Ivett Trazsi

Ivett Trazsi – Designer

Award winning international children's book illustrator working with bright colours and textures with digital painting and watercolours.


Illustration experience:

Vibrantly coloured children's books, cookbooks, travel and food illustrations, wall decals and personalised artworks for clients from the UK to the US, NZ and American Samoa Island, including publications in New York, Canada and Australia. My style is joyfully dictated by bright colours and lots of textures combined with abstract elements from nature, working digitally and with messy paints.

Published books:

Illustration, cover and book design:

Glumbags by Charlotte Tarrant, Starlike Books, UK, 2021

Roni la Rana by Nicola Maguire, Silverwood Books, UK, 2021

Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories by AC Bradburn, UK, 2023

The Pixies Plan Christmas by Cheryl Latham, UK and US, 2023

Children's animation:

Dancing with Cara series, author: AC Bradburn, UK, 2022

Cover illustration

Janet Urban: Inside Actor, Los Angeles USA, 2022

Illustration process:

As illustration is not only my job but my passion, I take all parts of it very seriously and with an open heart.

No matter if the manuscript is about a flamboyant flamingo with white eyelashes or a book filled with mouthwatering recipes or a story with a very important message, when reading it for the first time, it is the most magical feeling in the world: being honoured by an author to read their thoughts and create illustrations for them is like reading a mind! For me, it is the most exciting task in the world.

Firstly, I usually have an online meeting to get to know each other before kickstarting the project. This first impression is very important as it sets a good vibe to the whole experience. After discussing all the important details (expectations, deadlines, fees, terms and conditions etc) the first milestone is always to create rough sketches: setting up the pages, layout, basic scenes and characters, moodboard and colours. After sending off the sketches and receiving feedback (that I never take as a critique, I am easy on feedback as I prefer honesty from day one to avoid unnecessary extra time spent on re-drawing major parts), we start to get into detailed drawings, mostly either with pencil or ink lines and blobs of colour. The last stage is about creating the colourful final artworks ready for printing in the required formats.

This process had been tried and tested with a beautiful outcome in the form of published books and really happy authors!

Architecture Art Children’s Non-Fiction Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Design Nature Travel
  • Budapest Illustration Festival
  • Readers Choice Award Finalist
  • Readers Choice Book GOLD Award
  • MA in Fine Arts
  • AOI

Work experience


Apr, 2018 — Present

Children's books, cookbooks, travel and food illustrations, wall decals and creating artworks for clients from the UK to the US, NZ and American Samoa Island, including publications in New York, Canada and Australia. My first children's books as an illustrator working with British authors have been published in the UK in 2021.
I created book covers (Janet Urban: Inside Actor), independently published children's books (Glumbags, author: Charlotte Tarrant, UK; Keep on Believing, author: Zenaida Balatbat, CAN), cooking books, wall decal designs (Alphabet the Label, AUS), surface pattern designs (Thea Caye, USA) and illustrations for animations (Dancing with Cara series by AC Bradburn, UK).


Made with Reedsy
The Pixies Plan Christmas

Latham, Cheryl

Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design

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Cheryl L.

Cheryl L.

Nov, 2023

What can I say about Ivett? I'm not sure how to fully express just how wonderful she is! I would hire her full-time to work by my side every day if I could. She is an incredible talent; her imagination is wild, her collaborative spirit, a joy, and our work together was one of the best creative partnerships of my life. She goes above and beyond to bring your vision to life. Her work is beauti...
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Ivett T.
There are no words that can truly describe how I feel about working with Cheryl: we connected instantly on a professional and personal level, and creating her wonderful first children's book was an...
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Shelly M.

Shelly M.

Nov, 2023

Ivy is fantastic!!! She is so kind, professional and extremely open to my ideas, making sure that my vision came to life! She was just as excited to read my story and anxious to see the characters develop as I was. Ivy was very receptive to adding those little touches that would mean so much to me. I hope to have the pleasure of working again with this brilliant illustrator in the near future! ...
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Ivett T.
Dear Shelly! Thank you so much - I truly enjoyed working together and I am so happy that we managed to add these personal touches and details to your book that will make it extra special! Here is t...
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