Juni P

Juni P – Designer

Designer with 10 years experience. Passion for strong narratives in fiction and non fiction alike, yet adept in all types of projects/genres


Juni is a designer, writer and artist practicing on an independent basis, with most notable professional work at The New York Times, Penguin Books, and Conde Nast.

She has a strong passion for developing book visuals and layouts for fiction and non fiction alike, and is adept in all types of projects, styles, genres and clients. Her design strengths include implementing strong typography, developing visual cues that express wholistic narratives and individual metaphors, and creating an overall book design that reflects the author's true vision. Being a writer herself, she really understands the needs of an author! She is very fluent in creating a bridge between word and image, and making sure the two meet, and creating a direct line of communication with the author to make sure we are 'on the same page'.

Biographies & Memoirs Travel
Literary Fiction Short Story
English (US)
  • MFA in Writing
  • BS in Design

Work experience


Jan, 2006 — Present