Jodi Fodor

Jodi Fodor – Editor

Editor with an MFA and a lot of energy. I love to work in memoir, fiction, and humor. My forte: lean prose that moves.


I'm an experienced editor, and the manuscripts I develop and edit come from several sources, including Penguin-Random House, SheWritesPress, McGraw-Hill, Spark Press, Serendipity Literary Agency, Windword Literary Services, and of course, Reedsy.

Because I'm also a writing teacher, I'm passionate about words, writing style, grammar, and language, and I love helping a writer use these tools to communicate with a clear, powerful voice. A well-crafted sentence can make readers ponder or cry or laugh. Sometimes it can even make them change.

Specificity and visible images are critical to great writing, so if your manuscript isn't already overflowing with those, we'll get them in there.

I consider satire to be one of the five basic food groups. I love helping writers make their manuscripts funny or funnier, so if that's the direction you're headed, I might be your editor. I'm not a fan of cliché or trendy language; expressions like "speak truth to power," "you need to own it," and "hold space for each other" give me a crease between the eyebrows. Also, the word "amazing" will be marked in all cases except when the writer is referring to a three-headed deer or colonizing Venus.

I'm an idea coach, and I find it thrilling to help people figure out what they want to say and then guide them toward compelling ways to say it. If your narrative feels like a private exchange between you and the reader, the writing creates a connection that makes your work unforgettable. Sometimes you’ll even inspire epiphanies.

One more thing: whether developing ideas, writing, or reworking other people's drafts, I'm fast.



Mark Frost
Co-creator, Twin Peaks.
Screenwriter, The Fantastic Four, Storyville.
Author, The Paladin Prophecy, The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

“In addition to having a superb editorial eye and spot-on narrative instincts, Jodi’s knowledge of the YA audience is so comprehensive I call her ‘the teen whisperer’. Her help in shading the voices of characters in this ever-evolving cohort was invaluable.”

Lisa F. Smith, Esq
Author, Girl Walks Out of a Bar

“My memoir, Girl Walks Out of a Bar—the colorful story of my descent into and recovery from addiction—would not be the bestseller that it is without Jodi F. She provided a level of editing and revision that I hadn't even imagined. I had worked on this manuscript for many years, from scribbling the earliest ideas and passages to the formulation and reworking of a manuscript in workshops and with mentors—I thought the book was ready. But then Jodi got involved. With her doctoring, the pace increased, 60 pages were cut from the manuscript, and the story began to soar with visuals, humor, crisp dialogue, and metaphor. And she completely captured my voice, which I found fascinating. And now the book is flying off the shelves. It sold out its first printing in a week. I can't wait to work with her again!”

Katharine Sands
Agent, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency

“Jodi F. is a truly excellent editorial collaborator. Keenly on-target, ever diligent and always on-time, Jodi is a delightful person to deal with - and a total pro. She brings her special blend of abilities - dramatic insight, dexterous text - to a myriad of writing projects, and does so with panache. Working with Jodi, I personally enjoy seeing clients' voices come alive, and their books published to acclaim. On behalf of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, I enthusiastically recommend Jodi F. - and ringingly endorse her!”

Stephen Phillip Monteiro
Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service (ret)
Author, The Gray Bird of Baghdad

"Jodi F. is a consummate professional. Her energy and creativity throughout the entire project were outstanding. Jodi has a gift for using the right words, in the right order, at the right time. I was amazed at her ability to get into the story to the point that she knew it better than I! Jodi places herself in the mind of the reader and ensures that the who, what, where, when, and how questions are answered. Her contributions were invaluable. In addition to her wordsmithing expertise and passion for the project, her engaging personality came through loud and clear, which made working with her an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Jodi!!"

Herb Jordan
Writer, producer, composer. Owner, Adage Group. Author, Motown in Love

“Jodi and I have collaborated on a number of projects, including TV treatments, screenplays, nonfiction books, short fiction, and essays. I find her contributions invaluable, as she has the creativity of a true artist and the sharp eye of world-class editor. She comes to the table with ideas, and she creates the kind of energy that makes even more ideas come to life. For Motown in Love, she thoroughly researched and edited the content, revised the foreword, and kept the project moving for an on-time delivery to the publisher. As I wrote in the acknowledgments of that book, ‘Let it be said, every book should have a Jodi F.’”

