Jennifer Barclay

Jennifer Barclay – Editor

Over 25 years of working with inspiring memoirs, narrative non-fiction and successful international fiction as an editor and literary agent.


I love travel memoir and fiction that teaches you about a place or a period of history. Projects over the last few years include Doug Gold's The Note Through the Wire, Tharik Hussain's Minarets in the Mountains, Ishbel Holmes' Me, My Bike and a Street Dog Called Lucy and Auguste Corteau's The Book of Katerina.

I've experienced the creative and publishing process from many different angles. I'm British and studied English at Oxford but moved to Canada in my early twenties and that was where I started working with books. I joined a literary agency in Toronto, learning the ropes by doing general admin and selling rights until I was an agent myself in the North American market.

Seven years later, needing a break, I left to travel in Asia and when I returned, I wanted more creativity in my work. I co-edited a collection of travel writing that was published by Vintage, then spent two years in France becoming a freelance editor with international clients, while starting to write my first book. Eventually I moved back to England and took on the role of editorial and rights director for a British independent publisher.

Having published my first book and started on my second, ten years ago I decided to move to a Greek island and soon went freelance again. I now have the great pleasure of working from home with authors and helping to shape stories - advising on book ideas, coaching, editing from start to finish, helping with publicity, and sometimes finding publishers for authors.

It's always fun to receive a new pitch. I love reading a new story.
Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing Inspirational Sports & Outdoors Travel
Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense
English (UK)

Work experience


Sep, 2013 — Present

Summersdale Publishers

Sep, 2004 — Jul, 2013 (almost 9 years)

I acquired a broad range of commercial non-fiction, overseeing a list of 80 books a year. In 2008 we were for the first time shortlisted for both the IPG and BBIA independent publisher of the year awards and our turnover grew threefold in three years. My role involved overseeing the rights department, contract negotiation and editorial strategy. I acquired Commando Dad and An Apple a Day, both extensively covered across national media with rights sold in several countries; other successful projects included Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch, Cocaine Wars by Mick McCaffrey, A Year in the Scheisse by Roger Boyes, Twenty Wagging Tales by Barrie Hawkins, Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard and Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler. I also helped develop the 50 Things health series and best-selling humour book concepts such as The Deranged Book for Old-Timers and Older, Wiser, Sexier.

Westwood Creative Artists

Oct, 1993 — Apr, 2000 (over 6 years)

I worked my way up from administrative assistant, learning about negotiation, rights and choosing saleable projects. As assistant agent and foreign rights coordinator for Bruce Westwood I worked with such authors as: Naomi Klein (No Logo), Rohinton Mistry (A Fine Balance), Alberto Manguel (A History of Reading). From 1996 I built my own client list, offering authors guidance and support at every stage of their career, seeking out the best publishing opportunities and negotiating contracts. My award-winning, best-selling clients included Michael Redhill, Rabindranath Maharaj, Michael Turner and Jack Todd; I arranged 12 rights deals for What the Body Remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin, which won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Novel.


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Kellaris Tranter, Christina


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Steve Ankers

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Melanie P.

Melanie P.

Apr, 2024

I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Jen on here. She is a considerate, helpful, honest and encouraging editor and my book is what it is because of her wonderful advice and editing. No hesitation in recommending Jen at all.
Jennifer B.
Thank you, Mel. I'm so pleased we connected through here and I wish you the very best for the book!
Sharron M.

Sharron M.

Dec, 2023

Quick responses from Jennifer and well thought out comments. Very helpful
Jennifer B.
Thanks so much, Sharron - much appreciated! I'm glad it was useful.
Jacob B.

Jacob B.

Oct, 2023

I found working with Jennifer to be helpful. I had some specific questions about the structure of my project which she was able to advise me on. She was communicative, pleasant to deal with and I felt the price I paid was good value for money.
Christine S.

Christine S.

Feb, 2023

Jen is lovely, genuinely wanting to help, spending extra time, and sharing her thoughts openly. She's also very knowledgeable about books and the industry, so her advice is very much appreciated, and her love of reading is obvious. I had to pause our collaboration because of another project, but I look forward to working with her again soon!
Jennifer B.
Thank you so much, Christine!
Alan C.

Alan C.

Jan, 2023

This is my second book and first time working with Jennifer. I would highly recommend her. I felt she went above and beyond, providing a lot of valuable constructive criticism. Exactly what I wanted. 5 stars.
Jennifer B.
Thank you so much, Alan! I'm very pleased you found it helpful.

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