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Bookaholic web designer. Passionate in all genres. My effective & elegant web design helps you sell more books & builds your brand.

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Hi there, great to meet you here. I’m Honlee, a WordPress Web Designer & Developer, Authorpreneur, Entrepreneur & Digital Nomad.

Lover of good food, good books & good people. Avid reader, learner, and bookaholic. Obsessed with books, web design, and everything WordPress.

With over 13 years of experience as a professional web designer and consistent 5 star ratings and testimonials, I am delighted that I can combine my passions (books + web design), under one roof, as a freelancer with Reedsy for aspiring and published authors.

Because I’m currently writing my first book, this gives me insight, know-how, and understanding with the writing process, the challenges you are going through, and what an author's web site requires to be effective, profitable, and successful.


Minimalist, Clean, Elegant, Effective, User-Friendly, Less is More Web Design. To quote Leonardo DaVinci - “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

With the popularity of cell phones and mobile devices, and visitors who are short on time and with short attention spans, I believe that “LESS IS MORE” and "K-I-S-S" (Keep it Simple Sweetheart) web design is more effective and user-friendly, and will help to get your visitor’s attention and retention for a longer time, especially compared to cluttered or overly complicated websites.


Whether you like it or not, your website will determine your success because humans do judge a website by its cover (including its appearance and professionalism). This means you have about 4 - 8 seconds to make a positive first impression with your visitors.

If your web site doesn't capture your visitors' attention in a positive way and within a few seconds, they will click in and out faster than a New York minute. It is, therefore, very important to make a positive first impression, and you can do so by choosing and working with a professional, talented, effective, responsive, friendly and experienced web designer, such as myself. ツ


Successful authors have a solid online presence. It means you care enough to invest in being your best for your readers. It establishes credibility. And it builds trust that your readers will have a quality relationship with you, the author, from the beginning.

And investing in a professionally designed web site will give you instant credibility and instant trust with your readers and visitors faster and easier than any other medium.


Choose your web designer wisely, because not all web designers are created equal, and not all web sites are created equal, and we usually get what we pay for.

I am flexible and will do my best to work with your budget; however, keep in mind that a website that works and converts is an investment, and not an expense, and having adequate funding to accommodate what you want and for quality work will give you the best results.

After-all, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression, and you and your readers deserve to have a quality web site that showcases you, your books, and your brand in the best possible light.


Being seen with your ideal readers helps you to build your ‘tribe’. Engaging with your tribe builds your platform. Your platform increases your ability to sell more books. (And big publishers notice authors who have big platforms.) And this all starts with an effective and elegant web site that is working for you 24/7/365, even while you sleep.


Start building your author platform the right way by establishing your brand from the beginning with a professionally designed web site, bespoke, and custom made just for you.

We will begin with a "Discovery" web design questionnaire that will help you get super clear as to what you want, which will let me know what you want, so that I can then deliver what you want, and together we can get you started on the right foot and with a strong foundation.

Although I have designed & developed web sites within 2 weeks' time, I would recommend giving your project about 4 weeks - divided into 4 main phases: Phase 1: Discovery; 2: Design; 3: Development; 4: Deliver, which will give us a little bit of a time buffer for anything unforeseen that may come up. And if we finish your web site sooner, we can always change and move up your project completion date.

Working on your web site is very much a collaborative process, a collaboration between you and me (two heads are better than one) and the more organized you are and the more prepared you are (with your content all ready to go), the faster I can design & develop your web site and get it up and running.

At the minimum, I would recommend that you have the following web pages on your Author's Web site - Home, About, Contact, Blog, Your Books, Book Reviews, Events (optional), Social Media icons & links, Call to Action buttons, newsletter opt-in form to build up a mailing list.

Also, I can design you whatever look and feel you want, and will do my best to capture and display your personality, image, and brand to your liking and preferences.


I consider each web site project I work on akin to being a work of art, giving you my dedicated time, attention and focus, and delivering you a quality website that you will love, be happy with, and be proud of for years to come.

I will design & develop you a web site that will help you showcase your books in a positive light, build your brand, sell more books, gain more readers and fans, and much more ...

