Justin Donaldson

Justin Donaldson – Designer

Is a professional Book Cover Illustrator who loves to create rich, compelling cover art.


I am a professional book cover illustrator who is a working from the East Coast of the states. My work is heavily inspired by nature and human connection. I have worked for a variety of clients through-out my time as an illustrator.

My position is as the bridge between your work and your audience. I am here to command their attention in this busy market place so that you may compel their hearts!

I love getting the chance to bring my clients world to life. It is my goal to be able to pull an image down to its most base essense and desired emotional response and then build it back up so that every element pushes and pulls in that direction. I love to be able to experience what is happening in my paintings first hand so that I can feel the pulse of the painting. Good painting is like poetry; the richest experiences come from packing a dense amount of experience and information into the fewest strokes.

I believe in an open process so that you and I can be on the same page at all times, working together to compel our audience to action.

I am ever indebted to my authors!
Action & Adventure Dystopian Fantasy Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Urban Fantasy Young Adult

Work experience


Apr, 2018 — Present

We create book covers that compel people to stop and pick up the book! We focus in on a single emotion that best describes the mood of your book! In a single glance your audience will begin to feel your book, know your book, and walk away with your book in hand! That’s the goal, so send me a message and lets begin!

Poly Want a Pixel, game studio

Apr, 2014 — Oct, 2017 (over 3 years)

As lead Illustrator at Poly Want A Pixel, I was reading minds, forging content, and at the forefront of professional quality Illustration. We were creating splash screens, character designs, background art, and cover material on a daily basis. It was here that I learned diversity and the back and forth of working on someone else IP - extracting the best, and creating exactly what was needed.


Jul, 2011 — Present

I offer illustration and cover design services to publishers and authors. I love working in sci-fi and fantasy, but I am more than happy to venture out into whatever genre is available if my style is the perfect fit! I have worked with authors, publishers, directors, game developers, and table top game publishers.

I have worked on many projects at Universal pictures and in the Hollywood scene.


A newly-combined edition of the critically-acclaimed duology: The Perihelion and An Obliquity. Also contains the prequel novelette, The Rue Cler Decommission.It is Thursday, January 3, 2069: the eve of the perihelion. Night is upon Bluecore 1C (what used to be... read more
Climb the Unclimbable!Natina grew up studying the artifacts found by her mother, the famous explorer Morvu Francita Januti. Now, her mother has discovered an ancient machine able to drill into the previously impenetrable mineral of the Nether, and is leading a... read more

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Susan R.

Susan R.

Jun, 2019

Justin is awesome! This is our second collaboration and I will cons to use him for my whole series. He is terrific. A fabulous artist, he communicates really well, he’s fun to work with and the finished product is WOW!
Bill B.

Bill B.

Apr, 2019

Justin was amazing to work with. Extremely professional, communicated what was happening at every step, made sure we both understood expectations and timelines, and his finished product captured what I wanted for the book cover perfectly. Would definitely work with him again.
Justin D.
Bill was a charming, joyful person to work with who had a clear vision and high communication skills. I would definitely work with him again.
S.D. C.

S.D. C.

Apr, 2019

Justin was great to work with on my first novel's cover design. As a new author, he made the process simple, smooth, and rewarding. Starting with the emotions I wanted to convey at first sight, we iterated over several concepts before settling on something simple yet elegant. I'm very happy with the final product, and look forward to working with him again on the further installments in the ser...
Read more
Susan R.

Susan R.

Feb, 2019

Justin has gone beyond my expectations. He is so talented and imaginative, such fun to work with. There was something about Justin that pulled me to him when i was searching for my cover designer and my instincts were correct. He is awesome! i am so thrilled with my finished cover, i couldn't ask for more.
Brett C.

Brett C.

Feb, 2019

Awesome would work with him again in a heart beat! Be sure to use him for all your fantasy cover needs.

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