Ian V.

Ian V. – Designer

A professional illustrator with a passion for fantasy, mystery, history, and more.


Hello! I am Ian. I am a professional illustrator with over five years of experience. I enjoy working with others to create something awesome! Some of my collaborative projects are as follows: I have collaborated in France with a team of illustrators and designers to create a tea product and travel posters, with an author to create a cover for 'Odinn's Gift', with artists and musicians to help make album art for the band Ghostbomber, and more.

I love implementing fresh, creative and original ideas, in my illustrations. I love to tell stories through symbolism and iconography. Much of my work is inspired by mythology and history, and most of my previous work delves into the fantasy genre, however I am very open to other genres as well.

I you would like to work together, here is what working with me usually entails:

1. First, we talk about your book, its intended audience, goals, themes, etc. I want to know your book as best I can in order to sum it up in a single compelling illustration! Then we discuss what you would like for the cover art to entail.
2. If we come to an agreement, a quote will be settled upon, an artist's contract will be signed, and I will present thumbnails shortly thereafter.
After a thumbnail design is settled upon, I will send color comps. Throughout the design phase, I will keep in as much contact as needed to make sure your vision is executed to your highest satisfaction.
3. When a color comp is decided upon, I will start on the final illustration. If you receive the final illustration and wish to make any minor edits, I offer one free minor edit, but any changes made after that can be made for a small fee.
4. Once you are satisfied with the art, I will send the print-ready files, and that's it! You have your book cover.

Let's talk!
Action & Adventure Historical Fiction Historical Mysteries Science Fiction
History Nature
  • Bachelor's in Illustration from SCAD

Work experience

Travel Stamps

Aug, 2022 — Present

I am one of the artists that designs and illustrates stamps of national landmarks for the company Travel Stamps.


Apr, 2016 — Present

I have worked with authors, musicians, designers, schools, and more to create professional pieces that stand out.

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