Katie McGuire

Katie McGuire – Editor

Editor of fiction and nonfiction with nearly a decade of experience in traditional print publishing and digital serialized storytelling.


I started at Pegasus Books in the summer of 2014 and had the great opportunity to acquire a number of fascinating titles and work with some incredible authors on bringing their book to the reading public.

For five of my six years with Pegasus, the company's crime imprint was my focus—I love a good mystery! I've worked on a number of subgenres, including neo-noir, more traditional mysteries, and cozy crime, and have had the pleasure of working with fantastic authors like Antony Johnston, William Boyle, S. J. Rozan, Paul Vidich, and Molly MacRae.

On the fiction side, I've also worked on a number of historical fiction projects and select graphic novels. No matter the genre, I'm open to both standalone projects and books in a series. In the nonfiction realm, I've worked on narrative history, biography/memoir, and true crime projects. You can see my full list of projects below.

For nearly two years after my time at Pegasus, I was the novel acquisitions lead and an original novels editor at Tapas Media, acquiring, developing, and editing serialized fiction mostly in the romance and fantasy genres. As of late June 2022, I am now an editor with the Epic Ink imprint at Quarto, working on nonfiction books in the pop culture and entertainment categories.

My reading interests at home are a bit broader than the Pegasus list allowed, so I'd also love to work on science fiction and fantasy manuscripts. I'll read anything having to do with spies, royalty, or Hollywood, real or imagined, and, as an enormous comics nerd, I also enjoy a good superhero tale.

I'm looking forward to hearing your story!

Entertainment History True Crime
Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense
English (US)

Work experience

The Quarto Group

Jun, 2022 — Present

Edit assigned nonfiction projects in the pop culture and entertainment categories for Quarto's Epic Ink imprint, as well as shepherding those projects through all stages of editorial, design, and production.

Tapas Media

Sep, 2020 — Jun, 2022 (over 1 year)

Pitched story ideas for potential development; lead or aided in the development of original novel ideas; created story bibles; and edited novel outlines and weekly batches of chapters.

Crooked Lane Books

Dec, 2019 — Jun, 2021 (over 1 year)

Edit fiction manuscripts on a per project basis, delivering a first round of edits and five- to six-page editorial letter and, after author review, a second round of edits and one- to two-page editorial letter.

Radish Fiction

Apr, 2019 — Aug, 2020 (over 1 year)

Edited five to ten weekly “episodes” of ongoing serialized genre stories, each 1500-2000 words, or developed and wrote a minimum of five weekly episodes, each 1500-1700 words.

Pegasus Books

Jun, 2014 — Sep, 2020 (over 6 years)

Acquired, edited, and promoted fiction and nonfiction projects across genres and topics by reading and evaluating submissions for potential acquisition, completing multiple rounds of developmental edits and an accompanying in-depth editorial letter, and reviewing author's edits, copyedits, and proofread pages.


Goodfellas meets Thelma and Louise when an unlikely trio of women in New York find themselves banding together to escape the clutches of violent figures from their pasts. After Brooklyn mob widow Rena Ruggiero hits her eighty-year-old neighbor Enzio in the hea... read more
Little Falls: A Novel

