Kate Juniper

Kate Juniper – Editor

Feminist editor for Routledge Press, House of Anansi Press and others. Empowering women+ authors from first draft to pitch-ready manuscript.


*Taking novel, memoir, and psychology-based nonfiction projects from ambitious, talented authors only*

The process of writing and publishing a book is an epic saga. But however vast the emotional or creative depths you are plumbing, however grand and painful-to-feel your dreams to become a published author may be, it's so worth it—especially when you have the opportunity to work with empathetic and knowledgeable professionals who share a deep love of the craft and will cheer you and champion you along the way.

I'm a passionate book editor and book coach of literary and popular fiction, memoir, and various nonfiction.

I edit for various traditional publishers and also serve my own private clients, with whom I specialize in book coaching (assisting them to write their dream novel or memoir from scratch in six months); manuscript assessment; developmental and substantive editing; and the emotional support that should always come alongside.

To empower writers to believe in their abilities and realize their publishing dreams: this is the mandate of my boutique editing company, based in Montreal, Canada, and the foundation of my professional values.

Let's talk books and big dreams.


"Working with Kate was a gentle and smooth experience. I felt she really understood me and guided my work in the direction it craved instead of somewhere off the map. I can't wait to work with her further, she is very passionate and inspiring." —Amy Mattes, author of Late September (2024)

“Kate is magic. She will help elevate you and your craft through a creative process that will challenge and support you at the same time. I hope we continue to have reasons to work together. It's been such a pleasure.” —Alana Best, author of Around the World in Black & White (2023)

"Thank you for the fantastic editing and the incredible support you've given me and my book." —Andrea Gunraj, author of The Lost Sister (2020)

"Writing my book with Kate was a healing experience for me. She built up my confidence as a writer and saw much more in me than I realized was there. Her attention to my manuscript far exceeded my expectations. I didn't know editors could care so much about what you wrote! My memoir is outstanding and it embodies me. I couldn't have done that without Kate." —DW McKinney, professional writer

"Kate has been frighteningly good at zoning in on what I'm trying to express and then sharing tips and insights to help my writing serve my ideas . . . I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is ready to start taking themselves seriously as a writer. She's essentially a midwife, but for your stories." —Malaika Aleba

"Kate is a supremely gifted editor as well as a wonderful, supportive, and motivating person to work with. She is highly organized, with incredible resources and a razor-sharp sense of how to make language work." —Bethany Hughes, Columbia University MFA Fiction graduate

Biographies & Memoirs Buddhism Psychology Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Cultural & Ethnic LGBTQ Fiction Literary Fiction Women's Fiction
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • Master's Degree Fellowship in English Literature
  • Copy Editing
  • Substantive Editing
  • Somatic Coaching

Work experience


Apr, 2020 — Present

Perform proofreading and copy editing.


Nov, 2018 — Present

Perform substantive, stylistic, and copy editing.


Jul, 2017 — Sep, 2018 (about 1 year)

Performed developmental, substantive, and copy edits to manuscripts, primarily region-specific history books that required a high level of attention to detail, accuracy, and consistency.


May, 2016 — Present

My greatest passion is helping people translate those immaterial entities we call thoughts and feelings into the kind of words that strike a reader somewhere real.

I am the founder of a boutique, all-female company of editors and writers from across Canada presently based in Montreal, Quebec.

We work with driven female-identifying writers and authors to define and achieve their unique vision in words.

Personally, I'm most alive professionally when helping authors realize and refine their creative visions. I've worked and studied on three continents and accrued a first-class BA Hons in English literature from Swansea University in Wales, UK; an MA in English literature from the University of Victoria in BC, Canada; and a Copy Editing accreditation from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been an editor in one way or another for seven years, before which I was Head of English at an international high school in Abu Dhabi.

I am a proud and active member of the Editor's Association of Canada, and work with traditional and self-publishing houses as well as independent authors, entrepreneurs, and activists to shape and master their message.


Mar, 2015 — Sep, 2016 (over 1 year)

Managed team of over seventy international freelance editors to ensure high level of editorial excellence at all times. Acted as in-house editor for web content, marketing copy, large-scale client-facing correspondence and company guides and catalogues. Wrote and edited blog posts, press releases, guidebooks and resources. Created and implemented training materials to ensure excellent standards and proficiency.


Oct, 2014 — Mar, 2015 (5 months)

Copyedited hundreds of entries for the Routledge Online Encyclopedia of Modernism.


