Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright - Editor

Lewisburg, West Virginia, USA

An obsessive copy editor with thirty years of hard-hitting, results-driven copy editing for numerous publishers and individual authors.

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Copy editing is my tenacious passion and a fiercely integral part of who I have been for the past three decades. Molding copy into easy-to-understand, error-free reading material brings me great satisfaction as a meticulous editor who has worked with newspapers, Christian book publishers, and editorial services. Editing book manuscripts, however, has been my strength over the years, and it gives me great pleasure to fine-tune a writer's words into professional, easy-to-ready copy.

Questions? I ask questions—boy, do I ever! If something you're written doesn’t quite make sense, if a statement or statistic doesn’t ring true, I'll research it or post a query to you to confirm its accuracy. In this day of instant information retrieval when facts can be easily checked by virtually anyone in a matter of seconds, it’s more important than ever to be accurate. However, my sometimes-pesky questions aren’t limited simply to facts. I also ask about the efficacy of certain elements of your writing that may or may not create the results you wanted. Words are great tools when used properly, and running interference in questioning an author’s intentions when needed is a vital responsibility of any copy editor.

Without a doubt, I’m what you would call a “reader’s advocate.” When working on a manuscript, I’m constantly ruminating on how the reader will perceive your words. If you fail to clarify a term, statement, or opinion that will leave questions in the reader’s mind and create confusion, I’ll work on that with you to assure that those items are made clear. Additionally, I constantly focus on assuring that your wording is smooth and uninterrupted by confusing elements. A reader should not have to back up and reread a passage to determine what you were really trying to say. Sometimes exhausting but, of course, ultimately rewarding--these are just a few of the multitude of items I focus on in making your manuscript shine!

English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Christian Non-Fiction
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Christian Fiction
Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Middle Grade

Work experience

Copy editor

Certa Publishing
May, 2019 – Present (over 3 years)

Copy editing a variety of manuscripts, conforming them to proper style. Providing questions regarding various concerns or needed changes.

Copy editor and proofreader

Dust Jacket Press
September, 2017 – Present (over 5 years)

Copy editing book manuscripts from a variety of authors. Communicating with authors regarding various corrections and other modifications. Checking page proofs at least twice (often many more times) and assuring that all final changes have been made, along with examining the proofs for any last changes needed.

Copy editor and proofreader

Christian Editing and Design
August, 2016 – Present (over 6 years)

Editing and proofreading a variety of book manuscripts and other projects, Communicating with authors in making corrections and other modifications according to proper style.

Copy editor

Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
January, 1993 – December, 2014 (almost 22 years)

Provided copy editing services for a wide variety of Christian books. Checked page proofs. Worked with authors to clarify any problem areas. Submitted applications for Cataloging-in-Publication data. Guided authors in securing permission for use of copyrighted material when needed. Wrote back-cover copy and some promotional material as requested.

Portfolio (30 selected works)

Keeping Kyla

Crombie, Joan

Live Last: Mark 9:35

Newman, Keith

Second Row Piano Side

Chonda Pierce

Jonathan has 24 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Rob Beckett
Fast and professional. Jonathan has done another great job.

Rob Beckett, November 2022

Jonathan Wright
Loved working with Rob!

Reply from Jonathan Wright

Sebastian Flores
I can see why Jonathan is so busy. He is super good at communicating back and is a very professional editor.

Sebastian Flores, October 2022

Jonathan Wright
It was great working with Sebastian. A good experience with a book that will likely be an encouragement to many readers!

Reply from Jonathan Wright

Faith B
Working with Jonathan has been a huge blessing! Editing work was fantastic and he was more than happy to help on our nonprofit’s discipleship book.

Faith B, September 2022

Jonathan Wright
It was a great experience and a wonderful manuscript to work on. Thanks so much for this terrific opportunity!

Reply from Jonathan Wright

robert marro
I'm a debut author without prior experience. It was an ambitious novel and Jonathan's work in smoothing over the rough spots made the editing process seamless and professional. I recommend him without reservation and we already have tentative plans to collaborate again in the future.

robert marro, September 2022

Jonathan Wright
I was fascinated with Robert's novel and was extremely impressed by his extraordinary writing style. He was a pleasure working with, and I look forward to his next project!

Reply from Jonathan Wright

Brittany Lewis
Jonathan has done a wonderful, very professional job editing my manuscript. He was thoughtful and communicative throughout our collaboration, and he found those pesky errors that I would have missed! I have thoroughly enjoyed this process and will definitely use his services again!

Brittany Lewis, September 2022

Jonathan Wright
I couldn't ask for a better, more efficient author than Brittany. I loved working with her and look forward to a repeat opportunity in the future!

Reply from Jonathan Wright

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