to communicate, I can help you do it better and ensure you find your authentic voice and get it out into the world.

My professional background as a writer for daily newspapers, as an editor for magazines, as a proofreader for textbooks, as a teacher of English and writing-intensive Women's Studies courses, and as a not-for-profit executive writing proposals, press releases, and grants, has given me excellent experience to help make your writing stronger.

I am from a blue-collar background but earned a master's in English Literature in my 40s; this makes me down to earth while conscious of code switching. I can help you develop your story-telling skills, organize your how-to book, or proof your poetry collection. I am delighted to have received all five-star reviews from every Reedsy writer who hired me.

Six years ago my only son died of an overdose at the age of 26. Since the year after his death I've been a full-time writer and editor producing short stories, screenplays and novels, and in 2021 my book of poetry about my son's death by overdose, What I Should Have Said: A Poetry Memoir about Losing a Child to Addiction, was published by Finishing Line Press.

Surviving my son's death has made me more self-aware and sensitive and has softened my approach to everything I do. I know my loss has made me a more caring and concerned editor and a more direct writer. I look forward to using these skills to help you produce a book of which you can be proud.

My minimum fee to work on your poetry collection is $1,000, and I charge $2000 to $4000 to developmentally edit then copy edit your fiction or nonfiction book. Everyone who's hired me has been super happy with the results, and I know you will be, too. I can help with your query letter, too.

Coming of Age Literary Fiction Poetry
Parenting & Families Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sex & Relationships
English (US)
  • I've been awarded scholarships, residencies, and awards for personal and academic writing.
  • NYS certified English teacher
  • NYS certified real estate agent

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Charles B.

Charles B.

Apr, 2024

I am so glad that I was able to connect with Lanette Sweeney to edit my departed wife's manuscript. Lanette has been very appreciative and respectful of the spirit and poetry of the manuscript. Lanette has gone above and beyond the call of duty guiding me in how to fit the work within the formal parameters of the publishing industry. I am 100% pleased with the collaboration between us.
Lanette S.
Thank you so much, Charles! I now share your dream of seeing this beautiful book published!
Chris M.

Chris M.

Oct, 2023

I was incredibly lucky to have been able to connect with Lanette. I reached out to several editors through Reedsy and was becoming discouraged when my requests were being declined. Having no idea what I was doing or if I actually had an idea worth pursuing, she provided me with guidance and validation, while bringing an important element of objectiveness. Her encouragement helped push me for...
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Lanette S.
What a lovely review, Chris, and I'm so looking forward to working with you going forward. I'm glad we connected, as well!
Linda S.

Linda S.

Oct, 2023

Lanette S. gave me sound advice on my first draft. She was clear and well organized with the assessment which gave me the opportunity to complete and finish my second draft. I can say her help was extremely valuable and without it, I would not be this far along in completing my novel.
Lanette S.
Thank you, Linda! So happy we were able to work together.
Rachel Z.

Rachel Z.

Sep, 2023

Lanette was extremely helpful and supportive of my intention to submit my book to literary agents. She pointed out places that needed a little work, and I think the changes will make my book even better! I am so grateful to Lanette. She goes above and beyond with her assessments. I highly recommend her!
Lanette S.
Thank you so much, Rachel. You're a great writer, and it was a pleasure to read your work. hope to see your revisions one day, too!
Kristin Y.

Kristin Y.

May, 2023

Lanette is wonderful. She transformed my word salad to a publishable book. She pushed me and guided me to a much better place with my writing. I am forever grateful! I feel Lanette can offer all writers of all skill levels a true north in the journey of creative writing. Thank you Lanette!
Lanette S.
Dawww, thank you, Kris; that is so good to hear. You have a great story, and it's been my pleasure to help you tell it.

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