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Jerry Shaw – Editor

An editor with more than 20 years of experience in books, covering a variety of genres in fiction and nonfiction.


I edit fiction and non-fiction books. They include thrillers, adventure, romance, science fiction and fact, memoirs, and history. The books I've edited have been getting great reviews. I also edit for ESL (English as a second language) authors and writers. I work with publishers, independents, and self-published authors, offering proofreading, copy editing, and substantive editing to help with structure. I have experience as an author, ghostwriter, copywriter, and website content manager.
Action & Adventure Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense
Biographies & Memoirs Political Science & Current Affairs
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2004 — Present

Book Editor/Writer of fiction and non-fiction books.


The Blood Trail

Shelley Young

Nine-year-old Kayla Ahmetaj is the only grandchild of a notorious mafia boss. The day she arrives in California is the day she truly begins to run for her life. Fearful of ending up like her parents, she calls the one man her grandfather trusts. Not sure of wh... read more
On an otherwise serene 1989, June night, FBI agents are hustling to load up two large tractor-trailers. Their cargo is unusual. It consists of heavy filing cabinets, laboratory equipment, and chattering chimpanzees. Their motivation is far from altruistic. The... read more
In the tradition of Catch 22 and MASH, Each One a Hero stretches the limits and dynamics of serving in the military. By some odd chance, should the Big Lebowski and Platoon unite and decide to procreate, this tale of fiction, taking place during the Vietnam Wa... read more
Rough Seas Ahead

Anne Higgins Petz

Prejudice, murder and intrigue beset Nancy O’Leary, who at the age of 17, journeys from Ireland to America. The crossing was hard, but the life before her has its share of hardships as well. Rough Ahead Seas follows not only the difficult and uplifting lives o... read more
Natasha Dubrova is a young woman, struggling to survive in an impoverished country that may soon be facing war with Russia. Her dream is to find a man she can build a life with, but most men in Ukraine are unwilling to commit, and her attempts to find a meanin... read more
Growing up in Sea Bright, New Jersey, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Gregory Martinez became engrossed with living by the sea. One day, he received a very distinguished letter addressed to him from the President of the United States. The Selective Servic... read more
Millie has come a long way from her life in New York City as a former Detective in the elite TARU unit of the NYPD. She has a life she could never have imagined, married to the handsome and successful Adrian Zaragosa and a growing family. A beautiful winery is... read more
Meet Khalid Saleem—a young, African-American Muslim growing up in a mostly typical suburban family, who, in 1998 at the age of seventeen, makes a major decision that will affect the rest of his life in ways he could not even begin to imagine. Without consultin... read more
Plain Dealing

Shelley Young

A small rural town that uses rumors as all the proof they need as evidence is turned upside down when a local nurse is found after being missing three days. In a town so small, where everyone knows every intimate detail about each other, thanks to the town’s e... read more
Vibrations - A Psychic Journey

Tammie Whalen Buckler

Some experiences simply lack scientific explanation as do these true stories which read like fiction... TRUE stories of psychic and paranormal events that will send shivers racing up your spine. You can only imagine a life barraged by ghosts, angels, spirits a... read more
The Dream Chaser

Anne Higgins Petz

The Dream Chaser, a novel of hopeful perseverance in the face of continual adversity, combines dark humor, tragic intensity and suspense. Blake Doyle, a handsome, smart New York City newspaper writer, is haunted by memories of a horrific childhood trauma. As c... read more
On September 22, 1979, in an empty stretch of the southern ocean, a nuclear bomb exploded. In spite of being recorded by U.S. spy satellites, the event never gained world attention. Nor has it ever been explained. To this day, no country has acknowledged respo... read more
The Blood Tie

Shelley Young

Shelley Young’s second book in the Dardian Dreshaj’s novels, The Blood Tie, is riveting, erotic and entertainingly dark.It’s been two years since Dardian Dreshaj has wrestled control of Harlow Industries. Now a legitimate business owner, husband and father thi... read more
Shelley Young’s The Blood Feud is the first book of the Dardian Dreshaj novels. When the highest paid killer in America falls in love with the daughter of a homicide detective it incites a war among law agents, the mafia, and a criminal organization called The... read more

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Jack B.

Jack B.

Aug, 2023

I worked with Jerry on the first book I wrote and learned a lot from him. His feedback and responsiveness were timely and helpful. He developed what I had written into the style of a book, providing useful information on how to format certain words, paragraphs, and chapters. He assisted me with creating a title that will grab the reader's attention, added a prologue, and worked through all of t...
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Henry K.

Henry K.

Apr, 2023

Jerry provided the service I expected and paid for. His deliverables were always on time and he added a couple of notes of potential logic flaws which I appreciated. All-in-all, I got what I paid for and would certainly seek his assistance on my next project. Job well done!
Jetta E.

Jetta E.

Oct, 2022

Jerry was quick to respond to my request for proof reading and editing, offering both reasonable pricing and completion dates. He provided timely responses to any questions throughout. I found interactions with him to be both easy and professional. Most important to me was to have corrections and editing performed without compromising the writing style. This was more than achieved. I highly r...
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Craig F.

Craig F.

Aug, 2022

Good value for money. Picked up many of my recurring errors and bad habits during his copy edit of my novel. Whilst I didn't find his communication particularly in-depth or engaging, I received everything that was promised on time and at the agreed price. Overall, considering what I paid, I am happy with the service.
Warren Z.

Warren Z.

Jun, 2022

Jerry proved helpful overall in our collaboration, but some of his advice was questionable. Not much to say other than I believe he's okay to collab with.

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