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Josse Pickard – Designer

Book designer and typographer with 7 years experience, specialising in coffee-table art/design/lifestyle books.


Hi, I'm Josse (although I answer to most pronunciations of my name!). After graduating from Central St. Martins in 2013 where I specialised in typography, I started work at a co-edition, producing work for various publishers around the globe. I worked in the company for four years, advancing to the position of senior designer, and built up a solid collection of freelance clients. I realised I didn't need to be tied to an office anymore and decided to work remotely from whatever sunny spot in the world took my fancy!

I pride myself on attention to detail and obsessing over the minutiae of a project, whether it be something as particular as using real small caps, or creating a custom typeface because nothing else will work.

I have experience in working across a broad range of design briefs and am skilled in liaising with other designers/editors, understanding their requirements and meeting tight deadlines. My main expertise to date has been in books, periodicals and journals and consequently I feel very comfortable designing interiors and typesetting. However, I am ambitious and always willing to take up new challenges, and, as a keen illustrator and photographer, I would be equally happy to involve myself in these areas of your project.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Architecture Design Entertainment Fashion & Textiles Home & Garden Photography

Work experience


Apr, 2018 — Present

Quarto Publishing

Jan, 2014 — Apr, 2018 (about 4 years)


I Taste Red is the first book of its kind to address and relate all the different sensory and psychological factors that shape our experience of tasting wine. Award-winning author Jamie Goode explores how our sensory system, psychology, philosophy, and flavor ... read more
Gorgeously illustrated and practical, this guide to the art of drawing employs a close analysis of great works to reveal techniques and lessons that will help practitioners at every level. The art of drawing is an essential skill for any artist. This beautiful... read more
An innovative coloring book featuring 46 beautifully intricate line illustrations of famous masterpieces, coupled with illuminating short essays on the artists and their work. This is the first coloring book to take its inspiration from the most creative image... read more
In our increasingly digital world, audiophiles know that the real recording is on vinyl. That’s why sales of vinyl continue to soar. Mike Evans offers a sumptuous visual celebration of this medium’s fascinating history and triumphant rebirth. From weighty 78s ... read more
An authoritative, richly illustrated history of six centuries of global protest artThroughout history, artists and citizens have turned to protest art as a means of demonstrating social and political discontent. From the earliest broadsheets in the 1500s to en... read more
An essential resource for any designer, crafter, artist, or historian, THE COMPLETE PATTERN DIRECTORY is the most comprehensive, practical, and beautiful directory of patterns throughout history, covering all periods, styles, and cultures. Throughout history, ... read more
This guide to Buddhist architecture and iconography, from caves, pagodas, stupas and temples, to carvings, illustrations, mandalas and statues, interprets the forms and symbolism of 100 key historic sites and artworks with reference to the beliefs and narrativ... read more
Making Sense of Christian Art & Architecture is designed to equip the cultural tourist and art student with the means to interpret each painting, building, or artifact in terms of the iconography and symbolism of Christianity. With reference to 100 clearly ill... read more
Making Sense of Islamic Art & Architecture is designed to equip the cultural tourist and art student with the means to interpret each painting, building, or artifact in terms of the iconography and symbolism of Islam. With reference to 100 clearly illustrated ... read more
The definitive encyclopedia for the science fiction fanatic. From Barbarella to Blade Runner, from Solaris to Star Wars, and from 1984 to 2001, Sci-Fi Chronicles seeks out 200 of the greatest galactic creations. Presented in an arresting blend of incisive text... read more
Explore 100 gardens from around the world with this illustrated guide to the design elements of each—from historical style to planting and landscape design. This comprehensive reference offers gardens from many periods of history—Islamic, Renaissance, English ... read more
This is the ultimate book for the Netflix and boxset generation, featuring all the greatest drama series ever broadcast as well as the weirdest game shows, controversial reality TV experiments and breathtaking nature documentaries.It is a must for anyone who w... read more
A detailed exploration of 200 Ancient Egyptian objects from museums around the world, gathered here into one handy, pocket-sized guideThis magnificently illustrated book brings together 200 of the finest and most significant Ancient Egyptian treasures and arti... read more
Global in perspective and covering over four million years of history, this accessible volume provides a chronological account of both the development of the human race and the order in which modern societies have made discoveries about their ancient past. Beg... read more
Photography Masterclass
The Contemporary House


There is no one way to design a modern urban house. Demand for space in cities the world over is higher than ever and new buildings must meet stringent energy saving requirements and negotiate a myriad planning regulations. But the best new urban architecture ... read more
As long as there have been movies, there have been posters selling films to audiences. Posters came into existence just decades before the inception of film, and as movies became a universal medium of entertainment, posters likewise became a ubiquitous form of... read more
A rich and fresh perspective on the history of photography, tracing the complex links between technological innovation, social change, and artistic intervention.As a medium of documentation, social commentary, commercial marketing, artistic exploration, and se... read more
Speak Up! is a joyful celebration of 45 speeches by children and teenagers who have stood up for causes they passionately believe in and challenged adults in power to take note. This collection is testament to the hopefulness and spirit of the next generation,... read more

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Steve B.

Steve B.

Nov, 2020

Extremely helpful and professional, exceeded my expectations.
Josse P.
Thanks Steve, you were a great client!

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