Many of my clients love their web sites so much, they use it for many, many years, so consider your website to be an investment that will last you, and a strong foundation you'll be able to build upon, for many years to come.

My author web sites will give you a running start and be one of the best investments you've ever made.

You will find me to have the following qualities - reliable, responsive, friendly, professional, thoughtful, meet deadlines, supportive, great to bounce ideas off with, offer effective and beneficial suggestions and feedback to improve your web site, constantly learning and improving my craft, passionate about my work, and I will work your project with the same "TLC" (tender loving care) as if it were my own.

Also, I have successfully worked with an international clientele from all over the world for over 13 years, and a big reason why I've been told is because of my excellent communication skills. I believe that being able to communicate clearly, promptly, plus offering constructive and beneficial feedback and suggestions, is just as important as delivering you a quality web site.


I have earned and received many Happy Client's testimonials over the years, below is one from a #1 Best-Selling Author -


"Honlee's personality, warmth and professional knowledge around all aspects of design were immediately evident. One of the things I most appreciate about Honlee is that she follows inspiration, which is (no doubt) part of her personal success formula. Her grace, refinement and sophisticated aesthetic are obvious in her work.

Any design project she decides to take on will certainly benefit from her talent - her work is a-MAZING!!! She has a great eye and knows what will work in the marketplace to build a brand. Her commitment to service and professionalism is unparalleled - no doubt that translates into any project she takes on - and I am thrilled to be working with her now!"

Also, Honlee has helped me refresh a couple of my existing book covers and, as a result, they have become #1 bestsellers! A book cover has to attract attention – even when it’s as small as a postage stamp. It is the beginning of the relationship with the reader. The book cover is what generates sales, and is the first most important aspect of a book.

By upgrading my book covers, I saw a difference in sales. And each book sold meant a potential new client. So as a result of my new book covers, my business has grown!"

~ L. Scheurell, author of "Feng Shui for Entrepreneurs"


"I have worked with a lot of people over the years. I have memories of most of them (some good and some bad), and I have to say that my memories of working with Honlee will fall into the good category. Actually, scratch that, I’m creating a new category: best of the best. So far (and it makes me sad to say this), she’s alone in that group.

Honlee and I have worked together for going on 6 years now. In that time, she has consistently proven herself to be reliable and trustworthy, getting the job done quickly & in a timely manner, in addition to providing clear, prompt and responsive communications.

Although we are half a world apart (I live in Chicago) the time zone difference has never been a problem. She has always provided feedback promptly, making the design process smooth and seamless.

As a designer, she continually amazes me with her design skills. The quality of her work is exemplary. The sites are elegantly designed, while also being user friendly and easy to navigate. I have seen web sites done by others that may be pleasing to the eye and beautifully designed purely from a visual perspective, but left me scratching my head as to the purpose of the site and how to get from point A to point B. Somehow, through some process that I’ll never understand, Honlee combines beautiful design with intuitive and easy-to-use functionality.

I’ve been a QA tester for 25 years, and a big part of my job is testing the user-friendliness of a web site. When I go to one of Honlee's sites, I immediately can see how to navigate the site to get the information or products I need. That ease-of-use coupled with her elegant designs allow her sites to pass the QA acid test with flying colors.

If you want a site that you will be proud to share with the world - and function as on online front-door to a more successful, profitable business, call Honlee."

~ Tony Vizza, Software Testing Trainer


Writing a book is not an easy feat and I have so much respect and admiration for you and your accomplishments. You are one of the very few who has actually pulled off getting your books written (and not just dreaming or talking about it like the majority)!

The next step is to invest in a web site that does you and your book(s) justice, a web site that will help you to showcase your books, and more quickly and efficiently build and/or improve your brand and image, and a web site that adequately and accurately showcases you and your books in the manner that you envision, and that you are happy with and proud of.


It will be an honor to know more about you, your goals, your book(s), your thought leadership, what you would like on your dream website, what your biggest web site challenges are, what your "MWR" (most wanted responses) are for your web site, and anything else that will help me to deliver exactly what you want and more.