No Stars in the Sky

Bátiz, Martha

When Alana and Roland, a spirited Canadian couple with an insatiable desire to live life to the fullest, embark on an epic yearlong travel adventure around the world with their newborn son and ten-year-old daughter, they think they’re prepared for whatever mig... read more
The Lost Sister

Andrea Gunraj


Hemming, Deborah

“Don’t waste your conflict.”Grateful for the Fight goes beyond resolving conflict to using conflict to transform lives. Neufeld cautions that the urgency in today’s society to resolve conflict might be a sophisticated way of bypassing the true value of conflic... read more
White Resin

Wilhelmy, Audrée

The Crooked Knife

Morrison, Jan

The History of Rain

Malone, Stephens Gerard

Lay Figures

Blagrave, Mark

The Codfish Dream

David Giblin

A colourful portrait of life in an eccentric fishing village on the BC coast.After spending fifteen years as a fishing guide on the BC coast, David Giblin decided that the offbeat people and places he encountered during that colourful period in his life had to... read more
Although refugees have been pushed into the spotlight over the past few years, particularly as a result of the Syrian crisis, they are never far from public consciousness or policy debates. Based on years of close community and academic involvement in local, n... read more
"My nurse hands once did more useful things. They immunized the fat, healthy thighs of infants, they carefully measured cardiac drugs to administer to young heart patients, they bathed both the elderly lady after her surgery and the 24-year-old Italian-Canadia... read more
Being Bertha

Fran Genereux

The Ekelund family moved to Canada in 1903 and settled in what is now Southern Alberta when Bertha, their sixth child was only five years old. Growing up in a family that was torn apart by the tragedy of their mother’s death, Bertha developed an independent an... read more
Color Up

Karen A. Foss

Today’s world is stuck in black-and-white thinking that limits creative possibilities. We all need fresh ways to move forward beyond constraints that insist on only two possibilities—one right, the other wrong.But the world is not a black-and-white place. It i... read more
A Mill Behind Every Stump

Marianne Van Osch

The story of one family's settlement in the Cariboo and the culture of early sawmills that developed around them.In 1922, the Judson family arrived in the Cariboo by covered wagon. The stories of their life on the remote homestead at Ruth Lake is told through ... read more

Susan Raby-Dunne

The never-before-published memoir of Major-General Sir Edward Morrison, a true Canadian hero of the First World War.The First World War marked a turning point in Canadian history and in Canada’s self-identification as a nation. Yet in memorializing the iconic ... read more
This book has approximately forty thousand words in it. These words are separated into dozens and dozens of short stories, vignettes, and poems. These dozens and dozens of short stories, vignettes, and poems consist of a variety of themes. These themes include... read more

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Julie C.

Julie C.

Apr, 2024

Kate was fantastic at helping me get unstuck from the middle of my writing, when I wasn't sure if what I was writing was making any sense to anyone but me. Her feedback was so helpful - encouraging while being genuinely helpful. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
Kate J.
It was such a pleasure to work with you, Julie! Till next time! —K.
Kate S.

Kate S.

Apr, 2020

I was at a stand still with my manuscript and could not have progressed any further without Kate's help. She was very thorough and communicative. She has been a pleasure to work with!
Kate J.
Thanks Kate! Looking forward to the next stage!
Lie L.

Lie L.

Aug, 2019

I am so grateful for Kate’s attention to my novel. She has done what a truly great editor does: point out what is working well and encourage me to look at what isn’t from a new angle. Her insight is broad and her generosity such a kindness in the solitary experience of writing. She provided concrete suggestions for revision, as well as a keen sense for the magic of words. I look forward to ...
Read more
Kate J.
Thank you, Lie. It's been such a pleasure. —K.
Shama J.

Shama J.

Jul, 2019

Kate was able to help me navigate through a rather monstrous manuscript with her assessment and develop a path for the next steps through an condensed outline and plan. I highly recommend her expertise for planning and coaching!
Kate J.
Such a pleasure to work with you on your project, Shama!
Verde A.

Verde A.

Jun, 2019

(It gives me great pleasure to write this review for Kate! I was so nervous and unsure of what to expect and what I would ultimately get from randomly picking an editor. I feel tremendously blessed, and that also our connection was meant to be. The universe and my ancestors ROCK!) My experience with Kate was an amazing one. With this being my first time seeking out and using an editor, I’m so ...
Read more
Kate J.
Thank you for these wonderful words, Sharae! It's been such a pleasure to work with you and your stories. Long may our collaboration continue, Future Published Indie Author Verde Arzu!

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