Lewes, Elizabeth

A finely wrought coming-of-age memoir about the author’s relationship with her beloved grandfather Joe Simon, cartoonist and co-creator of Captain America. In the 1990s, Megan Margulies’s Upper West Side neighborhood was marked by addicts shooting up in subway... read more
In 1816 London, Kendra Donovan tries to track down a missing man, but also finds trouble brewing closer to home in the fifth book in Julie McElwain’s riveting time-travel mystery series. When Kendra Donovan is approached by Mrs. Gavenston with an unusual reque... read more
Adventurer Marah Chase might just be ready to settle down―but she can’t resist one last epic, globe-trotting quest to rescue a friend and discover a legendary locale. Marah Chase has everything she wanted. Her academic career is back on track, she’s moved into... read more
In a forgotten part of Middle America, a defiant act leaves one man dead and one teenage girl faced with a stark decision that could mean losing everything. Amy Wirkner, a high school senior in Barnesville, Ohio, is a loner, nicknamed “Chevy” for her size. She... read more
Three people cross paths in the north Georgia woods one night, setting into motion a race to catch a ruthless and chillingly inventive serial killer. On a run through the woods outside her north Georgia hometown, defense attorney Ama Chaplin encounters a myste... read more
The latest entry in the charming Highland Bookshop mystery series finds the women of Yon Bonnie Books embroiled in the death of a local doctor, which sets off a chain of other curious―and deadly―events. Out for a bicycle ride in the hills beyond Inversgail, Ja... read more
The stories of four royal women, their lives intertwined by family and bound by persecution, unravel the history of witchcraft in fifteenth-century England. Until the mass hysteria of the seventeenth century, accusations of witchcraft in England were rare. How... read more
A vivid new cast of characters collide in gritty 1990s Brooklyn, in this latest from acclaimed neo-noir author William Boyle. In City of Margins, the lives of several lost souls intersect in Southern Brooklyn in the early 1990s. There’s Donnie Parascandolo, a ... read more
The new novel by acclaimed espionage author Paul Vidich explores the dark side of intelligence, when a CIA officer delves into a cold case from the 1950s―with fatal consequences. In 1953, at the end of the Korean War, Dr. Charles Wilson, an Army bio-weapons sc... read more
A brilliantly original history that explores the shifting cultural mores of courtship, told through the lives of remarkable women and men throughout history. If sex has generally been a private matter, seduction has always been of intense public interest. Whet... read more
Haunted by the memory of his successful father and desperate to escape his personal demons, a novelist seeks solace in a rural town―but, of course, no one can outrun their troubles for long, especially not in Melvile. Samuel Beauclair’s life has hit the skids.... read more
When brilliant FBI agent Kendra Donovan stumbles back in time and finds herself in a 19th century English castle under threat from a vicious serial killer, she scrambles to solve the case before it takes her life―200 years before she was even born. Beautiful a... read more
Faced with dwindling resources and warring tribes, the colony on Roanoke Island begins to crumble while one young housekeeper commits herself to recording her every memory of the Lost Colony. In 1587, the 118 men, women, and children of the "Lost Colony" were ... read more
Like many fin de siecle Parisians, Inspector Achille Lefebvre is looking forward to a pleasant summer holiday at a seaside resort with his wife, Adele―but a body found hanging from a bridge in a public park interferes with the inspector's plans. Paris: July, 1... read more
Unfolding in the heady world of the glittering Restoration court, A Want of Kindness follows an expendable princess on her unlikely progress to becoming queen, through the religion, politics, disease, deceit, and treachery of the time. The wicked, bawdy Restor... read more
When Kendra Donovan’s plan to return to the 21st century fails, leaving her stranded in 1815, the Duke of Aldridge believes he knows the reason―she must save his nephew, who has been accused of brutally murdering his ex-mistress. Former FBI agent Kendra Donova... read more
Inspired by true events, The Moment of Truth finds a Texan art student facing down life, death, love, and glory in the bullfighting rings of 1950s Mexico. Texan art student Kathleen Boyd has been dreaming about becoming a matador since her beloved father took ... read more
A beautiful and deeply felt coming-of-age novel that follows one young man’s struggles with family secrets and the mysteries of his own heart in 1960s Northern Ireland. Gabriel Harkin is the eldest of four children in a working-class family in 1960s Northern I... read more
Set in England in 1907, Impossible Saints is a novel that burns as brightly as the suffrage movement it depicts, with the emotional resonance of Tracy Chevalier and Jennifer Robson. Escaping the constraints of life as a village schoolmistress, Lilia Brooke bur... read more
The new mystery in the Highland Bookshop series, bringing together a body outside a pub, a visiting author determined to find the killer, and a murderously good batch of scones . . . Inversgail, on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands, welcomes home native... read more
In a small Virginia town still reeling from World War II, a photograph of a beautiful murdered woman propels three young people into the middle of a far-reaching mystery. *Nominated for a 2019 Barry Award and Lambda Literary Award* A lurid crime scene photo of... read more
When a young woman with a sordid past witnesses a murder, she finds herself fascinated by the killer and decides to track him down herself. Amy was once a party girl, but she now lives a lonely life, helping the house-bound to receive communion in the Gravesen... read more
Still stranded in 1815, FBI agent Kendra Donovan finds herself on the trail of a vicious murderer with a shocking secret. October 1815: There is only one place Kendra Donovan wants to travel―back to her own time period in the twenty-first century. But since th... read more
Kiki Button―war veteran, party girl, detective, and spy―finds that she can’t outrun her past exploits, even in the glittering world of Jazz Age Paris. Paris in 1921 is the city of freedom, where hatless and footloose Kiki Button can drink champagne and dance u... read more
Conscience: A Novel

