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Heather Ebert – Ghostwriter

Professional editor and collaborator. I specialize in memoir and narrative nonfiction, infusing stories with power and beauty.


*** Please note that I am currently only taking on editing projects, and specifically within the memoir, narrative nonfiction or prescriptive nonfiction categories. ***

I'm a professional writer, editor, and book collaborator with twenty years’ experience as a communicator and storyteller.

I have written ten books to date, specializing in memoir and narrative nonfiction, and I've edited countless more. Like a method actor assuming a role, I live the story as I write. I have assumed the voice and perspective of a wide variety of people—men, women, young, elderly, straight, gay, surgeons, congressmen, attorneys, bishops, business magnates, foreign, American, and everything in between.

Writing or editing someone’s book goes much deeper than just capturing interesting stories and weaving them together in an engaging way. The collaboration is a transformative experience for the person who shares the intimate details of their experience. They aren’t the same person they were when they began. My goal is to shepherd you through that process with grace and compassion and then to infuse your narrative with power and beauty.

"Heather Ebert is one of the most creative and gifted writers I have worked with in my forty years as a publisher. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her on our client’s memoir.”
— David Dunham, publisher, Dunham Books; former senior vice president and group publisher, Thomas Nelson

“The writing was fabulous—easy to read and told the story so true and real. Heather brought so much creativity, expertise, and sensibility to the process, and she demonstrated compassion for me and all my loved ones with every word she wrote. She was my beacon of light for this book writing journey, and I couldn’t have done it without her.”
— Holly K. Dunn, author, speaker, advocate

“The manuscript turned out beautifully—the narrative arc is strong, developed, and complete unto itself. We’re so thrilled to be working with you on this fantastic, important project, and are so excited to release it into the world.”
— Lia Ottaviano, acquisitions editor, Diversion Books

“Heather produced a fine piece of work. The writing flows easily, making it nice to read. She captured the essence of this struggle and the pain of the survivors to get reconciliation.”
— David Ulich and Steven Ungerleider
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Jul, 2010 — Present

Before becoming an independent writer nine years ago, I spent nearly fifteen years in marketing communications and print and digital publishing. Thanks to vast personal and professional experience, I'm adept at tackling a number of topics across a variety of mediums.

My main focus is coauthoring book manuscripts, with emphasis on memoir and narrative nonfiction. I love helping people tell their stories with power and beauty.

Hiring a coauthor is valuable for those who have a compelling story but don't have the time, energy, or ability to write a book on their own. More than just arrange words eloquently on a page, I can help you discover, refine, and express a story that will entertain, educate, and inspire your intended audiences.

As a professional writer, I have a proven track record of fleshing out other people’s stories and ideas, receiving critiques and requests for revisions, and working with editors to ready the manuscript for publication. I aim to offer the best of my abilities while keeping my own ego out of the process.

I have a degree in English from Vanderbilt University, where I studied creative writing in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction under A. Manette Ansay, Mark Jarman, and James McConkey. I’m also a member of the Authors Guild and teach the story structure of novels and memoirs at local writing conferences.


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Courtney R.

Courtney R.

Nov, 2019

I had a great experience working with Heather on the structure and outline of my book. I am a first-time author and before I met Heather, I was very overwhelmed with the idea of writing an entire book. Heather helped break the chapters down for me, and showed me the overall arc of my story. I highly recommend her!
Joe O.

Joe O.

Jul, 2019

Heather was very professional, patient, and is a great writer. She was diligent in extracting information from a wide variety of sources in order to write this memoir, and artfully stitched it together to tell an engaging story while remaining authentic to the author's voice. All in all, I highly recommend working with Heather!
Tara E.

Tara E.

Jul, 2019

Heather is the best in her field. She is extremely professional and is able to easily translate complex stories into digestible and fluid writing. She can also meet very quick turn around times and is understanding and flexible if you have schedule changes. I can't recommend her more! You do not have to think twice before entrusting her with your story. You will be amazed with the outcome. She ...
Read more
David W.

David W.

Sep, 2018

So far as we are not finished yet by far this has been one of the most fulfilling interactions of my entire life. Heather is intuitive and a guide with measured yet passionate motivation and skill. I am so honored to be working with her I will write a more indepth review later when we are Number one best sellers on the NYT List ..... Because that is exactly where we will be.... DPWichman
Lisa W.

Lisa W.

Mar, 2018

Heather was easy to work with and was an empathetic communicator. She was especially insightful and her questions helped me dig deeper with my memoir. She was also professional, on-time and on-task.