Tim Clegg
CEO, Americhip, Americhip Books

“Jodi has a special gift with words. Every time I show her a speech or essay I’ve written that I think is close to perfect, she turns it into something infinitely better. I can’t explain it really, it’s that ability that certain professionals have, and they make it look so easy. When you hear her version you can actually feel how smooth it is. Her writing can be very subtle or powerful, serious or funny. . . it’s a gift.”

Toni Robino
Owner/CEO, Windword Literary Services, LLC

“Jodi F. is one of the most creative, talented and skillful writers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. In addition to having all the qualities that a successful writer and editor need to bring a book to fruition, Jodi has keen insights and a wonderful sense of humor.”

Biographies & Memoirs Psychology Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Humor & Comedy Literary Fiction Women's Fiction
English (US)
  • Common Sense Media's ON For Learning Award
  • MFA, Creative Writing

Work experience


Jan, 2012 — Present

I work as a freelance copy/line editor, developmental editor, manuscript assessor, and writing coach for publishing houses and literary agencies. I work on memoir, fiction, humor, psychology/self help, YA, and sometimes business (if the author wants to create a really conversational narrative that's fun to read).


Jan, 1993 — Present

I've worked as a writer, editor, and developer of ideas in business, education, music, tech, and toys, and I've studied fiction writing extensively. Because my clients represent such a broad range of industries and interests, I've developed the ability to write and edit effectively across genres, themes, and subjects.

Some of my former employers:

General Motors (writer), Lexington Savings Bank (writer), Institute of Reading Development (teacher), California State, University, Long Beach (teacher)

Some of my recent and current clients (idea development, writing, editing):

Mattel, Fisher Price, Sphero, Americhip, Heavenspot, Tovolo, Disney,, UCI Cybersecurity Policy and Research Institute, Serendipity Literary Agency, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency

* I've written, revised, and ghosted some very exciting essays, articles, speeches, marketing campaigns, books, and sections of books.

* I'm the creator and content developer of the award-winning vocabulary app, SAT Word Slam. It's snarky, so it was a lot of fun to write.

* And I'm a former college writing teacher (and current tutor), so I truly care about language; my standards are high (just ask my students). Several times a week, I read grammar and style guides just for fun. Yes, fun!


"Lisa Smith gives us a darkly comic, honest, and completely relatable inside look at high-functioning addiction in the world of corporate law-a sort of 'Sex and the Psych Ward.' It's inspiring, informative, and impossible to put down." --Jennifer Belle, best-s... read more
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Mickelwait, Kirsten

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Jodi has 33 reviews





Matt F.

Matt F.

Jan, 2022

So I’m going to save you a lot of time and heartburn: stop scrolling through Reedsy profiles and hire Jodi Fodor right now—if she’ll take you. Seriously, put down the mouse. I’ve worked with several editors and book coaches, both through Reedsy and independently, and nobody can match Jodi’s talent and dedication. I was trolling Reedsy because I had received feedback on my memoir manuscript fr...
Read more
Megan F.

Megan F.

Jan, 2022

Working with Jodi has been an absolute joy! She’s friendly and supportive, but she also challenges you to dig deep for the best in your manuscript and to look at your writing in new and exciting ways. She knows the business and she’s an educator, how can you beat that? I’ve already learned so much from her, and I look forward to collaborating with her in the future. Thank you for everything, Jodi!
Michael T.

Michael T.

Jun, 2022

Working with Jodi was a fantastic experience. She walked me through exactly what she would provide up-front (with options) to ensure our expectations were aligned. She quickly adapted to my style and didn't try to change it. Her editing was spot on, but more importantly, she provided overall feedback to elevate the flow and quality of the entire project. I couldn't have asked for a better e...
Read more
Leslie B.

Leslie B.

May, 2024

Jodi is a truly exceptional developmental editor. Her keen insights and sharp eye allow her to quickly identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen a manuscript. At the same time, her thoughtful and thorough approach ensures that every aspect receives careful consideration. What sets Jodi apart is her ability to maintain the authentic voice of the author throughout the editing process. She off...
Read more
Alan B.

Alan B.

Apr, 2024

Jodi was great to work with. She adapted her work to fit my needs as we went along. In the end she gave me a great direction to pursue, uncovering some major concerns with my project that I needed to address that I hadn't fully thought about before.

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