Janet Fix

Janet Fix – Editor

With a lifetime career in the wordshaping business, including editing, writing, and publishing, I'm ready to help you reach those stars!


As much as the editing process has structure through style guides and phases, it also is a wonderfully creative experience, where you and I can work together to ensure your book baby shines above the masses. It is not just a moneymaking opportunity for you, but also a part of your life legacy. To be a writer and offer a quality product that will entertain and inform your audience is a gift, and it is my job to make sure we do just that.

The early years of my wordshaping experience include the areas of journalism and medical, but I really found my passion when I began helping novelists twelve years ago with editing and publishing needs. There are beaucoup numbers of outstanding indie titles out there, and I am honored to have been a part of the creative process for hundreds of these authors (including many bestsellers and award winners). It is a beautiful thing when an editor really meshes with the talent, the author. It is that magical blend I strive for with every connection.

The genres I've worked in run the gamut, really, with my specialties being in the Mystery, Suspense & Thriller categories, drilling down to a plethora of subgenres. In the nonfiction arena, I enjoy working on memoirs of notable people in their fields, especially finding best ways to present an author's history. Besides being proficient in Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for editing, I also make it a point to stay abreast of latest trends in the book industry, as they are ever changing. While guidelines and trends are important, even more so is staying true to the author's voice and preferences in presenting their story. In other words, flexibility is key!

There are several phases of the editing process to get your book from what-if to WOW, and I am thoroughly experienced in all those levels: content/developmental analysis, line edits, copy edits, proofreads. I am happy to discuss any or all of these with you to determine, if you don't already know, what your needs might be.

Words are my passion, and I look forward to sharing that verve with you.

Biographies & Memoirs
Cozy Mysteries Espionage Historical Fiction Psychological Thriller Romantic Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult

Work experience


Apr, 2012 — Present

Owner and editor-in-chief, helping authors bring their novel to the public in its best possible light. This includes various stages of editing, such as content/developmental analysis, line edits, copy edits, and proofreading. We also offer design services and publishing consultations.

Independent Publisher

Feb, 2010 — Apr, 2011 (about 1 year)

Served as an editor, editorial manager to small team of editors, and project manager to indie author clients.

The Word Doctor

Jan, 1996 — Apr, 2011 (about 15 years)

As owner, performed the duties of quality control and project manager for a medical transcription services to a variety of medical specialties. While we worked with many independent practices throughout the Southeast, our largest client had been the Emory Clinic in Atlanta, GA.

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David B.

David B.

Sep, 2023

Janet was my first professional editor experience and she knocked it out of the park. Thoroughly professional. Set expectations, and delivered on them. Highly recommended!
Janet F.
David, I can totally say the same about you ... and this book we worked on -- WOW! I'm so grateful we connected. Thank you!
Paul K.

Paul K.

Sep, 2023

Janet was very thorough, professional and focused on storyline anomalies for resolution.
Janet F.
Thank you, Paul. It was truly a unique learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! Best wishes on the rest of your book journey!
Mary F.

Mary F.

Aug, 2023

Janet was excellent as an editor. She collaborated back and forth patiently until we got my query letter and synopsis just right. I can say - with utmost confidence - that I couldn’t have made them as good without her and, if I do get an agent, I owe Janet big time. She’s also a lovely person and that makes it even better to work with her.
Janet F.
Mary, you are a delight in every way, and I'm honored to have had the chance to help. Thank you for your kind words. ~Janet

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