Although I have a special interest in the non-fiction genre, whatever your genre is, let’s connect and find out if we make for a mutually good fit. I look forward to hearing from you, getting to know you, connecting with you, and hopefully working with you. Don't procrastinate. Contact me today. ツ

Business & Management
Health & wellbeing
Self-help & Self-improvement
Children's Picture Books
Science Fiction
Works with


  • Pepperdine University, Malibu, California, 2 years, Coursework in Graphic Design, Advertising, Photojournalism, https://www.pepperdine.edu/
  • Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, California, Coursework in Drawing & Painting, https://www.otis.edu/
  • University of Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii, 4 years, BA in English, https://www.hawaii.edu
  • Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii, Coursework in Computer Science, https://www.hpu.edu/
  • Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Kamuela, Hawaii, 4 years (private boarding high school, college prep), https://www.hpa.edu/
  • Template Monster HTML/CSS Certificate
  • Template Monster WordPress Certificate

Work experience

Senior Web Designer/Developer, Creative Director, & Owner

December, 2005 – Present (about 13 years)

Over 13 years experience. I'm a bookaholic web designer who enjoys and excels at helping authors like you start and grow your business, sell more books, and build your platform and brand. I design user-friendly, mobile responsive, elegant and effective websites that actually work and convert, increasing your profits, improving your image and brand, and fast tracking your authorpreneurial success.

WordPress Web Designer and Developer, Authorpreneur, Entrepreneur, and Digital Nomad. I am the Owner, Web Designer, and Creative Director of my own web design boutiques, which I run all over the world, as I travel around the world, and have been working successfully with international and local clientele.

For aspiring and published authors, I offer custom Web Design and Development for Authors to build your platform and brand, be digitally savvy, be seen as an authority or leader in your industry, make a bigger impact with your business-building book, sell more books and much more. My author web sites will give you a running start and be one of the best investments you've ever made.

*** My Design Philosophy and Style is Minimalist, User-Friendly, Elegant, Effective, “Less is More” - KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetheart) - and “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” ***


Meryl Best Lowell - merylbestlowell.com

Children's books author Meryl Best Lowell - A Dolphin's Secret - A Meditational Journey - Features Meri, a mermaid, and her friend Aloha, a dolphin -

Meri, a beautiful mermaid, and her friend Aloha, a dolphin, introduce children to experiencing feelings of peace and calm in this story written for children ages 4-8 who enjoy story time. Perfect for bedtime, naptime, or maybe time out!

Software Testing Trainer

Software Testing Fundamentals: Basic Training for New Software Testers.

Tony is a client with 40+ years experience as a QA tester, and with a passion for teaching, he wants to be able to provide QA students with the basic skills needed to begin their careers as professional software testers, and so we worked together in creating an online training course. He is currently writing his Quality Assurance Software Testing books, which will be used as a lead generator to his online training courses.

Mastermind Buddies

Brainstorming Breakthroughs - Grow Yourself and Your Business - Where Two Heads are Better than One

** Make sure to click on the images in my PROJECTS section to get a more accurate and fuller view of each image ***

Bettino's Pizza

Fragrant Green Tea - fragrantgreentea.com

Tea you can drink all day - Long lasting, aromatic, delicious

Digitally Savvy Authors - digitallysavvyauthors.com

Coaching Services for Authors Who Want to Be Digitally-Savvy

Soul Soothes - soulsoothes.com

Holistic and Sports Massage Therapy - Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul Relaxation

Kona Law

Arbitration, Admiralty, Real Estate, and Business Law

Neil David Chan - neildavidchan.com

Metaphysical author and book - A Higher Conversation - A New Way of Being Human - This is an unique upcoming book, a conversation between a human being and its soul. An exchange of ideas between a physical being and a metaphysical being, truthfully transcribed, tastefully written and thoughtfully delivered.

I designed and developed the web site, the book cover, the logo, branding and identity, created all the 3D images, and custom graphics on this website project -

** Make sure to click on the images in my PROJECTS section to get a more accurate and fuller view of each image ***

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Neil David Chan

I approached Honlee because I wanted a web designer to create and build a new author website for my upcoming book. I was looking for someone who had passion, understood my book and its subject matter to be able to get my website to reflect my book in a visual way. From all the other web designers, I contacted on Reedsy, Honlee came out as sincere and confident to take on an author website. Honl...

Read more

Neil David Chan, February 2019

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