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As a cofounder and Executive Editor of Restless Books, I brought celebrated authors from around the world into the English language, including the cult filmmaker and guru Alejandro Jodorowsky; groundbreaking science fiction from Cuba; the emerging Icelandic star, Oddny Eir; the Hungarian Gyorgy Spiro, and many others. I am the editor of the innovative series The Face, with contributions from bestselling and prize-winning authors like Ruth Ozeki, Chris Abani, and Tash Aw.

Since launching in 2013, Restless Books and its titles have earned accolades from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, The Guardian, Ha'aretz, and many other important venues.

I am also the co-author of Reclaiming Travel (Duke University Press, 2015).
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Work experience

Restless Books

Jan, 2013 — Jan, 2017 (about 4 years)

Habitus Magazine

Jan, 2006 — Jan, 2012 (about 6 years)


“In essays that bespeak a thoroughly cosmopolitan sensibility, Githa Hariharan not only takes us on illuminating tours through cities rich in history, but gives a voice to urban people from all over the world—Kashmir, Palestine, Delhi—trying to live with basic... read more

György Spiró

The epic bestseller and winner of the prestigious Aegon Literary Award in Hungary, Captivity is an enthralling and illuminating historical saga set in the time of Jesus about a Roman Jew on a quest to the Holy Land.A literary sensation in Hungary, György Spiró... read more
“A fascinating meditation on identity that explores the novelist’s own mixed heritage and mixed feelings….A true citizen of the world….With great insight and compassion, Abani reveals that behind his—and every—face are unseen scars.” —San Francisco ChronicleIn... read more
"How do we keep one another’s company? How might our lives unfold alongside those of our parents with Alzheimer’s nearby? In Arno Geiger’s exquisite memoir, he lets us into the private and sometimes sacred space he found in the company of his father—a relation... read more
The final literary testament of “one of the most innovative, brilliant novelists in the Western World” (New York Times), Between Life and Death is a startlingly brave, funny, poetic, and moving autobiographical novel about the four months Yoram Kaniuk spent in... read more
A captivating memoir from one of jazz's most beloved practitioners, fourteen-time Grammy winner Paquito D’Rivera’s Letters to Yeyito is a fascinating tour of a life lived in music, and a useful guidebook for aspiring artists everywhere. Years after receiving a... read more
A kaleidoscopic, fast-paced tour of Latin America from one of the Spanish-speaking world’s most outstanding writers.Lamenting not having more time to get to know each of the nineteen countries he visits after winning the prestigious Premio Alfaguara, Andrés Ne... read more
Winner of Asymptote Journal’s 2016 Close Approximations Translation Contest and Shortlisted for the Ryszard Kapuscinski Prize, History of a Disappearance is the fascinating true story of a small mining town in the southwest of Poland that, after seven centurie... read more
Temporary People

Deepak Unnikrishnan

Winner of the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing "Guest workers of the United Arab Emirates embody multiple worlds and identities and long for home in a fantastical debut work of fiction, winner of the inaugural Restless Books Prize for New Immigra... read more
God is Round

Juan Villoro

A brilliant, kaleidoscopic exploration of soccer—and the passion, hopes, rivalries, superstitions, and global solidarity it inspires—from Juan Villoro, “Mexico's top fútbol expert” (NBC News).On a planet where FIFA has more members than the United Nations and ... read more
“Oddný Eir is an authentic author, philosopher and mystic. She weaves together diaries and fiction. She is the writer I feel can best express the female psyche of now and has bridged the gap between rural Iceland and Western philosophy. A true pioneer!!!!!!!!”... read more
Where the Bird Sings Best

Alejandro Jodorowsky

The magnum opus from Alejandro Jodorowsky—director of The Holy Mountain, star of Jodorowsky’s Dune, spiritual guru behind Psychomagic and The Way of Tarot, innovator behind classic comics The Incal and Metabarons, and legend of Latin American literature.There ... read more
“A Planet for Rent is the English-language debut of Yoss, one of Cuba's most lauded writers of science fiction. Translated by David Frye, these linked stories craft a picture of a dystopian future: Aliens called xenoids have invaded planet Earth, and people ar... read more
“Ruth Ozeki, a Zen Buddhist priest, sets herself the task of staring at her face in a mirror for three full, uninterrupted hours; her ruminations ripple out from personal and familial memories to wise and honest meditations on families and aging, race and the ... read more
Habitus: A Diaspora Journal is an international journal of Diaspora literature and culture. The magazine is poised to make a lasting impact with its unique global vision, world-class writing, and original translations.Each issue focuses on a different city, pe... read more
Reclaiming Travel

Ilan Stavans

Based on a controversial opinion piece originally published in the New York Times, Reclaiming Travel is a provocative meditation on the meaning of travel from ancient times to the twenty-first century. Ilan Stavans and Joshua Ellison seek to understand why we ... read more

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