Isabelle Arné

Isabelle Arné – Designer

Experienced illustrator for children books, middle grade to teenage book covers with traditional medias and vivid colors.


I have been an independent illustrator since 2013 and on Reedsy since 2014 for various books projects.

I love to see a book come to life, and If I can help you bring yours to your public I'll be truly glad to !

I have been drawing and making stories all my life. After a scientific degree, I went on to follow my dream as an illustrator in an art school specialized on animated movies.
Once I graduated with my Master's degree I went to work a little on the animation industry but my true love for books inclined me toward books covers and illustrating story books as I do now.
I now have become a teacher since 2018 and teach young students how to draw characters that makes a story to remember.

The way I work is as follow :
- We first talk together of your project, how is going to be your books ? Will it be a cover ? Will you need illustrations inside and out ? What kind of book are you looking for ?
- Then I do the quote
- Once it is validated we start working on the illustrations and art. I do sketch, then lines then color and everything that is needed for a successful and appealing illustration. ( You can see the exemple of it in my pictures )
- When all is ready and validated by you, I send you everything you need to make your book come true !

I hope we can collaborate soon !

And in the meanwhile I'll be probably reading a book~

Children’s Non-Fiction
Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy Middle Grade Picture Books Romance Science Fiction Women's Fiction Young Adult
  • Master degree in Illustration and 2D cinema

Work experience


Nov, 2013 — Present

I have been an independent illustrator since 2013 and on Reedsy since 2014 for various books projects.
I'm mainly doing books cover for middle grade or teenagers. I also do children book illustrations and comics.


Jan, 2018 — Jun, 2020 (over 2 years)

Teaching young adults how to create compelling characters and designs to remember.


May, 2011 — Jul, 2011 (2 months)

I worked on game design and several concept art for games for phones


L'histoire touchante d'un lièvre qui rencontre un groupe de petites grenouilles très joyeuses. Elle chantent toute la journée, ne pourraient-elles pas le laisser tranquille ? Une belle histoire positive et colorée pour les petits. Une histoire inspirée par les... read more
Ronnie the Helicopter: Wings

David Lawrence Hoppmann

Take to the skies for learning adventures with Ronnie the Helicopter and his flying friends. When Ronnie the Helicopter realizes that airplanes have parts that he doesn't have, he begins to wonder if airplanes are better than helicopters. But Ronnie soon learn... read more
Sleep, Tiny Dreamer

Shanita Allen

“Sleep, Tiny Dreamer. Where will you go tonight? Will you swim across the ocean? Or will you take a flight?”This bedtime story poses the question of "where will your little one go in their dreams?" and encourages them to think of all of the endless possibiliti... read more
Maria is a wanted woman. She's wanted by and Aztec trafficker, a cartel boss, the people she fights for, and now the Devil she can't resist.Her journey begins as a would-be immigrant turned vampire in Juarez, Mexico until the injustices of the world turn her i... read more
It is the age of the Neanderthals in the history of humanity, more than 20,000 years ago. A young girl named Nora, along with her cousin Runi, is excited for a day of rabbit hunting, wanting to help their families survive the upcoming tough, cold winter. They ... read more
Soda Pop Drop

Mallory Howell

Five characters are on the run from a tyrannous ruler of the land called King Gladius. Upon their escape from his kingdom, they must face many obstacles and monsters along the way to reach the only safe haven where Gladius' powers don't exist. Along the way, t... read more
Specular (IXI COMICS Book 1)


The first installment of the IXI COMICS series by author L.K BROOKS-SIMPSONThis novel is of the fantasy/superhero fiction genre and tackles some important implications of mental health and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).Imagine being afraid to fall aslee... read more

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Mary G.

Mary G.

Apr, 2022

My book was written for a pre-teen audience. Isabelle created characters who were adventurous, spirited and curious, exactly what I wanted. In addition, she is skilled in landscape painting. She has developed a process in which she makes sketches which become colored pictures. These pictures are the basis for the final paintings. Isabelle’s images brought the characters and their actions to lif...
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Isabelle A.
Thank you so much ! Creating Nora was a real pleasure, thank you for requesting me for this book :)
Dave H.

Dave H.

Oct, 2019

As always, an optimal collaboration! I really appreciate Isabelle's ability to be nimble and agile when changes in strategy are necessary. And as usual, her illustration and design talents are impeccable. On our most recent project, Isabelle was able to easily and flawlessly transition to marketing element deliverables from our previous book-specific project. I look forward to working with ...
Read more
Dave H.

Dave H.

Jun, 2019

Isabelle's and my collaboration began in early 2019 and has recently culminated in finalization of files specific to the first book of a three-book series. Throughout the process, aside from Isabelle's obvious talent, she has consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, quality, value, and ability to maintain an open and constant line of communication. In addition, the process...
Read more
Isabelle A.
Thank you Dave for your review ! It was a great pleasure to work with you and the editor on this book. I'm so glad you enjoyed our collaboration. I too am looking forward to our next collaboration ...
Read more
Kristin G.

Kristin G.

May, 2019

This is my second project with Isabelle. She's been prompt and professional. Communication is excellent. I highly recommend her!
Bretigne S.

Bretigne S.

Apr, 2019

Working with Isabelle has been a complete delight! She is completely professional, very organized, quick to respond to communication, and very receptive to feedback and making changes. She brought in another artist to work on this project, and all of the communication and work went very smoothly and was done in a timely and prompt manner. Most importantly: The final product is FANTASTIC! I woul...
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