Alice Mattison

A Washington Post Notable Book of the Year Acclaimed author Alice Mattison’s new novel explores the hard choices a young woman and her friends made decades earlier at the height of the Vietnam War. Decades ago in Brooklyn, three girls demonstrated against the ... read more
Gravesend: A Novel

William Boyle

In this masterful work of neo-noir, William Boyle expertly captures the grit and desperation of a neighborhood in flux, and spotlights the neighbors who find themselves caught up in the crimes of the past. Some worship him and some want him dead, but either wa... read more
After centuries of searching, Mouse now has everything she’s ever wanted within her reach―a normal life, a lover, a brother. What will she risk to keep them? Cherished by a Father, coveted by a king, loved by an almost-priest; tormented by demons, tortured by ... read more
Bear No Malice: A Novel

Clarissa Harwood

Great Expectations meets Grantchester in this story of love and lies, secrets and second chances, set in Edwardian England. Beaten and left for dead in the English countryside, clergyman and reformer Tom Cross is rescued and nursed back to health by Miranda an... read more
The latest mystery in this charming mystery series finds the ever-resourceful Kath Rutledge and shop ghost Geneva tangled up in an embroidery rivalry―and a murder. Yarn shop owner Kath Rutledge is looking forward to the grand opening of the Blue Plum Vault, a ... read more
Exploring the backstory that led to the writing of Graham Greene's beloved satirical spy novel, Our Man Down in Havana evokes this pivotal time and place in the author's life. When U.S. immigration authorities deported Graham Greene from Puerto Rico in 1954, t... read more
Celebrated artist Francisco de Goya confronts demons real and imagined in this vivid portrayal of the end of his life. Francisco de Goya is considered one of the most important Spanish painters of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, last of the... read more
The latest Lydia Chin/Bill Smith mystery takes the acclaimed detective duo into the Deep South to investigate a murder within the Chinese community. The Most Southern Place on Earth: that’s what they call the Mississippi Delta. It’s not a place Lydia Chin, an ... read more
Kendra Donovan’s adventures in nineteenth-century England continue when she is called upon to investigate the murder of a spymaster. February 1816: A race through the icy, twisting cobblestone streets of London ends inside an abandoned church―and a horrific di... read more
Rogue archeologist Marah Chase is approached by MI6 with an impossible mission: to help them recover a dangerous treasure lost after the death of Alexander the Great. Once a rising star in the field of archaeology, Marah Chase is now a black-market treasure hu... read more
The horrifying true story of a killing inside the secluded Word of Life Christian Church, a parish-turned-cult in upstate New York. Teenager Lucas Leonard made shocking admissions in front of the altar―he'd practiced witchcraft, conspired to murder his parents... read more
A Revolutionary War-era secret sends three soldiers on an epic quest across 1940s Europe to recover a piece of American history. Philadelphia, 1776: George Washington asks Betsy Ross to design the first flag of the future United States of America. Her housemai... read more
A dark vision of American religion and politics, Dry County is a portrait of a man willing to do anything to hold on to his power―including murder. Richard Weatherford is a successful small-town preacher in the Arkansas Ozarks. He’s a proud husband and father ... read more

Katie has 4 reviews





Susan F.

Susan F.

Mar, 2020

Katie is great. She not only produced a helpful evaluation of my work, she also completed it much sooner than required. I look forward to further collaborations with her.
Mark I.

Mark I.

Sep, 2020

Katie's commitment, talent and editorial expertise are impressive. She had insights into my work that astounded me. She knew what it had and what it should have. She is a secret I am hesitant to share.
Mark I.

Mark I.

Feb, 2021

I have worked with other editors before - Katie is a step above in terms of her standards and willingness to go the extra mile, despite my own shortcomings. She took my work to another level - There is no doubt about that statement. I am sorry to be done with her. I miss her enthusiasm and positivity. She made me feel like my writing was worthwhile and legitimate. Thank you, Katie,
Stef D.

Stef D.

Sep, 2020

She did excellent work and made great suggestions.

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